Discussion on The News - Blogger News App ( Android & Flutter ) 2.1

Discussion on The News - Blogger News App ( Android & Flutter ) 2.1

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Is not java language?

native java with xml

mas fungsi di detail artikel itu waktu di klik image nya jadi zoom itu dimana ya code nya?

Kalau yang flutter gak ada gan fitur image zoom adanya di android

nyoba instal yang di playstore, itu yang pake android ya, pantes tak cari gk ada, tapi dah bisa om yg flutter tak bikin sendiri pake showModalBottomSheet

Iya gan di playstore itu yang android, oke gan siapp

this flutter app can be used on iPhone ios system

Yes flutter app can use for ios

the app is not working now. please check it out

Hi, can you tell us what you mean not working, app crash or news not show?

i am provide the blog link but still app is not open

replied your email

Everything is good.


Some problem


There is no related or next previous post option after ending of a post. So users will be frustrated clicking back every time they read a news.


Ads problem .. There is no native ads in your demo app.also interstitial ads are showing after 5-8 click.

And also have some confusion about api limit

Hi, okay noted your first and second

about api limit the app have no api limit

How many app I will publish on Google play? I have multiple blog, can I publish multiple app on the Google play store?

Envato rule, single purchase for single published app

hi ,i am really interested on this amazing work , kindly , I have some questions :

1 – there something its very good about get data from blogger to app but can you explain how there is no limit for data , and no need for api key , what i need to do this ?

2 – why you dont add native ads ? and open app ads ? is there a problems with admob policies , i know admob become very noisey about this , but i think open app ads its very good to add it ?

3 – how much ad network you add in this app ?

4 – when i buy this i need you to help me about (data safety )

5- There are many application templates that caused the deletion of applications from Google Play, as well as the suspension of developer accounts due to ad problems. I hope you have taken this into consideration.


Hi, thanks for interest with our item

1. Its our secret receipt, so we cannot tell you

2. If you want more ads type you can contact us for customization

3. We have 4 ad networks : Admob, Fan, Unity Ads and Applovin

4. Yes you can contact us when fill data safety on publishing google play

5. Yes, we always update out app so can safe with google play rule


thank you

i dont ask you about your secret , i know its yours , i just want to know how i can get data from blogger to app , is it by json , google drive hosting or what ? I want you to know something, I want the app to work and fetch data without any limits or problems, just that’s what I want

about ads , how much ad formats this app have i just want banners , inter , open app ad

  • is there any future plans to add more ad formats ?

The blogger data load and process using api connector from our server, its load with json format,

we have plan to add more format in future

ads only show banner ads ?

We have interstitial too, we can help you to enable it after purchase

Do you have plan to implement native ads between post, example with 10 frequency each post. And native ads inside detail post ?

Or you will not implement the native ads because something ? ads policy maybe ?

until now we don’t have plan to implement native ads and inline banner,

If you want we can do customization on fiverr

Just Thoughts—All the points made by @yoyoapps makes sense. Your app template has the potential to grab more sales as it does not have API key to get posts. Also, having the UI even more user friendly (category/labels, ads, etc.) will be of great benefits.

“We cannot give that script, its our secret function to make blogger have unlimited access” – I don’t think there is much of a secret involved in retrieving unlimited posts. If you google how to retrieve blogger posts you get it. it’s Simple.

The only reason I switched from using blogger is SEARCH. It does not do like search. Hence, it’s quite annoying to do a search in all posts. Apart from it, blogger is BEST. 2 modes of earning!!!

If you can solve this search problem, then your app will be a great hit man!

I hope you will do better in the future with all user requests. Best of luck with good number of sales.

Hi, thanks all your feedback, its really important to us, Yes for the search we cannot make any change, because we only use data given by blogger

I will consider and try to make this app better, thanks

keren mas, ini update pake flutter 3 blm? sama pake state management nya apa?

Sudah mas, sudah pakai flutter 3 dan pakai getx state managementnya

mas, untuk flutter nya fitur favorit itu nyimpen data pake firebase?

favoritenya ke lokal database mas

I’m impressed to see you again with a brand new thought and wonderful app with blogger backend. Really it’s a game changer for bloggers. I’m interested to buy this script but we expect more features on this script.

In codecanyon similar blogger script is available with more UI, ad networks and unlimited api keys with less price. But in your script, APIs are not required this is big plus point for buyers. You are also implemented major ad networks on this script that’s nice.

But I have few queries please answer it..

1) demo app with no ads.. i don’t know, ads are not displaying on app.

2) In app category section is must display in separate layout.. example of your notch script.

3) Api key is not required that’s okay but I heard that we need to submit blogger I’d details in your website server for display unlimited posts on our app? Can you explain me more on this.

4) suggetion – please insert category layout in home screen above the posts. Like notch app. It’s looking more attractive for users. For this feature again you have charged on Fiverr but my request is give for free with update script. You got more sales with this feature.

we don’t think it’s working well in real time because your server hosting region is different and ours is different. So we face slow down issues and also mainly your using normal shared hosting only.but we are already used dedicated vps servers for existing projects.

Q). Is there any option to host this script on our servers only not on your server?

Okay nice consideration, We cannot give that script, its our secret function to make blogger have unlimited access,

In future we have idea to make android library that load data directly to blogger, so your app no need to load through our sever

ok we will wait for that script.

Hi..I am interested to buy it just for the reason you mentioned no API keys required.

Will you be able to have this app similar to this one in terms of ads?

I noticed that the search will be doing a full word search not a partial search like “ search ”. Users will not be able to get posts if the search is by word.

Category list on the left nav is not good I feel. I have blog with many categories and that too in regional language. Can you add a separate page for this?

Looking forward for your reply!

Yes we already check it, that app have native ads, have open app ads, banner interstitial ads, which one that you want?

I will consider about it,

Yes, search is for word for blogger support

It is good to have all these ads you mentioned!

Oh okay we will consider it

Thanks for introducing a Nice App. Will you consider the following?

1. Add Admob Native Ads in News and between the news list

2. Add Related posts after a News

3. Add Category Name on Topbar because when opening a News shows Empty Topbar.

I think these will make this app complete. Thanks

Hi, Thanks for your feedback, we will consider all your feedback


Can you please test this blogger site? this has 508 posts… I need to know if the app is capable of handling thousands of posts as there is no API key used.

Hi this app capable handle blog with 508 posts, if our app cannot handle we will give you refund

Hi, what we can help?

I follow the instrustions but app cant open. i chat you but didn’t answer and i dont want use admob. just applovin and unity, how set them? because in advertise xml must be put admob and applovin.

sudah chat di WA gan

bro what are the ads format for all network enable demo to see in the app thanks.

We have banner and interstitial format, banner showing bottom page, interstitial showing after click drawer menu

can you make like if we select any post then it should show ads interstitial ads and can you add native ads also

for interstitial show every click its condigurable, for add native ads its need customization, we available on fiverr

“Oops, cannot load data from server” error after installing app

try update the app, we publish update

It’s working now, thanks

Hi there…app looks promising!

Couple of questions.. 1) You have 25 posts. Have you tried creating 501+ posts and validated the app? 2) If no api used, then are you using feed json to pull data? 3) Can we expect more UI designs in future? 4) Can we add our own fonts in app? 5) How much time and effort required to update the code and publish to play store?

Waiting for your reply…

Hi, 1. we never test with 501 post but we sure it will working well

2. Yes we load feed and process data that ready to use by client

3. Yes we available customization on fiverr

4. Yes you can customize font

5. its pretty easy, if you face problem when installation you can contact us

Can you enable Hindi News ?

Yes you can post hindi news


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