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@Link947 can you please share with us how you made it work with WordPress? This will be great.

Hello, I can not configure the following steps: 4. Open tts.js and set tts variable (line 2) to the location of the tts.class.php file. 5. Include tts.js file (CODE: <script src = “http: //YOUDOMAIN.XX/tts.js”> </ script>) between <header> and </ header> tags

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All done, for security reasons please change your ftp password.


We need an API key form your site, what if you decide to stop? Will our product stop working? Can remember 2 years ago my software was rejected because it may not be dependable on the author’s website.


Rules probably have changed since then. Due to the nature of the functionality all requests need to go via external site.


So, when you decide to stop we are no longer able to use the product?

It’s not in my plans to discontinue this project. But if that happens, an alternative would be offered.

Also, the wast majority of all software is dependent on api keys (external servers) to check the legality.


Download the new version (codecanyon-8070020-texttospeech-phpjs-script-converter) and it does not work !!! Because always in codecanyon there are users who do not put the correct files or put them wrong !!! I bought and it does not work !!! My websites are important to my clients and I do not want to suffer because you sellers always do things wrong !!! Put the files that work !!! I want answers !!! I’m tired of so many problems !!! I want what I buy works !!! Because it does not work!!!!! I just uploaded the files to my server and it does not work on my server or my local pc site !!!! it does not work!!! Does it have to work? Then why does not it work? Do you do the files wrong? I want it to work !!! Because I need it to work !!!! I need the script to work !!!! understands?

Ok not sure why you’re not receiving my emails. I will post it here.

1.can I get the link to your website. Just a link. 2. Are the tts.class.php and tts.js uploaded on your root directory eg. Www.domain.com/tts.js if no you need to follow the installation guide and amend tts.js as well as tts.class.php with the locations to these files

ok… now is working… Very good script!!!!! fine!!! perfect! thank you!!!


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The script stopped working… now it works again… I did not change a thing.

That’s annoying…do you know what the reason might be?

Apologies for this, the server which stores cached audio files ran out of space. Can you please test it now?


Can user download audio file?

You said that script is supported with external API. Is it free to connect to that API?

please i would need the offline documentation because i have tried the online one and it’s not going on my system


You can download docs by going on http://portalas.org/scripts/tts/docs-v2/ – > right click – > save as..

Alternatively, drop me a message via my profile and i will send it to you.


I am ready to buy but how can i earn from this script ?

HI Portalas, I have bigger paragraphs to read and I am getting problems because after some lines the tts stops speaking. Is this a common issue?

Oh yes you were right, there was not the current js version because I put it to the wrong directory and the old remained.

But even if I put the updated version and cleared the audio cache folder it stops at one point.

Can you give me some more hint?


It still loads the old cached audio file from the /audio/ folder.

Can you try deleting all files within the audio folder and try run it again?

I have tested it on your server by adding extra symbol to the paragraph and it worked just fine ( test file: 68c6159964fb8615a06b5e7ba71cdf6e.mp3 )

Also, if it still doesn’t work can you please drop me a message via my profile and we will continue this investigation privately via emails :-)


Yea it is working :D Thank you very much for your patience!

An other problem I have is that it is reading content which is invisible….but I think here i need to work around.

I sent message from profile page…. we need API key reset for our license.

I did not receive a reply in any folder. Is it reset so that we can change the domain for the API registration?

I have added your requested domain to the whitelist. API key remains the same. However, I have resent it to your email (gmail). Please let me know if you have received it.


GOT IT. Thank you for prompt replies and support.

demo not working. You should make a simple demo page where user can enter text/paragraph and hit “enter/convert” button and change them to voice.