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I installed successfully but it does not work. after adding a product to the list, the green message appears “have been successfully added” but when I go into items list, there is nothing there. What is the problem???

Refunded. Thanks!

Hi, I’m trying to adjust quantity in the Item table directly with a software , each time i put new quantity, save it, when i go to the web interface and make a check in or check out,, it revert back to the old quantity, how can fix that, Tks.

The quantity is being recalculated every time you open a product from in- and out-going transactions. If you want to alter the quantity, you need to alter the transactions, but make sure you update the quantity too.

Thanks, Great Support A++

please after successful installation and login it is telling me that ‘You don’t have a permission to do that’ please what’s the problem

please how do i get a solution to my problem now, am really in need of this right now

Hi, If I want to put a background image in the application, where can I put it?Regards.

Is there any way i can add a “Minimum Quantity” Column?

Hi, I need solution so that multiple people from multiple inventories can log their inventory to one place that admin can see each of the inventories products. I need it simple and thats all I need. Thanks

how can i run this product after install it

hi, would like to know if i can more than 1 category, i/m willing to pay for that customization. Regards.

Sorry, currently I don’t have any capabilities to support this product.

after installed, I put the user+password but the login page only do a refresh(loop)



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Installation fails with MySQL 5.7.19. Issue was due to database not being seeded properly, as the date time values ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’ rejected. Overcame this by manually re-running SQL inserts using ‘0000-01-01 00:00:00’. Posting here simply for your information. Thanks