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Wow, this is a really new and nice effect. How could this be integrated in an existing site or even better in WP?

Hi Hiegl, Thank you for your remarks.
It’s easy to integrate. You basically have two options:
  • copy/paste some HTML and Javascript code into your website source
  • copy/paste only Javascript code, without touching the HTML structure.

There is no WP plugin yet, maybe in the future, if it’s requested.
Fore more usage details, please see, tab Options.

I suggest that you create a base sample. One without all of your formatting, so that it could be more plug and play.

Thank you for your comment. I am however not sure to understand your suggestion.
The script is easy to use: there is an exact code that you can use in the Options tab in the demo. All script options are explained.
There are already built skins to provide you with a script ready to be used as plug and play.
If I can help you with the script usage, don’t hesitate.


Seems like a great script. Do you have to increase the size for each page visited or will it work across all pages?

Example- I visit the ‘Home’ page and up the text size, great. Now I visit the ‘Abot Us’ page. Will the text be increased the same as the home page or do I have to up the text size again?



This feature is interesting. I will implement it for the next version. It should be out in about one week.

Can I get some easier to understand instructions for someone that doesn’t get your current ones?

I’ve been messing around with it, and I can’t get this to work. Can you tell me exactly what code I need to add to even get the default resize buttons to show up and work? Everything I want to adjust in size sits in a div called #feeditem.

I’d appreciate any help you can provide me with.


Head to: and scroll to Integrate with HTML changes. There you can see usage. Copy the HTML and JS code into one of your files and change the paths to the JS file.

If you go into any trouble, send me an email with a URL where you are trying to use the script, and I will give you a hand.

Can you tell me if there is almost a feature simono described: that the script remembers the user settings of text size when changing to another page? How do you plan to integrate this? Using a javascript cookie?

Thanks, Peter.


This feature is implemented but not yet released on Codecanyon. It will be out with the next version of the script.

Hi Are you able to provide some help with this script?

I have been trying to get your code working and am unable to follow your instructions .


Sorry for the late reply. Send me an email with more details on what you are trying to do and what seems to be the issue, and I will try to help.

Can this remember user settings when they return days later, like with a cookie?



Yes, the script remembers in a cookie the user selection (i. e. how many steps to increase/decrease the font size).

Awesome!! Thanks just purchased.

I have to agree a simpler way for me to figure this out would be a plain page that I could just look at the source code. I know you worked hard on your instructions but they are hard to understand. Once I understand it I am sure it is easy.

Confusing: Choose the element(s) to which you wish to apply the TextResize behavior.

    // 0 - means you have an HTML element 
    // that already contains the three links: increase, decrease, resize
    createNav: 0 

What does this mean? Once I choose an element where do I place it? Say I choose “P” or “ ” tags then what do I replace? ”#your_content”? That has not worked for me.

<script type=”text/javascript”> $(’#your_content’).textResize({ createNav: 1, // creates the HTML for the resize links innerTags: ‘’, // or you can apply just a selection: e. g. ‘p’, ‘div’ navHolder: ’#tools’, // resize links location: decrease, revert, increase maxSteps: {increase: 5, decrease: 4} // how many times one can in/decrease }); </script>

What does this mean? innerTags: ‘’, // or you can apply just a selection: e. g. ‘p’, ‘div’

Does this mean replace the ’*’ with P or the div name? That has not worked for me.


I just added two examples with just the code required for the resize on the FAQ page:

One example has the resize links in the HTML and will resize all the text in the ”#content_id” container. The other example does not contain the resize links (they will be added by the plugin) and is used only to resize the “p” tag in the ”#content_id” container.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask them here.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the response. That works perfect and quick to understand now!

Remove the . at the end of the faq example link above and it works.


This is a nice script, and it works well. I have one request . . .

Could you provide a way to exclude an element or elements from the resize effect? For example, I would like to tell the resizer that all inner elements ”*” are subject to be resized, with the exception of anything with class ”.noResize” The reason for this is that I would like to exclude certain elements like headers, titles, etc., from being resized but allow all other text. I would be difficult to individually list every class or id that is subject to be resized.

Thank You,


Hello. I’ve been able to get this working except for the “revert” button. The up and down sizing works… but the revert button does not. Would you know off the top of your head why this is? What needs to be in place for the revert button to work properly.



Please send me an email with the link to where you are having this issue, it will be faster to debug.

Your script has a call to “”

I’m trying to add an auto-pagination script that has a link to “jquery.js” (See )

If I add both script calls, the text-sizing script no longer works.

Do you have a workaround that will allow me to use both scripts?



Need a little assistance making your script work. whats the best email to reach you at?


You can use the contact form on the author page:

Do you have a WP version of your plug in available yet?

This seems to be broken in most current browsers.

Tested your demo in FireFox 22 and Chrome 28.0.1500.71 m

Any chance of an update?

Hi, I don’t see anything happening when using it? I am using FF is that the reason why? it just reacts like a page refresh is all

Your demo does not work. I click on the – A + nothing happens.

If the demo does not work how are we supposed to know what we are paying for. Thanks

Your demo does not work. I click on the – A + nothing happens.

If the demo does not work how are we supposed to know what we are paying for. Thanks