The Impossible Game – Deluxe Edition - iOS 11 and Swift 4 ready

The Impossible Game – Deluxe Edition - iOS 11 and Swift 4 ready

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Works on iPhoneX, iPhone8, iPhone8 Plus and iPad Pro and all the devices below!

This already updated to iOS11 hit game will make your users go crazy… in a good way Just take a look at the original The Impossible Game, one of the most super addictive games on the market. It’s a best selling Xbox Live Indie Game with a simple yet exciting gameplay. As on Flappy Bird, it seems extremely easy to play but be sure you will easily fail (it’s an impossible game!). You must smash and avoid objects with your square by jumping on a fast moving space. Game becomes more and more exciting as you go ahead. Watch the video here. The Impossible Game – Deluxe Edition is available on the App Store. Download it and take it for a spin: Check out one of our clients awesome reskin: The Impossible Game – Deluxe Edition is much more than the original. We have added our renown Magnetization System that you’ve seen in Flappy Blueprint.



* as of v.5.0.0 only AdMob is supported

Setup and Reskin

Latest Update

5.0.0 (28.12.2017)

  • Rewritten the whole code to support iOS11, Swift 4, Xcode 9 and iPhoneX

4.3.3 (27.12.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed “obj_msgSend” error (Files changed: OALSuspendHandler.m lines 156-157)

4.3.2 – (20.10.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed “Going to Settings” not working in iOS10 (Files changed: Info.plist – removed ‘prefs’ URL Type; RootViewControllerInterface.h; RootViewControllerInterface.m; MainMenu.m)
  • Updated to Xcode Suggested Settings

4.3.1 – (16.09.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Fixed iCloud issue: user was forced to Sign in into iCloud to use the app. Now the user may choose to sign in into iCloud. (Files changed: RootViewVontrollerInterface.m -> lines 205 – 241)

4.3.0 – (08.06.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Updated iCloud functions from ‘fetchRecordWithID:’ to not use the recordID and use ‘performQuery’ instead (file changed: RootViewControllerInterface.m)
  • Added support for user to sign in later to iCloud (files changed: MainMenu.ccb,MainMenu.m, AppDelegate.m, RootViewControllerInterface.m, Info.plist) IMPORTANT: MAJOR CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE !!! YOU WILL HAVE TO START YOUR UPDATE WITH THIS NEW VERSION !!!

4.2.0 – (14.05.2016) – CRITICAL

  • Added iCloud support to ensure restoring of the user process and to avoid rejection from the Apple Review Team because of Guideline 10.6: Your app uses intermediary currency to purchase items that function as non-consumable products but does not include a restore mechanism. Users restore transactions to maintain access to content that they’ve already purchased. SEE THE “How to Set Up iCloud” PDF TO SET UP YOUR CODE – (files changed: AppDelegate.m, GameOver.m, ShopBoosts.m, ShopCoins.m, RootViewControllerInterface.h/m; added files: TheImpossibleGame.entitlements, CloudKit.framework)

4.1.0 – (14.12.2015) – OPTIONAL

  • Added Fyber (files changed: Info.plist, Defaults.h, AppDelegate.m, TheImpossibleGameSettings.plist ; added files: fyber-sdk-lib, FyberCocos2dHelper.h/.m, CoreLocation.framework and CoreTelephony.framework)

4.0.1 – (05.12.2015) – CRITICAL

  • Disabled Bitcode (modified Project and Targe / Build Settings / Enable Bitcode)
  • Fixed elements going outside the screen on iPhone 6 Plus (files changed: all the .ccb files in SpriteBuilder; MainMenu.m; Shop.m; GameOver.m; Gameplay.m)

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