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indsign Purchased

Hey buddy, I just want to say again what a great job you done. I think you deserve the good feedback! Still testing your demo but I am impressed. Continue the good job!

Hey – thanx so much. Thanx so much ;)


acjnas Purchased

Hey, it seems like you have missed my comment from 3 days ago so here it is again:

“One of the reason I was waiting all this time, was to have the option to offer the system in Spanish and to give users the option to do front end booking.

Can you confirm that you did not include these 2 options on this new release as it is. And in case you add them, they will require more time of testing and development from your side right ?

On your demo, I saw several things that are now making me think that the change of names from “appointment machine” to “service business” are actually announcing that booking appointments is not the core of the system anymore and invoicing, quoting,contracts, digital signing and payments took mostly all your development time on this release.

I was expecting to see a reloaded “appointment machine” with features intended for better booking and better user experience, perhaps I am overwhelmed with such a big admin panel that won’t let me identify easily the new improvements but instead is misleading me on the main purpose of My Service Business.

I had so many expectations on this release, but my guess is that I will probably have to keep waiting.

I don’t know much about coding, but people are given you compliments for presenting a very solid system. Congratulations on that.”

Hey. Hey? Thank you for your comments Jonathan! I’ll remap my brain and see if I can adjust the layout / layout logic a bit. Thanx!

Oh, about the translating. I’ll send you the translation file tomorrow. And I’ll add translation comments to the documentation as well – on how to translate. Then you can start translating!


indsign Purchased

I think it will be good to have a frontend booking form for customers, business signup form with subscription packages and an option to disanle contracts, quotations, invoices and credit notes. What do you think?

Definitely. Indsign – I appreciate your input. I’m making notes of everything. Thanx for your ideas – please- know that I appreciate and value them

Hi guys. Couple of things updated. And here’s more to front end REST implementation. http://msbfront.x692222.com Also, stripe is active.

O – just a note about Plivo – I am unable to sign up or register. Unable to test! I’ve contacts PLIVO, but after one week, no response. I’ve emailed them 4 times more, in the meantime. Bummer! Perhaps is because of the country I live in. I’m still trying. If they could just respond hey.

Hi there,

Unfortunately, I must agree with @SocialSuite and @acjnas when there are saying that the new script is bloated, confusing and drifting away from an “Appointment Machine” towards a “CRM Machine”.

@ x692222 Please don’t understand me wrong: you really did a good job and create a solid and complex SAAS platform but many of us (perhaps the most of us) want an appointment management solution with focus on front end design and clear online booking process.

I already wrote you a few days ago and explained to you how I see the booking process from the profile account holders and the end customers (people who want to book a service from the profile account holders) perspective but I’m not sure that I made myself clear.

Therefore I will try to point these facts again using some concrete examples: Under this link: http://www.annette-conrad.de/leistungsangebot.html is a website I created for one of my clients (I’m web designer, the website is in german, but this is unrelated matter). If you scroll in the middle of the page you can see a few green buttons “Preise/Termine = Prices/Appointments). If one clicks on those buttons it will be redirected to an Appointment Booking Page, where one can see the services my client (the profile account holders) offers and can book one or more services. Detailed description of the services, prices, available time slots, assigned staff, etc., all these details are present and can be set from the profile account holders in his user account. Automatic booking confirmation, automatic reminder, rescheduling etc. are available.

The accent of this appointment process is set on the end customer experience = the people who want to schedule an appointment online without having to contact the profile account holders. THIS IS WHAT I (AND MANY OTHERS HERE) WANT!!

The second example can be seen here: https://www.sagenda.com/ This booking system offers an integration per iFrame (for profile account holders who have a website) or a dedicated frontend page (in form from: www.sagenda.net/Frontend/xxx..) for profile account holders who don’t have a website.

This is what I meant a few days ago with integrating the booking calendar on the profile account holder’s websites. Otherwise they will have to redirect the end customers to the admin website, where they should have their dedicated frontend page.

To sum up: is this script capable to offer (one day) the features I’ve described above? I’m not interesting in CRM features (invoices, billing, quotes, etc.) – many other CRM application can do that – but in an simple (not simplistic) solution for my profile account holders, to present their services to the end customers and the last one being capable to schedule online an appointment (clear and efficient) for this services.

You may perhaps consider of making an “Appointment Machine LITE” with focus on online appointment scheduling?

One last question for all those who already purchased the script: How are your profile account holders using the scrip? Can you point out some examples where your profile account holders are using their calendars to offer appointment scheduling online? Or are they schedule appointments for their clients only in the backend? How do the customers of your profile account holders schedule appointments then?

Sorry for the long comments, but I finally want to know how this scrip can be used and in which direction is it heading?!!

Best regards Michael

Michael. I’ve been looking for your email for quite some time. And I just realized that it was a comment. I just want to write back and say, thank you for your detailed comment – for giving example, and for sharing your honest opinion. I truly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

i hope it is still the way it was a few days ago, i might be in the minority but i loved the new script… it wasw prefect for my needs.. please tell me it is still the same

it is ;)

Item support isn’t working. The application looks great to me but I’m hoping to heavily customize the code. I noticed that in the txt installation instructions that it said the application will automatically update itself. How will this interact with code I’ve added or customized?

Hey there, thanx for your comment. It will replace all the files that needs to be updated and your change will be gone. However, there is nothing in this world that there is not a solution to. If you can tell me what you want to change – the blade files (aka view files) or the code itself, I can try to work with you and come up with a solution. Let me know!

Is there a way to turn off automatic updates? I’m hoping to use this more as boilerplate for an application catered to my own music lesson business… to save me much of the time you so generously put into it. :)

Yeah sure. PM me. Thanx.


acjnas Purchased

Hi, after you kindly installed the system on my server I email you right back with some issues. I haven’t been able to log in since you didn’t provide credentials.

Anyways, I have been looking closely to your demo, I must say I haven’t figure out the flow of the system and I have been clicking the documentation link for almost a week with the hope that one day it won’t redirect to old’s system documentation.

Every day it gets harder to get a direct reply from your side, but you seem pretty active on this threats, that is the reason that after 2 or 3 days of waiting a reply, I am forced to write you here. Sorry about that but I don’t know what else to do.

I would appreciate the user that could explain me how the new service business works, and offer me answer for some very very basic questions, also make a new friend with the same interests in common.

So anyone who can spare 10 minutes of its time to chat about how this script works I will be more than grateful to be contacted at acjnas@gmail.com

God bless you all !


acjnas Purchased

Hi, I mentioned in past days that after installation I haven’t got any sms yet from the system. You didn’t get that message either ?

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acjnas Purchased

Dear, as I mentioned earlier the problem is communication, an I will give you a quick example, just read above until you find the following text:

“Oh, about the translating. I’ll send you the translation file tomorrow. And I’ll add translation comments to the documentation as well – on how to translate. Then you can start translating!”

You might or might not have sent the message, but what I can’t tell you for sure is that today is 3 days since you wrote that, and I haven’t got it.

I am very sorry for all this, you know I am with your project from way way back and I have always been by your side.

I won’t ever shame no person with or without a reason I am not like that, and now that you feel that way I believe I messed up.

One day I wished you the best sales with your script and I still think that way. God bless your efforts to offer valuable services to this community.

I will avoid posting comments regarding support on this threat.


Author x692222, where have you gone? Don’t stay too hungry. Any update on payment getway/sms integration? How about showing folks the scheduling process, or any Purchaser here willing to share their website address where this script is used?

I remember all the other things we discussed earlier. Did you just decide to drop the ball and lower your price rather than working on those things and take your price wherever you feel fit?

I’m open to custom order if that’s fine with you instead. I shot you an email, but never heard back. But I hope all is good there!

Is it Monday yet in S.A.? It’s Tuesday here … :)

“Any update on payment getway/sms integration” – I’m not sure what you’re refferring to here, as it has bank payment, stripe, paypal integrated, as well as twilio, hablame and nexmo.

“I remember all the other things we discussed earlier. Did you just decide to drop the ball and lower your price rather than working on those things and take your price wherever you feel fit?” I’ve dropped the price because I feel like it.

“How about showing folks the scheduling process, or any Purchaser here willing to share their website address where this script is used?” The scheduling process is live in the demo.


Sorry man, I can’t believe you had to put me on hold for 5 days only to give me those simple answers. Let me help you understand what I am after. Remember the time I made my first comment on your script? That was the time other folks made very important comments/recommendations/inquiries and we were all hopeful to see some great things added in near future. Just scroll up to the earliest comments and read them to remind yourself.

What I know for sure is that those same people have also made great comments on a similar product here on Envato. Which means that, folks (myself included) are interested in useful script to try something out and not a toy to stay hungry with.

Speaking of scheduling process, where is the scheduling process live? Do you mean to tell me the documentary pages you wrote? It all still looks exactly the same as I first saw it. “I’ve dropped the price because I feel like it”—that passage alone explains a lot, and sometimes I wonder if you got the script as a SaaS too or what. Sent you an email about 3 wks ago hoping you can at least tailor the script to meet my needs, but now I have a feeling that email got lost somewhere on its way to South Africa.

With all that being said, keep in mind that your active commentators (myself included) here are real prospects led by the entrepreneurial spirits. But the smart will not give a lame no matter how low you put your price. You got 59 sales so far, but can’t see any rating yet. Guess the buyers are staying hungry all night, having fun with the script, or right?


Can I embed the agenda schedule onto a different website through some html / embed code?

did you ever manage to create the iframe thing?

any news on the iframe thing you were working on?

Hi there! Yes! I’ll upload the code tomorrow. I’ll post back when its up, then you can test it int he demo. Thanx!

Hi, pre-sales, is there planned update to full calendar?

Hey. Can you ease elaborate on what you mean? Thanx

Well, something like this: https://fullcalendar.io/ to replace the way your script displays time slots/reservations.

Your app has more quality and functions than others/similar I’ve seen here, but testing the demo I found that it wouldn’t suite my salon needs, due to clumsy (by my humble opinion) calendar (not reservations) view. Everything else is a bravo for you.

There is a Laravel Helper regarding this matter called full-calendar (you’ve heard of it), that’s why I ask the above question, because I’m interested in buying if one day you would upgrade.


Hi there. I’m busy with a Google Calendar sync option. I’m thinking how to accomplish what you want. I’ll let you know. Thanx.


hnasseh Purchased


I have been having issues install the application, I install many application before with no issues, I contacted my hosting provider, and they said no issues in thier side. I keep receiving error This page isn’t working nassehsitconsulting.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

I follow exactly the documentation, I tried using link http://nassehsitconsulting.com/laravel_lam/ or link http://nassehsitconsulting.com/admin when install it, the database has the correct tables, so i know that process is completed successful, but i am not able to access the page.

Hi there. No worries. Send me your server details in a pm and I’ll install it for you free of charge. Error 500 sounds like a permission issue. But regardless, I’m herb to help. Let me know know.