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The software is easy to use, and has a neat interface. Yet, it can be more useful. Suggestions for improvement: - Do not limit the length of the text to 3400 words. If I need to analyze a text of 10000 words or more, the software must be able to do it. - Word Group – Phrase should not be limited to two. Would it be possible to let the user decide the length of the phrases?


Actually, there is no words limitation on the software. i think there must be an issue. can you let me know your pc environment (windows vers., ram… etc)

“Used defined length of phrase” is a good idea. I will add this feature as soon as possible.

Thanks for your reply. I installed the software on my Windows 7 intel i5(16 Gig RAM). The maximum amount of text that it took was 4600, and the software’s counter showed only 3400 words. Following your message, I installed it on my old windows XP, and got a similar result. I look forward to the following versions and improvements. Good luck and thanks again.

Hi’ i have one question. Can your application analize text in Hebrew?

Yes, Text Analyzer is avaiable to analysis in hebrew language

can this be converted to offer a dll library of functions to be used?

it may be in the future.

Does it support newest windows OS?

Hello. Will be there online installable version (php)?

Amazing Work dude