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Hey I was wondering if we can add fields such as upload/text field etc…

Hi Bonez,

This script won’t support file uploads, but it should support all other fields.

good thinking, looks to support html in the sent mail but it really would be better with some form of captcha/verification to prevent spam

Simple, elegant and it works like a charm. Superb purchase.

I have a mad-libs style form in the footer of my WordPress site, so the form code is in footer.php. After looking through the documentation, I’m not sure how to name the config, template, etc… I’m comfortable working with PHP just hung up on this point as the form won’t be on a specific page, it will be at the bottom of every page.

great script mate,

just wanted to know if it is posible to CC a copy of the form to the person who filled out the form?


Just bought this script from you. Tried to install, tested it and when click the submit email button, next page shows:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘{’ in /homepages/htdocs/no/form_to_email.php on line 5

Please advise what is causing the issue?

Are you still supporting this ?



hi pbekisz, :) nice little script but i seem to have an error email error cannot find.xml config what did i do wrong? i have put the xml in the default folder still its not gettin the file why?

Thanks man :)