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Great Product : Good luck with Sales bro :)

Thank you for your support :)

Dear Team, Google Play Leaderboard is not working on demo

Hi, Google Play Leaderboard and ads is disabled on demo.

Is it only for android as the source is now or multi platform?

Game is developed for mobile phones and work well on desktop based platforms also game is compatible with web player. If we know right for IOS and Windows Phone platforms you should change some pointer events and keyboard events (if available). Except this all code written in unity is multi platform compatible.

Ok I will buy. Thank you

We thank you. After purchase if you have any problem you can contact with us from this mail ; bilkobilisim@gmail.com

Can i create IAP fro IOS ? Thanks

Yes you can integrate if you have knowledge about unity3D.

Can export to iOS?

Yes you can export game for IOS but game is developed for android and don’t tested on IOS. Also documentation is available only for Android so We do not take responsibility for the problems you encounter when build or play game.

Hey it is broken, Unity says Error… The type or namespace name `GooglePlayGames’ could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

Open console (Ctrl + Shift + C) with Unity3D and press clear. Check log was cleared.

Still nothing

We are using Unity 5.3.3f1 version. When I open game(downloaded from codecanyon same proje with your) I cant see any error message.

can i edit your game and publish to playsote with unity3d free version.

Yes, you can change anything and publish.

I have bought it. How to design new 3d model characters? Do you have idea to make more characters?

Hi, 3D models are made by us width Blender 3D. All characters and other 3D models are included you can check models and if you have knowledge about Blender 3D you can make new characters or edit existing characters easily.

Do you have any tips on re-importing the characters after you edit them in Blender? What do I export them as and can you give me a few basic steps on how to put the update characters into the unity project?

Thanks in advance!

Hello. I purchased this game. I downloaded your demo and it runs great on my Samsung Galaxy S5. When I run it with Unity Remote to test on my phone, the screen is compressed and doesn’t look the same as your demo. Is there a setting I’m missing?

We think this problem with Unity Remote. We have too same problem. You can export apk or push apk to your phone with adb. (Build and Run)

dear sir hope you explain me how to remove admob ads cause i want replace it with unity ads pleaaaaasse help me

Hi, Removing Admob from project is not easy. If you don’t have programing knowledge you can damage the project so game will not run after that. If you think purchase game, After purchase we can remove Admob from project.

which program use for edit character?

is this an android studio project ??

No this unity project

Hi Bilko, it seems the documentation, video and apk download link is down. I’m interested but I’d like to see them first

Hello, i bought this game, but documentation does not run, please help asap.