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I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but when I click where it says to click on the shortcode, nothing happens.

Did you click the TextMorph button in the Admin Bar above to activate the editor first? Once the editor is activated, clicking on the shortcode will convert it back to code form (e.g. [myshortcode]...[/myshortcode]).

I thought I must have been doing something wrong. This is great, and a definite in my bookmarks.

Glad to hear it’s working!

OMG! This is awesome! Added to my list of items to by soon.

Glad you like it! I’ve got some more “outside the box” plugins almost ready to submit. Watch for those too!

Very neat! Works with custom post types as well?

Yes, it works with custom post types, as it uses “the_content” filter to wrap the content in an editable region.

Does this plugin works with buddypress too or only wordpress admin users? I want this for all of my site users. Also can you insert image by uploading from computer?

Currently it only works with WP users with the edit_posts capability. I’ll look into adding BP support in the future.


Thanks for your support!

This looks great. Can save a lot of time. Can this – in future – also show custom fields?

Hi I have contacted them. And I have emailed you via your profile. Thanks.

Hi I contacted you via your profile regarding the plugin not working on my multi site. I was hoping that you or Envato would make contact with me to arrange. Is there a problem?

I replied to your email a few hours ago to request login details. Maybe it went to your spam folder?

I installed it (through FTP) but it conflicts with many other plugins (like WPBakery Visual Composer, Tooltips, etc) – it doesn’t seem compatible when other plugins are installed … I also don’t see the box with a checkmark.

After purchasing and installing Visual Composer, I identified and fixed a few bugs in TextMorph, and confirmed that it does work nicely with Visual Composer! The update is in the queue. If you contact me through my profile page, I can install the updated version for you so you don’t have to wait. Thank you for your patience!

ok, great, i am not at my desk now, but will send you the details later today – thanks.

hi fillerspace – i just installed your updated version 1.01 and everything works perfect now! All plugins do their work (including Visual Composer)! This plugin is AWESOME. A real time saver. Simple and very good. Thanks for building it and making the fix so quickly. will give it 5 stars.

It would be pretty nice if it could work together with WpBakery’s Visual Composer

I don’t see why they wouldn’t work together, since Visual Composer is in the admin, and TextMorph is on the page. I purchased a copy of Visual Composer, and I will do some testing to confirm.

I identified and fixed a few bugs, and confirmed that TextMorph does work nicely with Visual Composer! The update is in the queue.

Hi there, can you confirm this will work with custom post types and custom fields? will it work with types and Views plugin? Will it work with WooCommerce. If so, I am bloody excited already.

I just noticed it does not adjust the sidebar content such as widget titles. Is this something in the pipeline?


It does work with custom post types…basically anything that uses standard WordPress filters is supported. In addition, custom fields work if you use the TextMorph template tag to display them. If woocommerce and types and views work as described above, they are supported. As far as widget titles go, I can look into it for future releases.

I see the image editor does not use the native WP Image upload option… is this in the pipeline also?

An upgrade to the WP uploader is on the roadmap for a future release.


looks like an awesome plugin, but does this work with content building plugins (etherbuilder, visual composer, ...) too?

I have tested it and it works with Visual Composer. It will work with anything that uses standard WordPress filters and shortcodes, etc. I have seen some occasional weirdness with wpautop in shortcodes, so be aware of that.

Terrible Terrible Choice,

I just bought this plugin a few minutes a go and I was exited to use it. After I installed it, I brok my whole site. It is showing any HTML codes added to the pages, and changing my website meta as well. Terrible choice. I believe this plugin is great concept, but it is supposed to be in Beta still. It is not completely perfected, and there are some major issue with the usability of it.

Please refund my money. I feel I wasted my $16 on this plugins. Please refund. Regards,

Thank you for the feedback! This plugin uses WordPress filters to add markup in the form of HTML comments so that JavaScript can detect what fields are editable. These should not be visible on the front end but it is possible depending on how your site is coded. As with any WordPress plugin, it is impossible to guarantee compatibility with every site or theme. Please note that in any case, your site’s markup will remain unaffected to non logged in users, as the filters are only applied for users with admin rights. If you are still unhappy with the plugin after spending more time with it, please contact support for a refund.

Does it work with WooCommerce

It should work with anything that uses standard WordPress template tags, including WooCommerce. However, since WooCommerce relies on custom fields, and WordPress doesnt have filters for these, you will have to use the TextMorph custom field template tag to make these editable.

Hi I cannot remember if I asked if this plugin is multisite compatible. Is it?

does it support wordpress 3.6?

Sadly, not ready for prime-time….

I tried TextMorph on several of the latest ThemeForest Bootstrap themes. It rendered the sites illegible to non-logged-in users. After I deactivated the plugin, the mess went away.

I did, however, give you 5 stars for effort and look forward to seeing this developed fully.

Keep at it. It’s a good idea. The other person’s comment about this plugin being over-priced @ $16 is very valid considering it was (at least for me) useless on Bootstrap WordPress themes. Again, keep at it, but consider dropping the price to something commensurate with the quality of the plugin.

I would be more than happy to take a look at it if you contact me through my profile with a login to your installation. None of the plugin code runs for users who can’t edit posts, so non-logged-in users should never be affected. I’m curious to see what is happening there.

Thanks, I appreciate your support, but I’ve deleted the plugin and honestly don’t have time to help you debug. You can, however, test on the “GENERIC” theme (yes, that’s it’s actual name, see the link below.) Here’s how you can start debugging: Login to the admin. Click on the TextMorph icon and try to edit a page. It doesn’t work. Next, open FireFox (make sure you’re not logged in to WordPress) and view the same page. The plugin makes a lot of the bootstrap shortcode visible—even though you’re not logged in AND even if you haven’t saved any changes when you were editing in Safari. Here’s the theme file:

Hello, I found very interesting plugin.

I wonder if you can put the button that activates the page editor in another location, outside the toolbar of Wordpress?

It works with Wordpress 3.7?

Thanks and I await your response to make the purchase.


I use it on the twentyfourteen theme, lastest WP version, but when I hit the textmorph button, the page goes blank.. ( only little counter from jetpack is visible at the top )

Hi, are you still supporting this?, I tried the preview/demo and apparently is not working, I see you don’t update this plugin since 2013. Need some plugin like this but I want to make sure before buy it. Thanks