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What happens if Javascript is disabled?

If JavaScript is disabled, the TextAreas will act as the default element with no limit.

what’s the point of this script then, if users can bypass this by turning javascript off?

I guess this would just be a tool to let the user know when they have reached the limit (without having to waste time typing more than they can). But if you’re using a server side script to handle your forms and JavaScript is disabled, You can have a function that checks the length before it gets processed.

thank you for answering my questions, I am tempted to buy =D

You’re welcome! I’m glad to answer any questions.


This is useless and bullshit and works when javascript is disabled.

Hi sebmck,

Actually, the “maxlength” attribute does work on textarea tags, it only works with input tags.


No offense author and reviewers, but wasn’t it a requirement an item to has not that many recreations free for download elsewhere. Again, no offense, it’s just these kind of questions pops up in your mind when your item gets rejected with that sort of reason.

no problem to remove my post if mods think it’s gonna affect sales.

Lots of complainers for a $2 script that saved me 20 minutes of work. Big deal, guys- come on.


Is it possible to make a MINIMUM word length, and ONLY digits?

For example: I have a text area with a maximum of 10 “words” that need to be EXACTLY 15 digits each.

Hi 312,

First, thanks for your purchase!

I haven’t added the ability to add a minimum word length, or to filter what content can be entered into the textarea. But I can work on adding these as features in a future update.

Sorry, didn’t work for me. Tested with Firefox 3.6.12

used a different script instead.

Hi charmsadmin,

I’m sorry it didn’t work, I will try fixing the script.

and u r still trying ? or you forgot about it ?

what about the buggy


how it’s seen as 8 charters ?and it split it ?

Hi LiveQueens,

What is the bug you are talking about?


Thankyou, worked fine, $2, saved me lots of fuss,

Thankyou again,


Your welcome, I’m glad you liked it!

Thanks for the purchase.