Laravel Appointment Machine SAAS + Billing v3.3

Laravel Appointment Machine SAAS + Billing v3.3

My Service Business V3.0 (The Appointment Machine SaaS)

My Service Business SaaS v.3.0: When you buy the My Service Business SaaS application, you are not just buying an application. You are rather buying a complete business solution that you can kick off with a click of a button. Is this a get-rich-quick scheme? No. Is this a complete business solution? Yes.

My Service Business SaaS application is a fully-featured SaaS application – exactly what it says it is. It comes with automated subscription billing, features to create quotations, invoices, credit notes, payments and manual subscriptions. In addition to this, it features an extended contract section where you can create contract templates on-the-fly, upload and store existing PDF contracts as well as upload and store general files.

With first-generation features like electronic signature requests, automated billing, appointment scheduling and re-scheduling, custom text notifications as well as custom voice call notifications, the My Service Business SaaS engine is just what you need to start a profitible business with a click of a button.

Operational Scope
The My Service Business SaaS application has 3 main sections, namely the administration section, the profile user control panel and the customer control panel. You as the administrator can create profile accounts. These are basically your customer accounts with each subscribed to a subscription plan. Not only can you bill, invoice, quote, accept payments, create subscriptions and issue credit notes for each of your profile customers, but you can add customers above and beyond the profile-customer scope.

As for profile account holders, aka “your customers” – they can also have THEIR customers. Each profile account holder can create quotations, invoices, credit notes, automated and manual subscriptions as well as accept payments, to and from THEIR customers. In addition to this, your profile account holders will create agendas / calendars to scheule appointments for THEIR customers on-the-fly. One profile account holder can have many agendas, where each agenda can have many appointments.

Each agenda has its own set of immediate text and call (text-to-speech) notification configurations, as well as scheduled (post-dated) text and call (text-to-speech) notification configurations. Agendas can therefore have customised notification messages. Creating post-dated text and call notification instances to remind a customer of his or her appointment, is so easy. Profile account holders can configure exactly how many days prior to the appointment, to send scheduled notifications.

Customers – Your customers as well as customers of each profile account holder can also log in an access the customer control panel from where they can view all subscriptions activates, invoice, quotations, payments and credit notes.

Sample voice notification
Here is a sample voice notification with Nexmo. The voices vary and depends on the provider. The actual wording can be changed and configured per agenda created.

Want to check it out live? Here’s the demo

Note: Sending notification messages, sending email messages, sending SMS messages and contact number lookup is disabled in the demo version. The demo resets ever 3 hours.

Demo URL


Fresh, up-to-date documentation can be viewed at

Server Requirements

Below is a list of server requirements – however, if you are hosting The Appointment Machine SaaS in the cloud on an instance such as Amazon AWS Beanstalk or in a server environment such as Homestead, then there is no need to manually install any software package on your server.

System Requirements

  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • file_get_contents Enabled
  • allow_url_fopen Enabled

Change Log

* 29 November 2017 - V3.3 - Updated the command line installation file, added (Columbian provider) SMS gateway, added STRIPE payments. Added documentation on front end bookings.
* 26 November 2017 - V3.2 - Fixed a slight table issue in the table migration. Also has an effect on the single-command installation via SSH. Requires download from the Envato server. You can just copy the DATABASE directory and replace that with your local DATABASE directory.
* 23 November 2017 - V3.1 - Automated update - changed / improved some view files
* 17 November 2017 - V3.0 - Launched a complete new system. My Service Business. Comes with extensive billing, admin, profile admin and customer sections, text + voice notifications and more
* 02 January 2017 - V2.1.3 - Temporarily removed support of INBOUND NEXMO text messages
* 02 January 2017 - V2.1.2 - Added another "Edit" button to the profile interface page, viewing from the administration section, to eliminate the need to go back to the "Profile Listings" interface to instantly edit a profile account
* 01 January 2017 - V2.1.1 - Fixed "Save" button and replaced with "Send" button when sending an sms on behalf of a profile, to a profile user's customer from the administration section
* 01 January 2017 - V2.1.0 - Extending outbound SMS messages, to retrieve cost, status and more data to effectively track and retrieve detailed data on SMS messages sent
* 30 December 2016 - V2.0.9 - Extending features to received inbound SMS messages, route messages as per DID assigned to a profile, mark messages as read and view unrouted SMS messages
* 26 December 2016 - V2.0.8 - Fixed password reset route bug
* 26 December 2016 - V2.0.7 - Added more options to the drop-down menu of each appointment, allowing users now to instantly view upcoming appointment data, view past appointment data and update customer information directly from the appointments calendar menu
* 23 December 2016 - V2.0.6 - Improving and expanding mobile view experience
* 09 December 2016 - V2.0.5 - Added more customizable application settings, stored in the database, however, possible to configure from the administrator's graphical interface
* 16 November 2016 - V2.0.4 - Added a graphical interface to the administration section to manually test email connection settings
* 14 November 2016 - V2.0.3 - Rewritten all actions to send email - to validate and flag if email settings configured, are wrong. When the flag is active, a sticky message will appear in the administration section, until the email settings is corrected and the action from the administration panel to validate the email settings is triggered. This feature is not for when sending mail by making use of a queue service, but real-time mail only.
* 04 October 2016 - V2.0.2 - Added a feature when importing appointments data, to display an additional field in the calendar which can be used for any additional data
* 23 September 2016 - V2.0.1 - Added the feature for users to subscribe to a daily email summary of all appointments for the upcoming day
* 20 September 2016 - V2.0.0 - Updated and rewritten the application to Laravel 5.3
* 09 September 2016 - V1.01a - Removed the ability for profile users (your direct customers) to configure their own SMS gateways as suggested in the comments.
* 30 August 2016 - Initial launch v1.0