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Crosswalk build? How many level can we add?

unlimited,How many pictures can generate many levels

Can this be imported into xCode or Eclipse?

use coonjs or crosswalk can imported to xcode

how can i reduce the number of levels? in the raw .js file and/or the Construct 2 editor?

hi,in the Construct 2 editor

Hello corpvs! Very nice work! Thanks in advnace! I want to add more pictures and if possible to separate them in categories. For each category 10 images would be perfect. Is this possible?

Hi , there, i would like to know the output of : time spent and points output , in which format we get that ? ... and i would like to know i fit’s also possible to integrate it with facebook access system (by editing the code obvious) , so these are the main points i would like to clearfy before making an pruchase.

Thanks & Regards.

hi you will get a html5 file, and the construct2 source file,the c2 file can easy add iad or admob,facebook,tw,and google play system

Hello There, i bought this awesome game. Thank you.

I have a question about the game. We want to open this game in our windows app. However it is not working good in the app.

We open and play the game the black&white picture is colorful. And when user drop last piece the game locked.

Can you tell me why?


hi i just test on browser,and i dont know about the windows app…sorry about it.

Hi, Can this game be converted to other languages?

yes?but need change the image

I only have Free Edition license of Construct 2. How to export the game to iOS & Android ? We should need buy Personal License, right ?

The game not save the level, right ? How to fix that ?

hi yes,need personal license,game can save the score on mobile,

Pre-sale question. If I only want to change the title of the game + change images for the puzzle, do I need Construct 2? Never used that software, if I need it the free version is okay to make the changes? I want to launch for PC only. Thank you :)

hi,if just change the title and the images of the puzzle,you can just open the image folder,and edit the images,but you must make the image same size and same image’s name.thank a lot

can you give me file apk for test i want buy

Hi there, 2 questions: 1) Can I change the photo of the puzzle to any other picture? 2) What license should i choose to sell it in app store as an app?

Hi, this is probably the best puzzle game ive ever seen. I have only one concern, at the end, after you finished with the last puzzle if you clic on the “next” button, the same last puzzle appears again and again. Is there any workaround for this problem? wouldn be better if this button doesnt appear at this instance?