kenzoM does not currently provide support for this item.

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What engine is this using?

No responses to comments is not very encouraging…

this is Google TTS :/

What happens when Google finds out about this? Do we all get a refund?? Because Tsikas is right “” This is the exact same thing. I would love to have this if it were legal to sell.

Does it work in reverse, from mp3 audio to text file?

Doesn’t work with russian language…

dude i need your help, please tell me how can i stop the dragging option of text box towards right side

yesterday my script works fine, now audio is not playing while using google chrome, on firefox cannot see audio player too (No sound)

reuploaded a fresh version of script, then also its same

please respond dude, I was waiting for your reply, website is down now

I hate to say this to you lastpass but this “kenzoM” hasent spoke to anybody in almost 9 months. You know if Google changes any part of there script, Its up to him to keep HIS script updated. And if not then your out 11 bucks. I wanted this script too but I couldent get a reply from him. Sorry :-(

Lastpass? I do believe that Google changed their code and now this script dont work anymore. :-( sorry

funny it still works on the demo huh?

Since the creator doesn’t care about offering support… can anybody tell me if this thing actually works? Regardless of the legal issue.

Demo isnt working…

This is a little silly envato isn’t it? A 5 star rating yet this author is not updating the script and not replying to customers or pre-sales- envato needs a “Author not reponding – demo not functional link” put on these scripts..


Demo not work =(

this is text to audio. I want audio to text is there any?

Demo is not working. How can i test this?