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hello, pre-sale questions: if i purchase the app can i get version 2.1.2 (which supports Nexmo)? why did you remove support of INBOUND NEXMO text messages? Also, it appears that when you first launched this app there was an option for users to select the gateway. My question is: is it possible to have the admin assign to each user a different gateway than the default gateway set in settings? thanks

hi there. Inbound messaging is still supported. Gateways, however, can not be selected per profile anymore. Though you can have multiple gateways, gateways is set for the system only. Thanx

Demo site is down. Thanks


imgdev Purchased

will be implemented fullcalendar scheduler?

When I click on support, the website cannot be found. I need support. I need to be able to install this WITHOUT composer. PLEASE HELP !

Dead project?

great news. Hope to test it asap

Thanx. your interest means a lot to me

I need to contact you by Skype. Is it possible?

Any planned date for the new release ?

Hello mate reply my emails


imgdev Purchased

Any planned date for the new release ?


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hello, when do you think you’ll finish the front-end bookings? this feature interests me a lot. thanks!

Hi there! Thank you for your comment. I am busy working on the system, and I project that I will load the new version round about 20 days from now. Thank you!

I have 2 basic questions: Will you support bulk sms notifications or bulk email notifications ? and, do you have a language file for easy translation; looking for spanish


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Glad to see some life here again. Will you be providing installation instruction that actually work in the next upgrade. After a multitude of emails and no responses I was grateful I did not upgrade my license and was about to give up on this GREAT PRODUCT.

Dear Terry

I was actually thinking about you this morning. Thought about emailing you asking for any specific features you want.

Yes I have quite a few stumble blocks in my life recently, dont we all. Yet I try my best to stay constant.

My issue is that I always want to expand and do more for the project, ending up changing it in so many ways, that its just never ending. So while about 70% complete rewriting it, a new Laravel release came out and at the same time I thought it would be best to do a whole new theme.

I dont know why I have decided that, cause it takes tremendous time to code it all in.

Then I started to code new features, and here I am, still coding. I should have released the updated system with then new features, way back.

So the current status is that I am coding every single day, and I am very excited about the end product. So what we have now is a totally rewritten sms / voice provider section – you dont have to log into your gateway provider’s control panel to set inbound URL and hookpoints anymore – you can do it all from the system’s backend. Also, you can buy / search cancel numbers, and so forth.

In addition to that, I have added payment modules, and so many other features.

I hope to post back soon, and I’m here to help – just say the word

Thanx for the great comments.

Hello …. “FRONT-END” BOOKINGS Coming Soon!” .... when should we expect this?


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please give us some updates. We have to decide if continue with your software or abandon it


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Being a developer myself , I understand the constant need to update and make the product nice, In my opinion , the best approach is to have one road map and prioritize the features and upgrades to that the end users can get regular and stable updates ( maybe once in 3-4 months) as opposed to one big release. Hope it helps

Great job, we know the undertaking in re-theme and such but can you give us an idea of when new release? We too need to figure whether to move on or not. Nice for proposed features but if doesn’t work right and we have to deal with that, maybe best to just cut time and move on. Maybe we can utilize in another project. But please any estimate on release? Thanks so much and sorry for your personal pulls, hope all is well. Another question is: do we get full source code so that we may make our own edits and customization? lmk