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We are looking for a purchase & inventory management for restaurant.

Its no different than other inventory management system.

1. Manage Supplier 2. Manage Product/Item/Ingredient 3. Record purchase order – adding new stock

Since we dont have direct sale, we will adjust inventory every month end as consumed.

The critical part for us reporting.

Multiple supplier sending us same goods. we want to be able to compare price of same item from different supplier.

Price history of a particular item from past order. Example, in last 6 month Anchor Butter was purchased 16 times from 3 different supplier. We should be able to know which supplier sold at what rate and when.

Total Purchase report. YTD, Monthly. Item wise. Purchase by supplier

Can we use your inventory as our restaurant inventory ? or with minimum customization ?


The problem here is, that this script is not that of a flexible framework, so these kind of customizations are more time consuming. (development time wont make it a cheap solution any more)

Unfortunately I don’t support this product, but what you’re asking for could be done by someone with undersanding of PHP. If you don’t have any official requirements for an inventory management system you can always try products like MS Access or Filemaker, where you have flexible options for database query.

They are supported, cheap and standardized so if the time comes you can migrate to a bigger system.


abelphoto Purchased

I installed successfully but it does not work. after adding a product to the list, the green message appears “have been successfully added” but when I go into items list, there is nothing there. What is the problem???