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Cool script. Good luck with your sales.

Thanks brainhost.

Hello, very nice plugin. What is it used for? For example, could it used for highlighting search results? Carlo

Hi, Sorry, it can’t.

Hello, Im very happy to found your plugin last days, do exactly that what I need. Just one thing, can I hide that it show the highlighted words bottom the text? I no need that, and it not looks so nice in my side. Maybe I need to remove or comment out any code in text-highlighter.php? Thank you, Peter

Hi, I sent you message.

Thankyou for your very fast and competent support. :) Very nice addon to highlight texts.

Does it work for titles? For example if I want to highlight any currency in the title, can it do that?

Actually this plugin for content only. BUT buy it, I will provide free custom script for you.

I just bought this plugin, but I can’t get it to work.

I place my text in the box inside my edit page and it work on the first word, but I started to add more and is not highlinthing any of the other words.

I did use a comma to separate the words.

Is there a short code I can use ?

Hello. I have a workaround for the shortcode. Please send me message via my profile page. Thank You.

Hi Zourbuth,

Is there a way to put an entry field on the front-end of my website? On my homepage http://www.wesparen.nl I have a lot of text and want people to be able to quickly find what they’re looking for by highlighting the text. Setting the color is not necessary on the front-end entry. This can be set on the back-end.

PLEASE CHECK: https://www.evernote.com/l/AARlJGMRayVHkJnNoWpO8kXTwHN6KEw5agk

Hope that you can help me with this functionality. I looked everywhere on the net and could only find a jQuery plugin that could do something a bit similar, but it has to be rewritten.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Cheers, Marc

Hello Marc. We are sorry can’t help you with the functionality right now.


Hmmm, must be quite easy for you. Copy the entry field add a send button to refresh the page and done … Please help.

Hi Marc. Please send me private message via my profile page about this. Thank You.