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When you drop a piece in an incorrect position the pieces return to their original positions. This movement is first on X and then on Y, it looks weird. Could it be on both sides at the same time?

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I have some questions about the game mechanics. Do you have an email?

Just great! The game itself is working perfectly and is the starting point to make a tetris or 1010 clone. The support from this guy is awesome.

perfect clone of compatriot, keep up the good work

Thinking of buying. What would be needed to port to android? Do I need to change anything before releasing (graphics,etc)

You need to reskin and replace sounds (or make link to licence, because it CC BY 3.0)

What about exporting to android? What is needed?

C2 personal licence, cocoonjs or intel xdk. Admob account if you want add Ads in your app.

want to buy but does this have a leaderboard?

Yes leaderboard on mysql

can you fix the two bugs please

1. when you use touch or when “mobile = 1” “Figure” is not in the middle of your finger or in touch.X

2.multi touch problem – when you touch one figure you must disable drag to the rest of figures (you must only be able to touch one figure at a time)


Look at mail, best regards.

hello good morning thank you for the quick fixed,..

but new bug appear on that fixed “mobile = 1” – now the position of the figure is in the center but sometimes when i released my finger some figures was like moving to the right not the same exact position that where you release it specially when the figure is too wide

Fixed version at mail, best regards.

Hey and thanks for this Game. Any Chance to get the one Block figure better working? I Need to drag the Block 3 or 4 Times for it to work.

Can i make this option always on?

Hey Lizard666 i have send an Email.

Cool, hope your question solved

Nice. Good luck with selling…