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Ooops—never mind; the bug was elsewhere.

Hope others find the above distinction useful. It’s great for controlling display when sequencing your animations. You can kill the animation but leave it showing, then use a separate jQuery command to manipulate it or fade it out at a set time.

Hey Jack! This is exactly what I needed for my project. The only problem I’m having is setting the linkTarget to an iframe. How would I do this?

I wish I was replying with good news, but now it’s loading in the same window. This plugin just doesn’t want to target anything else besides the parent window or a new one. I’ve even tried changing the to, “frameID”), but that wasn’t the answer either.

Hi BlazeyGal,

It’s not really a plugin thing, more of a JavaScript thing.

The function “gotoURL” is what gets called when a link is clicked. And the variable “hyperlink” represents the url to be called.

So we can go ahead and just delete everything inside this function and replace it with whatever behaviour you need. Here’s an example:

function gotoURL() {

    top.frames["yourFrameName"].location = hyperlink;



Hey Jack, Thanks so much for your help. That did the trick.

Hello I am having a bit of trouble getting the plugin to work on a single word within a sentence while keeping everything inline… I sent an email through codecanyon with a link to the site in question… Thanks for the cool plugin btw

Hi digital,

Just responded yo your email :)


Hi Jack —Two things:

1) I’d like to see the code you just sent to digitalmediaguy above; I have a use for it too—didn’t think it was possible.

2) Main reason I’m posting: I just upgraded to jquery v. 1.9 and started getting this error for textFx:

Unable to get value of the property ‘msie’: object is null or undefined

The line in question in the textFx script is:

isIE = $.browser.msie && $.browser.version < 9 ? true : false;

Any tips on why it’s doing this, and a fix?

Hi CCamerica,

When jQuery 1.9 came out I updated the plugin. My guess is you got a copy of the plugin when it was “free file of the month”? If so, you’ll need to purchase a copy to get the update.


Got it—thanks Jack!

This plugin is awesome. I haven’t found a use for it yet, but have been thinking about it since it hit CC ;p

Thanks Crusader :)

Hi Jack, Firstly, Excellent work on this. It works great on english text, however, I am trying to make it work with another language(hindi). Which creates few problems. Firstly, some of the text is not shown with the same letters as it should(even though that text shows fine if I just disable the jquery cj-text-fx.min.js or if I put text without using animation. The page and CSS are both unicode (I have tried both utf-8 or utf-16) and it shows fine without animation, it’s just with animation its changed.

Secondly, it also breaks on IE . Again it shows fine without animation. But with animation in IE (10,9,8 or 7) it shows dotted circles while the text is animating and then it gets fine when the text finally settles.

I wanted to give you some example text but it is showing ? marks here when I type anything in hindi :P

Any help would be much appreciated. Many Thanks!

Hi, Here is the picture when text changes-

You can see that it should be like on the left hand side of the page.

Also , the dotted circles on IE are like this-

Hi glad2814,

Unfortunate I don’t understand Hindi so I can’t really help with this as I wouldn’t know where to start.


im a newbie in the world of coding, i wanna ask, can this plugin be used for wordpress sites as well,?

Wouldnt it be just ok if i put the jquery lines in the header and enter the right values? Will it prove complex?

But my fear is whether this will cause problems with my existing plugins. Already a pop up plugin caused conflict with my wp layer slider plugin.

Also, is it possible to make the animation continuously on-and-on, without killing it.? Or is the animation just a one time ?

Hi aristotlian,

Running a single animation is easy enough for anyone, but creating animation sequences requires some JavaScript understanding. I say “understanding” and not “experience” because there’s a looped example that comes with the download source, but it needs to be edited to fit your needs.

It’s really up to you whether you think the plugin would fit your needs or not. It’s just a jQuery plugin that with some skill can be added to a WordPress site just like any other. So it really just depends on your skill-set. Only thing is, I don’t provide support for WordPress installations so if you decide to buy installation will be up to you.


Hey guys,

I am trying to create a loop of animation text effects. I want to create a pause of a few seconds before starting the next animation effect – meaning “Hello World” should stay on the screen for a few seconds before the OnComplete call wipes it for the next effect. How do I do this? Is there something I need to do in the OnComplete call?

Thanks for any help

Hi Spidey007,

Yes, there’s a startDelay parameter that can be added as a custom param to your second animation. Check out the “demo.html” file in the “code_canyon_preview” folder for an example of a looping animation with custom params.


Hi , I used 2 div for $.cjTextFx.animate(toAnimate); $.cjTextFx.animate(toContact,contact_box_set); but I see error: Error: TypeError: data.animationType.toLowerCase is not a function Source File: http://localhost/hongthai/html/js/cj-text-fx.js Line: 145n

I want effect loop forever

Hi ngdkhoa2k,

Your animate call needs to be written like this:



Hi Jack, can You help me out ?

In firefox my code using Your effect works but in chrome when I want to call jQuery.cjTextFx.animate second time it give me an error: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘animate’ of undefined”

can You check my code please here ? [link removed]

thanks Lukasz

Hi lukpcn,

I flagged your message because of the live link but no worries.

I’m not seeing that error in Chrome. Maybe you’ve updated the page since you asked your question? If you’re still having trouble, send me an email from my profile page and I’ll see if I can help you out.


Hi Jack, my browsers are ok now, but some of my customers tell me that only first text is shown and then there us this JS error I’ve mentioned. Didn’t change anything in code…

Hi lukpcn,

Send me an email from my profile page and I’ll see if I can help you out.


hello !, I have a trouble with textFX my test site url : [link removed] #effect font size not working ,

Hi indy,

I flagged your message because of the live link but no worries.

I wasn’t able to see any text animations on your page, but send me an email from my profile page and tell me where the animation should be appearing and I’ll see if I can offer any advice.


Hi Jack,

Awhile back, I posted an issue with getting textFx to print the html entity for ‘&’ correctly, and you gave me a script edit that works. Today though, I was testing my site in early versions of IE ( 7 & 8 ) and noticed that textFx doesn’t display the ‘&’ at all, regardless of whether I use the html entity or not. There’s just nothing.

It’s probably a different issue entirely from the earlier one, but just to check, I re-loaded the original textFx script (pre-&amp fix) and checked the display. As before, it showed the literal html entity code. Then I discovered that it shows the literal entity code even if I don’t enter it that way in my text (i.e. “this & that” displays as “this &amp that” [w/the semi-colon on the entity]). I wonder if you have something else in your script that translates the plain ‘&’ to the entity, and that somehow conflicts with the bug-fix you gave me.

Any idea what’s going on?

Hi CCamerica,

Send me an email from my profile page and with a link to an example and I’ll check it out.



i try to animate the same word, but i don’t find something to repeat the animation, how can i do this?

thanks for help

greetings leonid

Hi Leonid,

Check out the “Special Note” on this page.

If you aren’t experienced with JavaScript and need to do things like repeat, sequence, etc., I highly recommend using version 2 instead.


Hello ! I’m searching for a plugin which allows me to make text (tagline) and image arrive on the home page with a transition (like your demo page). Can we create this sort of transition on every page or only on post and article ? Other question : we want the text and the image arrive from the left or the right of the screen to stop at a specific point. Can we controle that with your plugin ? Thanks for the anwser !

Hi Dreadpoule,

I think you might be looking for a WordPress plugin. This is a non-WordPress plugin.


Sorry, it was late :)