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I try your demo but it tells me imalready logged in ?

Hi. I’m extremely sorry for that. Its because demo is a ‘Player and in the application Player can log in only once until logged out. You could go to the admin section and create your own player for test. In the meantime I’ve created a user for you; username ‘darkphp’ and password ’ darkphp’ . hope that helps :)


Beautiful work, good luck. :)

Thanks a lot AirTheme !! :))

1. Users & Admin have to have internet access for the game to work? 2. Users & Admin do not have to be located in the same location? example: Admin can be in US and user A can be in UK and user B can be in NZ. 3. Can more than 1 quiz be going at the same time?

Hi. 1) If the game is being played on Local Area Network(LAN) you won’t need internet access. 2) if you’re keeping the script online then Yes users and admin can be located anywhere. 3) No at the moment only one instance of the quiz can be run on one script. Hope this helps. Please ask me again if I’m wrong to understand you. Thanks. :)

please, add leaderboard in the administrator panel to a best customization, and a feedback of the quiz.

i like it , GLWS

The script works as advertised. However, one has to input questions one question at at time. Which holds up game play in a classroom full of students. What would be great is if we can load via CSV questions to be used in the game and ask questions by choosing them. Another great feature is if we can create a question bank of questions. Another thing is to support images.

We will work on these issues. Thank You


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I agree with mindsettheory comment.