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Hi I emailed you earlier, The Original Meme Script Is Great !!!! but just in case you didn’t see it, I uploaded the files as your file suggested, but the Meme Script doesn’t see it, its looking for the wrong path and I get a 404 page not found error domain,com/gif instead of domain/memes/gif?

Please give me a heads up as this is going live…

Thank You, Tom

I think we already solved the issue

Rock Star Support And An Amazing Script, Thank You !!!


can i edit script ?

sure you can

I am having trouble uploading the gif file in the plugin. The page is showing but the file doesnt upload. I have emailed you day before yesterday with this issue, if you can reply to that email that will be great.

Hi, I replied to your email. Seems like you have not set imagemagick path correctly

how this work i try upload 2 pics to make that gif but its not wrking

can you send me sample gifts that you tried. I tested it and it worked

Hello, Is there any possibility to make the script separate, i don’t really need it as a plugin . Thanks

You may contact me via email.


I have emailed you 6 times please respond to them

can this make a GIF’s of video?capturing scenes frames to make a GIF image?

No video capture requires special softwares to be installed on the server. Which is not available on most of the shared hosting

Hi I have a problem with the plugin if I upload a gif or create one comes following message saving pleas be patient. However, it does not.

Hi, I think it’s slowly no longer funny. Where is the support? Meme and Gif script does not work. I inquire now already countless times written to them and never an answer. This is now my last mail. Problems in Google share Google login, gif maker also does not go. My page

I am sorry for the troubles. We have started working on the new version. You will get it for free. It will be availbe soon.

@efandamar I also have the same problem. I hope that it will finally fixed times .

why this plugin not working , i cant publish always waiting ” saving…please be patient….” :cry:

Can I run this script on different site?

Hi, I have trouble when I try to save the gif, “saving … please be patient …” and nothing does not occur, how to fix this problem?

did you setup imagemagick path correctly?

hola, este script está actualizado? es confiable para poder comprarlo? tiene soporte por el autor? por favor alguna respuesta para poder decidir comprar.

Hello, thanks for script.

Im install gif generater script but no working this url: gif/create/generate

is working here: but not working generate.

Im waiting your reply, thanks.

i have just downloaded this plugin , but i could not find php files. please help

how i can integrate it in WordPress ??.

I have installed but it’s giving me the following error when save & publish an animated gif:

POST http://localhost/myfirstsite/gif/create/generate 500 (Internal Server Error) send @ jquery-1.10.0.min.js:6 ajax @ jquery-1.10.0.min.js:6 x.(anonymous function) @ jquery-1.10.0.min.js:6 createGif @ app.js:480 (anonymous) @ create:393 dispatch @ jquery-1.10.0.min.js:5 v.handle @ jquery-1.10.0.min.js:5