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Just thought I would let viragvshah know the demo is working for me. Just used it in Firefox

hello, Awesome solution! Here are a few pre-purchase questions: Does the script depend on google’s api? If so, then is the api completely free? Does it have any restrictions? As in is it restricted wrt the number of api calls/day or month . Also, it is available for commercial usage . moreover, do we need to always be connected with google’s servers to use this thing? And even after implementing the solution , does it still need google’s server for rendering etc? Also, is there a legal way for us to actually store all this text-speech solution on our own personal servers?


Waiting for a reply…. :-/

?? looks like the seller is not interested in making a sale…

I purchased this item ., Don’t know how to implement with the documentation .. I have a flip-book viewer purchased from here called”WowBook” Want to read the text in the book on a button click ..

Explain me the implementation please…

can i have it to read the whole web page or selected text in a webpage? how to do that?

We integrated your solution in our product and noticed that the Google tts has a limitation of 100 characters per conversion.We tried to split the text by 100 characters and convert, but there is an unavoidable pause appears between the sentence due to this 100 char limitation. Kindly help us getting this sorted at the earliest. We’ve an urgent release by this week which is dependent on this piece of work.

Hello, i would like to buy the script, but i need the voice “Ioana – Romanian voice” is possible ?, Thanks

Not everyone uses PHP. Is the PHP caching required? Assuming that is the only php requirement.

Check this link to see requirements. :)

hii , i seend u one email with emai pls check

can u tell me for this problem , i write in email days agon !

nice script . but your demo limited by 100 characters is this just for your demo ?

if i buy this do i get unlimited words to convert

I sent an e-mail without any reply.

please the script doesn’t work at all and all requirements is available and enabled?! :(


Please I need help I am trying all the instruction but unfortunately it doesn’t work

Which javascript files/tags should be in header and which code should be in the body to read text onload or preload

I need to integrate this cool script in a php/phtml file.

best regards

Is it possible to save output to audio file (like .wav or .mp3)?

Hello, Thank You for purchase. Each recording is saved in `/cache` directory as mp3 file.

Waste of money. The script uses google tts (probably not even allowed). I made some modifications, it worked BUT there’s a character limit of google… useless. The author doesn’t reply to mails.

Is it possible to save output to audio file (like .wav or .mp3)?

Hello, Thank You for purchase. Each recording is saved in `/cache` directory as mp3 file.

At the start of the presentation introduced the Russian name of Anton, the presentation just gets into a stupor, if you write the English name of the presentation of Anton is like there is support for the Russian language? Check, please.

Support is provided only via profile contact form.


Hello, What is a problem?
I dont have any support message from You.

hello any demo can i see