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Superadmin login?

Sir, super admin will get almost same features with delete, edit and create functions, but for demo security reason, We are not searing the super admin password.

You can try to check the functionality by using:
User: demo
Pass: demo

Best Regards,

hello i want to buy your script but i want to be sure if i can add multiple channel and why cant we change the channel in the demo you gave

Dear sir,
I am really sorry to say that, This script not for multiple channel, If you need multiple channel script, then you may contact with support.

Best Regards,

Hi, There are some problems.

1. There is a Turkish character problem. 2. There are some problems in the main page. 3. How to add Turkish language support. 4. Home radio is not automatically activated

Did you contact with support team regarding this issue? You must contact with support team before put any review.

can you have more than one radio stream on this ? eg, blues, rock, pop so visitor can choose which station they listen to ?

Yes sir, I have that kind of project but not in codecanyone, for this time of project, kindly contact our support email. Thank You!

could you send me demo link of script ? and how much it would cost

Kindly send an email to support mail. (

hi, please tell me how can i remove, Buy Now from script and from footer

To remove buy now menu, Please go to
1. Login to admin panel.
2. Appearance > Menu Management > (view) User menu and delete the buy now menu.

Thank you.

Hola,. Recién Compre la Plantilla,. Y es una Maravilla de Trabajo,. Primeramente Felicitaciones por el Impresionante trabajo,. OK, Tengo algunas consultas y me gustaría contactar con ustedes?,. Ya envié un correo al soporte, no se si el correo envié mal o no llego,. Por favor Responda

Exelente, muchísimas gracias.. Hicieron un exelente trabajo.. Mucha suerte con la venta

Thanks Again

Thank You again!

player not play why? my cast is shoutcast v2.

https website player not play bat http play ?

If your website in HTTPS, then your Cast URL should also https. otherwise you should use IP.
For further support, kindly send a message to support.
Best Regards,

Hi there! I have a question, and please forgive me if it sounds a little complicated,

My question is: Let’s say I have an end user who wants to create more than 1 radio station. Does that possible? If so, let’s say that this end-user creates more than one radio. e.g., Radio A (pop), Radio B (rock), Radio C (World Music), etc.

By the way, this is all considering that each radio is based in a different city (although is the same company/radio).... Will the main radio user be able to add a co-admin person from the other location to have a limited access? I mean, let’s say that the main radio wants this co-administrator to only access the content created for the radio B (Rock), with the goal to not allow that co-administrator to either access or modify the other radios that have been created by the main one. Does that possible?

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Dear sir,
Thanks for your query,
But sorry to say, This system not for multiple radio and end user radio station. If you really need as your requirements, then kindly send a message to our support email (, hope you will get your solution.

Best Regards,

Install × Opps! Sorry, there was a problem to server cURL.

Sorry to see your issue, Kindly send an email to support mail address.

You please contact with our support email if you are facing any issue .. Issue might be in your hosting.

wrong password for demo

May be someone was change the password of demo,
Now you can check, i already check the password as demo for user demo

Is there a way with this script to run pre-recorded shows

No sir, There is no option for pre-recorded show, but if you contact with our support, then we may help to build this kind of feature by custom price.
Thanks & Regards,