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Can I make this work for the admin area too?

I have some custom posts with lot of images attached in ACF, and the backend (admin) page takes a while to load.

Is this possible? Thanks!

The Loading Bar is possible to work in areas that is either a Page, Post, Custom Post Types or Theme Templates. Given if your Admin Page is one of these, or if you can specify the .php name of the said page, then this is possible.


Were is options in latest update?


Edit: My website gets white screen of death with latest update to this plugin. thanks.

Hi there! Please install Titan Framework in order for the settings to appear. There should be a notice on your plugins page regarding it. Also, here is the download page for Titan Framework:

And no worries, Titan Framework is free. :)

Great, thank you. It works now.

Good to know. Cheers! :D

Hi, your plugin is nice but I am having a big problem with my website :

When activated, the loading bar seems to create a conflict with some AJAX features.

For example, it creates a bug with my forms AJAX subscriptions…

What should I do?

Thanks for you help.

We advice you to post this matter in our Support Site. And please be more elaborate about the behavior of the conflict. Does it add some extra things in the Loading Bar? Does it make the Loading Bar not working? It would be also best if you can provide us a Sample Page where the Loading Bar is activated on it and possibly a login for us to check your Loading Bar’s setup.

Hi, my website it and it is taking a while to load the images so can I setup the loading bar to wait for all my images to load.

Yes. Loading Bar works as a filler to your site while the images are still loading. :)

Great Plugin! Just one question. Is it possible to have a fade-out transition right after someone clicks on a link? Something like a “Page-Out-Animation”? Hope you know what I mean.

This is not available with the current version of The Loading Bar.

hi pls check this website: The site is hosted on MAXCDN. So the images are not self hosted. Could you advise me weather your plugin is compatible with this site? And another this i am using wptouchpro plugin for mobile layout. Will this loading bar shown on wptouch pro pages? And if i buy and not working will you refund? thanks

Hi webexpressions! Regarding your questions:

About the images hosted from external sites: Our plugin has the capability to include images from the CDN you are using. All you just need is to specify the URL in the Image Domains field.

Regardless of the theme you are using, the Loading Bar should work as it should. And it is also flexible as we also have a compatibility mode that you can activate just in case. You can also enable or disable the Loading Bar as well.

As for the refunds, as always, this is something only Code Canyon can handle. And their standard policies apply on this one.

But if you have any question, encountered a problem or difficulties, you can always send us a ticket and we’ll do our best to help you. :)


Is your plugin compatible now to layerslider? Thanks!

Yes and it should be. We haven’t receive any complaints related to Layerslider thusfar.But you can also consult us in case you have encountered something.

My support has expired so I’m posting here as a heads up. Another theme author caught this JS error and he seems to think it has to do with an outdated version of the script used:

“I could trace the first error back to “The Loading Bar” plugin, as the …

ace.js?ver=4.12:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ace/ace’ of undefined

… error disappeared after deactivating it. Both plugins, VC and this one, load a version of the “acs.js” code editor script, but apparently different releases, which causes the conflict.”

If I need to extend support to resolve this issue I will

Hi there! The Loading Bar doesn’t have any file that goes as ace.js

In this case, what we’ll probably need is to inspect your site itself and see where the JS Error came from. You can provide us a Sample Page where we can see the said error.

Hi I downloaded your plugin,installed now on the site hanging a bug – Fatal error: Class ‘TitanFramework’ not found in,when i delete the plugin bug disappears. What should I do to make it work? Thank you

Hello there! The Loading Bar requires to have Titan Framework installed. This is a free plugin that is responsible for our plugin’s settings to appear.

Here is a link to it:


Is it possible to insert our own logo there?


Yes, this is possible. You can add it either as background or as a custom image in it. :)

My loading page is blank, then it goes away after the page loads. Even if i change the setting of the plugin it will still show me a blank page.

This problem is currently being discussed on in the Support System. We just sent you a reply 2 days ago. :)

Hi, This plugin looks good. Does it have a diagonal page transition?

Hello wezza2364! Currently, we only have the transitions as specified in our Demo Sandbox. We don’t have a diagonal page transition with the current version.

But if you wish to check our plugin plugin features, you can click on our Live Preview and go to the Launch Demo. This will direct you to our Sandbox Backend where you can see our plugin options. :)

Hello, is it possible to maquee the image from right to left or from left to right? Thank you!

Hello there! Unfortunately, our plugin doesn’t animate texts in the loading bar. But we do allow animated GIFs in case you want something more ‘customized’ inside the bar itself. :)

hello how are you Gambit-Alyssa :) please bro can help me “loading bar is displayed only on my screen admin when i open on other computer or other browser loading bar not displayed and please can talk me how i change loading bar RUBIK’S CUBE to FILL LEFT TO RIGHT or BARS THAT POP OUT or FILLING UP same on your website demo and thank you very much bro and i wish you a good day and time good bye :)

Hello MahmoudAlanisinc! This problem where the loading bar to only appear in admin while it doesn’t appear on the other computer or browsers isn’t happening in our plugin before. We’ll kindly ask you to show us a page from your site so we can a check it out. :)

As for changing your Loading Bar design, you can go to Settings menu, then go to The Loading Bar settings. Going there will show you various settings where you can change your animations, designs, texts and placements. You can proceed to the Loading Bar tab and set the Loading Bar Style to change from Custom Image/GIF Animation to Fill Up Screen or Classic Progress Bar. This will change your Loading Bar to the setting you want. :)

Here is how the settings look like:


I have Titan Framework installed and the plugin was working perfectly until yesterday, all of a sudden the loading bar just isn’t showing up – all of the settings are the same etc I’ve not made any changes, do you know why this might be?


Hi there! Are you trying to load the Loading Bar in a new page by any chance? Does the page have any image? Where are the image located at?

It will be better if you can show us a link to your site so we can check and see what might be causing the problem. Normally, nothing should change in the loading bar at all if there are no changes applied in the settings or pages.

Hi. Great plugin.

For some reason, I am unable to change ANY COLORs (Font, Background, etc). Simple Fix?

Hi there! Thanks for letting us know. We kindly need to remind you that aside from the Loading Bar plugin. You’ll also need to have Titan Framework for the settings to appear. Its a free plugin and you can download it from the WordPress repository: :P

Once you activated both Loading Bar and Titan Framework, everything will work well. Please let us know how it goes! :)