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When I purchase a script i expect to be able to use it and know that it does no t require installation by the creator. You need to work out the bugs before you sell products that’s not a professional thing to do sell a product with defects…

Dear sir, Thank you for your valuable commment. I think, you don’t know, we have other user, their no need any help from creator, and also they can setup it by own. Best Regards.

I install here but its getting me error : http://www.webradiosolutions-site.com/

Please contact by support email.

Do you offer custom service? I would like to use this in my current dashboard as an additional service. Would like to know if you could add this to a php admin panel already in place.

Yes, We are offering custom service. Kindly contact by email (tanvir60uits@gmail.com)

Great support on this script!!

Thank You
Keep Using this script.

Hello. The demo is not working ?

Dear sir,
During to server maintenance today you can’t access demo.
We are sorry for that.

Can i add a background photo ?

Dear Sir,
Kindly contact with our support email ( tanvir60uits@gmail.com ).


Hello i have send to you one email for my installation problem…. Thank you

type of compression invalid

Dear Sir, Kindly contact with our support email ( tanvir60uits@gmail.com ).


no have other theme…?

Now i have activated the Theme as Black version.

If you want to More customized version, Kindly contact with our support email ( tanvir60uits@gmail.com ).

Best Regards,

Ok I just saw the same thing but want something more dynamic. this design is very rare …example http://www.bootstrap-template.com/category/Radio-Templates.html

Dear sir,
I already checked your given link
You should contact with our support email ( tanvir60uits@gmail.com ) for farther action.
Best Regards

Hi, i have an error, see image in this link: http://i67.tinypic.com/ibhtuh.png Purchase Date: 2016-10-10 12:01:02 UTC http://radiolatinosup.com

Dear sir,
Already contacted by Support email.
Best Regards,

How to post news?

Dear sir,
Blog or News posting are not included in this script. but if you need, Please send message to Support email.
Best regards,

1) Can this use the server email (sendmail or just mail) rather than mailchimp? 2) Can the ads be other than static images? such as google animated banners or URL windows?

I would put this on my own server and so I have email built in and would use my own domain to send mail. Also I have some ads that use the google animated banners, such as those sold on Envato. Can we still display those?

This looks much better than v1.

In this script, Then mailchimp has integrated, here you can collect email from user. but this is not email camping script, you can’t send email using this.
This script can’t support google add right now. If you need . you should contact to support email.
For my demo server issue, you can’t reach the demo, hope it will be solved by today.
Best Regards,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I want the contact from users to come to our contact email address in our domain. No need to go somewhere else, as out present website does. Maybe we can amend the send button to use the standard PHP email script to send the mail to s. (submitemail.php)

The google ads we have on separate web pages and frame/window them into pages. Will look at that.

Once the demo is working again will look at purchasing this. What I did see was a big improvement on V1. Great help to get the documentation online before buying. Well done.

In this script has the contact from, there your user/client can send you message.
For google ad, you can create own page, so, you can put iframe there.
can you please check once, the demo is working good.
Best Regards,

Frontend Radio function is not working for me. How i can solve it? Thanks

Dear Sir, Please contact to support email.

Thank You

What are the credentials for both admin and user, so I can log in the live preview ?

It’s have no User login, only admin login, check this link: http://radio.alltipsbd.com/

php 7.1 ?

When can we expect an update?

Dear sir, Currently all of the user are not using PHP 7.1, That’s why we are taking some time to move on PHP 7.1 fully. But Our next update will be developed on PHP Latest version. It may take about 2/3 months.

But, if you want to start using from current version, then you can update automatically to any update version. No data will be loss.

Best Regards,


saystr0 Purchased

pls help me, ” Opps! Sorry, there was a problem to server cURL. “

Oh. Really sorry to hear that, Kindly send a mail to support (tanvir60uits@gmail.com). Your issue will be solve as early as possible.

Live preview not working. Screenshots wants a purchase code. Access links at bottom of the page not working. How do you expect people to buy it without seeing it in action?

Where is THE DEMO? Nobody is Going TO PAY YOU! Its 2018…TOO Many Scams… PUT UP DEMO or Link to LIVE station using this Script.. Thanks


live380 Purchased

Hello, how do I resolves i have error “Opps! Sorry, there was a problem to server cURL

Kindly contact to support team. Best Regards

demo not working