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Is cocos2d-x source code included?

C++, Lua or JavaScript?

can i use android studio to edit the source code?

No sirdennis, If you want us to reskin this game for you than let us know.

Reskin for me for me and let me know when its ready i go on with purchase

i want to buy it but how can i translate it ? can i edit config ?

you have to just change graphics. Yes you can edit config as per your requirements.

I’m considering buying this but I have a question about the in app billing. Does your documentation show how to use in app billing?

Another developer who don’t respond to messages!

you should check your email before posting such a comment.

I check my email 4 times a day and sometimes more because my business depends on it. I didn’t get your email until this morning. So I’m not sure if it goes through envanto system or not but there wasn’t an email when I ended my day at 11pm last night.

hi i want to know more about this game is it come with full cocos2d-x game or just with compiled version i want to buy this game asap please let me know if you are interested then let me know or send me a mail via raveekumarsingh@gmail.com

I have sent you a message. I am having some errors. Please help.

I am still waiting on a reply to the issues I am having after purchasing this item. I have sent a message on this website, emailed you and posted a comment and still no response. Please support your product and answer.

I am requesting either a refund or you to answer my questions.I am unable to do anything with this after my purchase be cause there is no support. Only purchase this item if you would like to be occupied with fixing all the errors present that wont allow you to compile the apk.until they are resolved.

still no reply

can you update and give me the code exported with the last version , not the one with libpng problems ! because it is rejected by google play store for more info https://support.google.com/faqs/answer/7011127

i upload my application in store but i got the message Security alert Your app is using a version of libpng containing a security vulnerability. Can you guide me towards a solution thanks!

hey can we get a solution for libpng prob for the flying with thanks alot

Been 6 months and still no reply