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Do you have any updated AWS instructions. Tried following screenshots but they do not match the current aws screen flow.

AWS is changing the ui. They did have an option on the screen to use older version.

Dear tpilant – Thank you for your comment, in regards to the updated documentation and screenshots, they will be updated within the next 24 hours. In regards to AWS changing the UI, please, send me a support request at support@x692222.com and I’ll be able to assist. Thankl you SO much for your support!

I might purchase your script but before i do i want to know if there is a intergrated payment system in the script? Also is there a front end landing page with the script?

Dear Turbozx2

First of all, thank you for your comment and for getting in touch.

In the current release – there is no “front-end” section nor payment billing, however, I’m busy extending and in my development release I have Paypal and Stripe already active.

I am busy working on adding services and setting rates, whereafter I will upload the extended sections which will then be available for sale.

I’ll post back once I have uploaded the new sections!

Best regards,

I am interested in purchasing the software. When do you think you will have the release with the front end as well as payment gateway ready?

Thank you for the quick reply, this software just keeps getting better. Thanks again and i will wait patiently.

You’re welcome ;)

Hey Buddy,

Sorry to trouble you, but i am excited to see the new product. I went to show a partner the demo and noticed it’s offline. Any ETA for the new update?

Please message me when will be update, i am interesting to buy your script

Please let me know when you have stripe setup thanks

I changed my mind about waiting after reading how enthusiastic you were about this product.

I decided to invest in you now, although I will not need to install it until at least Stripe payments is integrated. Their 2-way API for subscriptions is awesome, although even basic payments would do. ;) ;)

Best wishes, and keep up the good work.


Your app is looking great with the features that you already have and the one’s you plan to include. Can you please let me know what features are you planning to include in the next update and when is the next update intended to be released :)

Best Wishes. GLWS

Hi, I only see installation instructions that use composer and one for Amazon. I was lead to believe that this will install on any vps or dedicated server. Are there instructions for setting up normally, without composer? Cheers


Exploit Purchased

really good job for laravel development.

If you’re accept feature requests; i am waiting for 2 feature.

1) STRIPE integration: this is a saas app. so my clients can pays to software owner.

2) SERVICE and finance integration: when i click “new appointment”—> i want to select the service for appointment, for example: “30 min training – $100”

I want to use this for my admin officers when scheduling meeting and appointments to the managers, will this be a proper solution in the sense of scheduling employees and suppliers to meet managers and send sms when its rescheduled or canceled?

Another comment to say that the demo page https://www.theappointmentmachinesaasdemo.x692222.com/ is down :(

looks great! Front-end bookings are a must. Congrats on a solid piece of software.

Can i translate the backend?

2 quick questions: 1. Would it be possible to set an sms reminder to be sent to the patient in a certain time(lets say 12 months) without having an appointment set? Like: “it’s time for your annualy dental check. Make an appointment here – booking_url”. This feature would be helpfil also for a birthday marketing also, if you know the birthdate of the patient. 2. Can a client send a mass sms or email to his patients list?

Thank you

Sorry, but the ideas just keep coming ;) – on the patient profile page the dentist should be able to add notes and upload images(like medical charts, xrays, prescriptions ao).

Hi.. your demo is not working.


palent Purchased

Is this software still being supported? I haven’t seen a response here in quite a while. When are the upgrades expected to be released?

AWS Cert Manager Killed my Install. Any suggestions on what I should edit. Not sure if this is even the issue because in the cert manger it says the cert is not being used. But my pages of errors are all connection.path related.

Ok sure it is not aws server. First it does not do anyting to the actual environment. Secondly it has not been assigned to any instances. Did an updater run and break my install. One minute working great logged out and 15 minutes later went to log back in but site was broken had 3 page of php errors.

Setting up on AWS getting error Application deployment failed at …. with exit status 1 and error: container_command 08_command in .ebextensions/laravel.config failed. Could not open input file: artisan.