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Is there a documentation available? Is it a class PHP? Can it function with UTF-8?



Could you please email me through my profile and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Error reported above is a PHP notice.

Issue resolved with Mick_ and patch will be submitted to CodeCanyon in the next few hours.

In the mean time to stop PHP notices, replace line 450 of texttwister.php:

if($startPositions[$count+1] < $endPositions[$count] && $startPositions[$count+1] > count($startPositions) )

with the following:

if(isset($startPositions[$count+1]) && isset($endPositions[$count]) && $startPositions[$count+1] < $endPositions[$count] && $startPositions[$count+1] > count($startPositions) )

Apologies with any inconvenience caused.

Perfect. Thanks! :)

Does it allow nested spintax?

Yes, it does.

One nested level of spin is currently supported, for example the below works great:

{sentence one {nested part 1|nested part2}|sentence two {nested part 1|nested part2}}

see the newly added example 5 on the live preview.

If you made this into a wordpress plugin that twisted blog posts automatically… that would be godlike.

Version 1.0.1 now available. Includes a small bug fix to PHP notices and improved documentation.

can it be used with others languages?

There is an example of French on the live demo site (although to see it working you’ll need to click ‘remove frame’ at the top of the screen.) so for Latin based languages the answer is a definite yes.

For non Latin based languages like Russian that uses Cyrillic script I’d need to test to be sure but can’t think of a reason that it wouldn’t work.