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Tojama Purchased

I’ve sent you an email. Would be very happy about an answer.

Sorry, I can’t do this customization


Tojama Purchased

Why? Is this not your app? Did not you developed?

i’m just not available to do that currently

hi! Your app problem with android lollipop version. It’s show small size of text. Can you tell me, or how to fix it?

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Hi.l love this app .but not worked on android 6.0.1

it’s working, send me logs if you still have problems


Helllo amin I change quotes.db but there is no change Please

Hi there, I have replied to your email

Hi, I “Set Encryption” with password on the DB Browser Sqlite menu. But after Run App on my Android, that quote wont open and force close. How to fix this? Thank you.

Hi,You need to add a function that can open the encrypted data base

How to do that?
Can you please give us a tutorial?
Please. :)

Unfortunately, I didn’t write that function before, sorry for the late reply


Jasinka Purchased

Hello, When you will update apps?:)

One question in “quote” metu is possible show aps in random way not same all time?


yes, change the sql query

can you show where to do this? In DB?

And one more - Can you explain how add interstitial ads example when you selecting category or author? Thanks.

I want pictures without the quotes auther

I want the quotes auther without pictures

Please reply to I want the quotes auther without pictures

Hi,, I have replied to your email

Thank you for 3.1 But how can i update my app? Or do I need to re-create my app?

you need just to update the app & code version

I have Problem When you click on “QUOTE OF THE DAY” The application closes and this message appears postimage

Hi, Check your inbox

How to remove admobe and how to change shape of imageView. from sircle to aquare ??

Hi there, Check your inbox

will it handle 0.1 million comments ?

Comments ?... No.

I mean i would like to add 1 lakh quotes, will app handle that ?


hi add arabic data but Unfortunately When you click on “QUOTE OF THE DAY” The application closes and this

I don’t know use Envato form.! Please help me….

Thank you , this solved my problem….