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Hi There,
In item details, you have this info:
Looking for a way to display prices on wordpress?
Any plans to make/create another one? :)

cause the link is broken/doesn't work :)

Sorry for the late reply, maybe in the future. We were using MT.Gox for the data and when gox shut down it broke the widget.

I’m got problem with Bitcoin Tool function. Please see error at to help fix it.


can i use this script to make a bitcoin callback payment gateway

It’s possible place banner adsense

When I go on my site with the script and I enter in an address to check, it redirects me to Why? Is there a way I can stay on my site?

Do you have any plans to update the script?

Presale question: Is this still working? Can you add eg.ETHEREUM?

No response or support anymore?

Hi, can I have this running on nginx, also information you may ad to the htccess and chmod needed to work, just a mess in nginx

Feathercoins does not works, always shows “0”.

your demo site is not showing live price update, can you fix that ?

So, the API that this uses for prices no longer works. I just bought this and now it’s worthless. Are you updating this or can I get my money back?

which api are you using?

I have tested your demo to check btc balances but the results are wrong. I tested a wallet with 0.063 amount but get the infor there are only 0.022. Why? I like to buy this script but it seems there is a bug.

Your demo isnt working dud


kwaca1 Purchased

the script is giving error because it getting files from a seized domain by usa authorities. the script is useless and no updates since 2014

not good