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Cool game and good luck with sales. However, there is chance I will be left with single tiles of each color and can’t win. Maybe detect if there are only singles left and declare win.

Happy you like the game! Anyway the goal of the game is to completely clear the grid so if you leave some single blocks, the game can’t assign the win.

This is fantastic!

:D thank you very much!

Hi there..cool game, i like the sound effect of when the user clicks wrong color.

One question, how many levers has already built-in and how easy is to create a new level ?


Hi, the user plays until it loses all lives (click on a single stone not matching with others) so there is no fixed number of levels. If you notice, each level adds a new stone color so as to make the game more difficult. If you want you can change game settings like number of different colors or number of lives.

very useful and great style ! Good job :)

thank you very much!

Can you make it into a multi-player game with PayPal integration so you can make a wager and challenge friends to win cash, like this one? http://socialgrower.com/gamer/fb.htm

sure, send me more details to info@codethislab.com

Can this game be played in offline-mode (open the .html file directly instead of browse via http) ? Or must it be hosted under web-server ?

sure, in firefox it works!

Can we also replace tile images with our own? Thx for your quick reply :)

Hi. is this game include construct 2 source file? If yes, I buy it

Sorry bit se don’t use construct. All our games are coded in pure JS and easeljs.

Hello, can you please help, how to enable sound in mobile? I’m wrapping this thing up for the Android. Thanks!

Hi, we just updated the game to allow sound enabling also on mobile. Please contact us (http://codecanyon.net/user/codethislab) to receive the updated files or wait some days when game is approved by codecanyon.

Thanks, I’m sending you an email now.

i bought two of your games and there are no psd files in the download. how can i get them? “The Stone of the Pharaoh” as this is part why i bought the game thanks

We are providing to solve this. I will alert you when the new game version are online. Tnx!

Hi I would like to buy the game but there is a bug in demo when I click the empty area after match some colors. The score continue adding points and after finish all the blocks it doesnt finish leve. When it’s fixed I will buy the game. Thanks

Item has been approved and updated!

Thanks for the quick response! I don’t want to bother, but now the sound button doesn’t turn off the sound. During the day I’m going to buy the game. Regards

We are fixing this issue too, we’ll inform you when everything is ok

How can you add a div at the bottom of the game as a place holder for banner ad’s?

Hi! To add ad’s you need to customize the game, write at support@codethislab.com for more info

i sent it and a request for invoice since it will be 30 eur / hour.. it souldnt take more than an hour to add a div nor did I get a reply to my invoice request.. so i shall wait.. thanks :)

Hi! I’ve sent you an email, please check your inbox ;)