Text Slider Widget for Adobe Muse

Text Slider Widget for Adobe Muse

Text Slider is a fun widget that gives your designs a little pizzazz by continuously swapping a custom set of words, or phrases, in the text of your page, using a variety of animation effects.

You can use it to list your skills on your portfolio site, push your latest product or even greet your visitors in multiple languages!

Key features:

  • Easy setup
  • 31 transition effects

Quick start guide:

Widget installation:
Download and unarchive the widget zip file.
Double-click the Creative Muse – Text Slider.mulib file to import it into Muse. Alternatively, you can use the Import button in the Library panel within Muse and browse to the file on your hard drive.

Using the widget:
Go to the Library Panel in Muse.
Open the Creative Muse – Text Slider widget folder
Click and drag the Text Slider Base widget onto the design canvas. This is required for the widget itself to work. It can be added to the master page or to individual pages.
Drag the Text Slider widget onto your page
Configure the widget via its options panel
Style the widget text using the Text Panel in Muse
Size and position the widget on the page
Preview the page in Muse or in the browser
You’re ready to publish!

Full Installation and setup information can be found here: