The Electronic Quiz Platform - Quizzi

The Electronic Quiz Platform - Quizzi

The Electronic Quiz Platform - Quizzi - 1

Quizzi is an Electronic Multi Player Quiz Platform which is a Real-Time Question and Answer Module to play Quizzes on LAN (Local Area Network).

This Quiz and Buzzer system is built in concept of the ‘KBC’ programs ‘fastest finger first’. Contrary to the traditional Buzzer this platform provides an Error-Free Buzzing System and instantly decides the winner on REAL TIME.

One Click Installation – Fully Beginner Compatible.

Note: Quizzi is perfectly configured for LAN play and therefore you might encounter a small delay in ‘Real Time’ in the Online Demo version.

How it Works?

The Admin asks the question with 4 options and selects the correct answer to the question. Also sets the Score for each question which is set to 5 by default.

Once asked, the question is shown to all the Players in Real-Time and as soon as they select the right answer and press ‘Buzzzz’; the Winner (the fastest correct Buzzer) is instantly decided and shown to all the Players.

Play with ANY device that connects to a WiFi or LAN, Unlimited Players, Unlimited Devices!

Quizzi has two Modules, the Administrator and the Player.

Administrator Features include:

  • Create Players
  • Real-time Player status
  • Log off Players
  • Delete Players
  • Ask Questions
  • Create Options
  • Set Points to each Question
  • Reset Quiz
  • See Quiz Statistics

Player Features include:

  • Real-Time QA Panel
  • Score Board
  • Player Score and Stats


Comes with an Automatic installer and Step by Step Guide on how to Play!.

Ideal for Quiz competitions in Schools, Colleges, Universities or any kind of Game Play in a gathering.

Updates with more features will be constant. Email support for installation help will be available

EASY REBRANDING! – Change Colors, Logo and Name!


Admin Panel : Username : admin, Password : admin

Player Panel : Username : demo, Password : demo

If Player ‘demo’ in already logged in, please be free to create your own Player in the Admin Panel.  :)


  • 24 September – Bugs Fixed. (Current users just replace the modules folder.)