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Looks neat!
Can you add support for formatting, making it possible to decompress the text and retain the text formatting.

it wasn”t build for line breaks, comment liine 104(if you buy this plugin) and you will have support and for line breaks

Next update I will be adding support and to line breaks

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /www/htdocs/w007cee3/poker/Encode10000.php on line 17

Same for the new version

I will update today the class with old array function.

I update it the class, it should work with almost any php version

Would be cool if this could be used to compress text on a website, and the javascript that decompresses it on the viewers computer, to make websites load faster.

It is possible only if there are 7921 words in dictionary. Let me know how many words do you need for your dictionary( in my script is everything separated by space or ?,.)( etc . ) and I can see if I can find a solution to your problem. ) This script is good when you have less then 7921 words that can be repeated.

Tester script, doesn’t work with Cyrillic, sometimes works, sometimes not. Very dangerous behaviour. Some people can trust to it, but in some moment it won’t work… Test it: ? ???? ????? ???????, ? ???? ?? ???? ????!

So I’m writing in russian right ? because I see russian here too

Okay, we don’t understand each other, thank you.

now I see what you mean here. Is just the encoding of the page fault.

Hi, accentuation is not accepted right?

in the demo e acute is converted to htmlentites because of security risk ( I allow and < > characters to be inserted), but it is working with accentation. Remember that this script is good for long repeatables words.

ok thanks for answer

Hi, Good work. Is this a class? Or a function? Is the code encrypted? Cya

is a class, because encryption is almost everytime different I don’t think anyone will ever be able to decode the code unless he have access to the dictionar

Hi, thanks for your fast reply. I was just asking the php codes encrypted? Can I see/edit the codes when I purchase?

Yes, you can see the php class

I like the idea – but am I daft, cannot see any practical use?? Seem to think that this is a 2 key system, where IF the end user doesn’t have a key will only see gobbledegook

Perhaps an example where you could use this would be helpful.

Let’s say you have a game. The game is generating long repeatable text. When you store this information on cookies you are limited to 4096bytes, what if you could comprim this long repeatable text so that it can store over 200% more ?

for a game you can send both and the compressed text and uncompressed text, but if you do a ajax request, the user won’t be able to understand what is there, and the ajax request will be faster

Yes it has some limitations, but if you take into account the limitations and you start to think about what you can do you can find ideeas!

Hi! do you store the compressed text in a database? because i compress this: 2e3bcaaf9e3127b76e9df702ebc0e9792e07534ae77ac331ccc1aa2fbbba472e48645dc9d90e6732

And the result is:


If i add a letter in the end:


The result is:



no, no is not stored in database.

Hey, code doesn’t work.. What’s wrong? Screenshot: EDIT: It works, it needs to have all permissions on FTP

We solved this on mail