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Thank You so much

Demo not working. Please update.

Hi, The demo was updated, it’s working fine now.


What is the user/front end url?

Hi, User front end URL for demo: and Admin URL for demo:


Nice work!! Good luck! :)

Thank You :)


What about language ? May I change it?


Hi, Sorry sir, You can not change the language on this vision. If you need, I can do it for you by adding some extra pay.

Thank You

You can contact via: for extra work.

Station setting is compatible with shoutcast and Icecast?

Hi, This version is compatible only shout cash. Hope you get icecast soon, if you purchase this version, then when we added icecast, you can do update it easily.


Hello Toninim, Good Day, Our current version of Radio Engine is comportable with Icecas & SHOUTcast also. You can see. Thank you.

How many stations can I broadcast?
Does it have mini radio player? I need to include many radio stations on a page using mini player. Can I?

Hi, In this version you can add only one station to broadcast. If you need to add many radio station to broadcast, then you need to extra pay. You can contact via:

Yea, Here is available a mini radio player.

Thank You

Hello Yamon, Good Day, For your information, If you want to setup multiple radio station in a website, you can see our new WordPress plugin:


Can we change the menu text, so that RJ is changed to DJ for instants. What formats can the player play? MP3 AAC+ shoutcast? Can the player display the current track? Can the player be set to auto play on loading the site? The field for IP Address (With http://) looks like it is not long enough.

Hi, Thanks for your comment.

If you need to change RJ to DJ, you can change it form admin panel.

Yea, Here is playing MP3 shoutcast.

No, Current track does not be displayed here.

Auto play can be see you on next version. Our user can get an update soon.


Hi bro,

We upload the sermon on Google Drive, after that we put the link on the website. Do you support for mp3 file from Google Drive ?

The demo not work, please update.


Demo is working fine now.

Now you can add only shoutcast IP here, if you need to add google drive MP3 file, You can contact via: We will work for you by some extra pay.


You could add unlimited radios and categories? thanks

No sir, Here you can add only on radio for your station.

But if you need to add unlimited radio, kindly contact us via email.


Hello Gdel, Good Day, For your information, If you want to setup multiple radio station in a website, you can see our new WordPress plugin:


Nice script but it would be great if users can make their own websites for their radio stations… something like ...

Hello javise, Good Day, For your information, If you want to setup multiple radio station in a website, you can see our new WordPress plugin: Thanks

thanks but sorry… I’m one of the few people here who actually don’t use wordpress. If you make this stand alone I will probably buy it…

Ok, Thank you, if I create like that, then I will notify you.

Hello. How can i translate the script ? Have this feature to translate from file or from admin ?

Hi, You can translate only User pages. but If you want to do fully translate, kindly contact via support email.


Nice script, Good luck! :)

Thanks :)

i didnt found haw can i add mp3 sounds and the demo station play didnt work

After login by admin, you should go to Station Setting. Then you can see the station setup option.


yes but wher can i put mp3 music for my radio station ?

In this section support mp3 shutcasting radio station URL. Don’t wary. After purchasing this script, you will get great developer support if you face any problem.

Thank you

Is there a way for the player to keep playing once someone changes the page instead of starting over?

Hi, Thanks to purchaseing this scrip.

Right now it can’t keep plaing on page changing. If you need it, then, you have to contact via support email.

Best Regards DHAKAapps

am already download and install, but i guess file is corrupt, after installed not found next step to add admin create login.thanks

Hi, Kindly send a mail from support tab.


Hello. Any chance for better design for this site? thanks for the reply

We think, it will be in the March.

ok thanks! And possible to use adsense in the new version?

Yes, You Can.

I don’t understand the need to add so many people as staff or admins and only one station. It would be great if one could set up individual pages for individual DJs and be able to play their own stations instead of one. I know about the WP code but I don’t like the functionality of that one.

Thank you for better idea.
We will think about it.

Hello does it work well on phone

Yes, It will work well on phone.
Thank You