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Looking at purchasing this plugin. Does the lightbox for youtube videos work within the slider layout?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Yes, the lightbox will work on the slider layout. The lightbox can be setup when adding a testimonial in the ‘Advanced URL Image Settings’ box. Greetings, Carlos

Perfect. Thank you!

If a testimonial is published, people can “click” on that testimonial and it takes them to a new page which just has that testimonial on it. is it possible to stop the “linking” from happening so the testimonials can’t be clicked on and a new page opened?

Hi! When you generate the shortcode for the layout, there’s an option to enable the read more link or not. If you disable this it shouldn’t link to the single page. If you already have this disabled and the link still displays, write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab and share the link to your page so I can check what could be happening. Greetings, Carlos

Hi Author, i like your plugin but recently we found an issue with your plugin have conflict with X-theme pro especially when loading the footer editing on admin backend, i work together with X-theme support staff and test several times on different browsers, figure out that when we deactivate your plugin the footer is working fine.

I using X-theme pro 1.2.7 or 1.1.1 (older) to test also found the same problem.

hi, i currently using testimonial version 1.6.1b

hi, i had updated to v1.6.7, but the conflict issue still persist, until i have to deactivate your plugin and stop the conflict. Kindly test with X-theme pro latest version, thanks

Can you write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support describing the steps I need to make in order to replicate this issue? It will be easier for me to figure out what’s going on and we can follow up via email. Also, when the issue occurs, are there any errors in your browser javascript console log? Greetings, Carlos

I really like your plugin and have been using it for a couple of years. I saw that you have an updated version and am wondering if I need to upgrade. My biggest question is whether I can transfer my current testimonials to the new plugin and if I do, how I need to do that. I am happy to pay for the support, as you were so very helpful last time. Right now though I need an answer to the question as to whether I should upgrade. Thank you!

Hi! It’s always better to have the latest version. You can update the plugin without loosing the current entries, nothing will be lost. No need to renew support for this. Greetings, Carlos

Thank you. I appreciate the link. Updating was easy via FTP.


If we put the shortcode into a header of Avada theme, the Testimonials is display only if we resize manually the page (this bug appear only when the ‘layouts’ of the testimonial is in ‘slider’, with the ‘grid’ layouts all is fine).

I would be happy to give 5 star if we can resolve the bug ! Thank you :)

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin! Write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab, sharing the link to the page where this is happening so I can check what could be done. Most likely we can fix this with CSS. Greetings, Carlos

Hi cmoreira, in responsive version, can i show 1 testimonial per column? in desktop i need to show 3 column with 3 testimonial but in mobil i want to show 1 testimonial per time in carousel. Thanks

Hi! In smaller screens, the slider with 3 columns will transform into 1 column, but still display 3 entries on each slide. Currently that’s the way the slider works. But there are workarounds. Write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab sharing the purchase code for the plugin and I can give some info for possible workarounds. Greetings, Carlos

I did the test and I like the plugin, in the free version I can only put 2 testimonials with the same normal photo?

From the second it turns the photo into miniature and expands to get poor resolution, is that even if the free version does or may be some bug with the version of WordPress 4.9.1?

Hi! My plugin doesn’t have a free version. Maybe you’re using a plugin with a similar name? But if you use the ‘contact author’ option on the support tab sharing the link to your page I can confirm if it’s my plugin or not. Greetings, Carlos

Hi Developer, in responsive version, can i show 1 testimonial per column? in desktop i need to show 3 column with 3 testimonial but in mobile i want to show 1 testimonial per time in carousel with auto slide and paginaton. Thanks

Hi! I replied earlier to the email you sent me providing some tips on how you could do this. We can follow up via email. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, could you please check out why my rich snippets is not working? here is the reviews link:

I wanted to show my reviews to Google search. But they are not showing. Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi! Google recently made some changes and now some extra fields are required to make the rich snippets have more chances to display. Download the latest version available from the plugin and check the options available on the settings page for structured data. After you added the new data, use this page to test the rich snippets to see if there are any errors or information missing:

The plugin can only add the structured data, but in the end it’s up to google to decide if and when it will display the rich snippets. Hope the info helps. Greetings, Carlos

Hi Carlos. Quick question if I may. Is it possible to noindex the individual testimonial pages? Everything displays fine (using shortcode) but I don’t want individual pages (eg. to come up in search as the page is not really formatted. I have excluded from search but can’t see any way to stop these coming up in a Google search. Is this possible? Thanks a lot.

Hi! If google is picking those links, it’s because they might be included in your sitemap, if you’re generating it automatically. Are you using yoast to generate your sitemap for example? If yes, you can go into the yoast sitemap settings and disable the testimonial pages. Any other sitemap plugin should also have this option. If the pages are not linked from anywhere, google shouldn’t pick them up. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos

Thanks, Carlos. Much appreciated. I’ll check the Yoast settings.


arbeni Purchased

Hi there, pagination its not working with divi theme…. thanks

Hi! Basically divi treats all links with an hashtag as anchor points, instead of opening the page again. I have a fix for that. Write me using the contact author option in the support tab and I’ll send you the fix. Greetings, Carlos