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imgdev Purchased

any news about the update?

Hey! Still working on it! Almost there!

I have been waiting for the update to be released. I just read your thoughts you posted on 07/13/17, I very sorry to hear website are releasing your work free of charge. I think it’s shameful people will do such a nasty thing. Just for the record, I (and i am sure many others) will be happy to pay for the script and pay you for your hard work. I look forward to the release, please let me know and i will buy the extended license.

Dear Jason – thank you so much for your comment. I do appreciate it. I’ll let you know once its ready. Thanx.

you still working on the update or dead project?

Hey! Still working on it! Almost there!

Hi, If I click schedule appointment, am unable to search for user to select for schedule?

Hey! Could you please elaborate? Pop mean email at x692222@gmail.com – remember to include your purchase code please. Thanx!

so this software, i can sell to customers with their own control panel?

can user register their own profile account? or i have to do it manually from admin

With the current version, no. With the next version, yes

and when is next version coming out

Any update on when the new version will be available?

This seems like a great script. But, is it possible to embed an appointment form on a website so end-users can easily make appointments online and their contact and appointment information can be synced with this software?

I saw that someone asked a similar question 12 months ago, is it possible now?

Yeh – its included in the next version. Thanx

Thank you for the quick reply. When is the next version going to be available?

Hey. Its basically done. I have one section left and then final testing, and thats it. Its hard to estimate for me at this stage , as I have other client’s work as well. I try to get it all done. I have about one week or work left on the appointment system, whereafter I will add modules as well when I have time. However I will only be able to attend to the appointment system after this week. I am so looking forward to extending the system, and I can now say that you can do still manage all appointments, but in addition to that, credit notes, invoices, quotations, payments, subscriptions, facebook page manager and more, has been added. So in a nutshell, its a complete SaaS system now and you can bill your customers. Thank you SO much for your interest, this is what keeps me going. Have a nice day.

Awesome to read that embed an appointment form on a website option will be implemented for frontend booking. This feature dripping makes the waiting a litlle easier

Hey ;-)) Thanx a lot. It is rather a front-end booking than embedding – though both options are technically available, but I’ll elaborate on that. I’m so sorry to keep you guys waiting. I promise you, Im doing the best I can. Coding all the time. Thanx

Please update your demo, I can’t access the customer site demo

Hi, do you have any news about the update? Waiting to buy it!

Hi, I purchased this some time ago but I have not been able to install it. The instructions only focus on composer.

How can I install this without composer. Do you not have instructions for normal install?

Please help or refund.