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I know you’re probably working hard, but any updates? Are you taking additional time to finish the front end or will the new product be out today or tomorrow?

I get that you’re busy, but this is not cool. You are hurting your credibility of being able to deliver.

Patiently waiting for the update to purchase. Hope it arrives soon. In future, when you promise an update on a certain date, maybe add extra 1-2 weeks so when you deliver it early, it seems impressive and you get happy customers rather then delivering it late and getting unhappy people with loss of sales. It’s like ordering pizza, if they say it will be delivered in 60 mins and they deliver in 15 mins, then they always get happy and returning customers. Just a tip. :)

Any news about the update? Losing patience and may look elsewhere. :(

Haven’t seen the update promised a week ago. As other users have commented, it’s best to under promise and over deliver. We can get quite impatient if you’ve promised a certain date but then don’t deliver ;) All the best with sales!

Sorry I’ve let you down. Your comment is appreciated.

Disappearance from the author, looks like another procrastinator. So don’t expect the update anytime soon. :(

Hi there. update is this week. Regards.

When is the update coming out?

Author said update coming this week but I suspect that’s not true, maybe few weeks yet or never. Nobody should get there hopes up. I don’t like people who promise something they won’t deliver. :(

SocialSuite (Jay?). I’m sorry you feel this way. Your comment, however, is appreciated.


indsign Purchased

Hi, i know it takes time to develop a softwarr but to be honest i purchased the software based on your promise to release the new update. I didnt installed it yet as i am waiting for the new release. You mentioned the 31st then 2 or 3 days then this week. So will tou ever release it?

Guys, I’m done, for now. Packing and uploading for approval. Sometimes envato takes long to approve, if it takes more than 2 days Ill personally email the updated system to those interested and who has purchased a license. I will set the demo and post-related stuff in these two days. I appreciate your commitment, interest and trust. And sorry for the long wait.

Why the hell is the price increased? You have delayed the update, ignored comments and you said you will not increase the price! I think your talking a serious piss. Your comment 20 days ago:

“The price will still be set at USD35.”

It’s like waiting for a delivery, they promise to deliver on a certain date but failed to, they don’t respond to queries but just make excuses then they suddenly decide to increase the price? What a cheek!

I have been waiting for this damn update for weeks, now you increase the price? I strongly advice you to reduce that price mate, customers will not be happy. And I won’t be buying.


Perhaps it was the promotion that expired.

I’ve manually re-adjusted.

Best regards,

Hi there. Please take note that I’m going to facilitate a price increase. I have compared the previous system and thought about the months of hard work that I’ve put into these systems, and I can confirm that I can not keep the price at 35 USD forever into eternity. However, if the price has increased in the coming months and if you still decide that you are interested after being led down so many times, I’m more than willing to slam the cash register and do a sale at USD35 for you. Thanx again for your interest, all your comments and for keeping in touch.

Yes I know you can’t keep the price at 35USD forever but you should first at least release the damn update that been due for months!


acjnas Purchased

Hey ! I haven’t got your email with the updated system you mentioned 3 days ago. Can I have a look, at least at demo site ? I have a lot of work to do translating the system and making custom user manual. I would like to start asap.

Hey. We’re already in touch via email arent we. Thanx for the comment man. Let me know if there is anything else.

Dude.. is this phantom script ever going to get released?

I hope so ;)


indsign Purchased

Wow man!! Still no updates yet? I have email you so you can send me files but still nothing. You can’t make promises you wont deliver!! If there is no further updates by Monday i will have to ask for the money back and look other solutions. I understand development takes long but you make people buy the software with the hope that they will get the new release but still no signs of it.


indsign Purchased

I think I have not been clear enough. You said that you were done with the packaging and because Envato takes sometimes a long time to publish the update we can request you to email the software. That is what I did and still not response. On the other hand I don’t want a refund I want the software you promised when you discounted the price. First you said it will be available until the 31st of October but the pormotion was still running and I rush to buy the script hoping you will deliver on your promise. Please see the message I sent you via Envato asking to be sent the software. I understand you may be busy but so far full of promises and you haven’t delivered anything at all. The only reason I bought the software is because the promised update and you can see my previous comments. So the question is.. what do you need to send me the software via email? I dont mind if the documentation is not finished but at least I have something to start working with.

Hi there. Okay you’re welcome for the approval to come through. I dont know when that will be, it can be anytime or anyday. Best regards.

Note: I apologize if I misunderstood you and I understand your frustration.

Dude.. I get that you’re probably stressed and are trying to get this out as soon as possible. But you have a foundation built here that can take you far. Why can’t you answer and say that you need more time? I have been waiting for this update to purchase the software for almost a year now (look at my comments), please at least give us an update. You have a promising app here, if done right this can be your early retirement fund. We all know you’re talented and hence why we are waiting for your update. I hate to see someone so talented lose their reputation over misspoken deadlines. I get that you’re busy with your fulltime regular job. However, there are many of us here that can and will pay you that same amount customizing this app. You can probably make more money doing customization jobs than a regular job anyway. In closing, if you need more time, great let us know. If you need funding to pay you a salary or an hourly wage, great let us know. Just say something, ignoring people that are willing to pay you is not good. I hope that you’re doing well and are not facing personal things that are holding you back at the moment. But just say something, and when you say it, stick to it.

IlluminateU, I really appreciate your honest comment. And for sharing honest suggestions. You guys can send your license key, together with the domain name where the application will be installed, and i will email back the application (today when I am done with the validation). At this very moment I am busy loading license keys into the license validation app on my side. Once again, please, know that I appreciate your comment. Oh yeah, in regards to time. I wanted to provide everything at once when everything is done – I am however, not done with updating the documentation. I need more time and I can not confirm when it will be done. But I’m working on the documentation. Thanx a lot.

I appreciate the update, and it’s completely understandable. Any chance I am able to see the demo of the new software? I can wait for the documentation. I only ask because I am going to need to purchase a couple of the extended licenses (development/testing/production). Because it will be an investment, my partner and I just want to see what the new front end and backend look like. Please let me know if you can make that happen.

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Its cool, hehe, really.