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zenweb Purchased

HI – great plug in, i have one issue which is email validation, I have one of the newer TLDs which are not being accepted as valid by your plug in.

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin! Can you write me a message with more info (tld used and wherr it’s not accepted) via the contact form on the support tab so we can follow up via email? Greetings, Carlos

I’ve enjoyed this plugin. I migrated my site to HTTPS, and my site administrator says “the show testimonials plugin doesn’t seem to be SSL aware. it pulls in gravatar images that aren’t https to breaks ssl on pages where its used.” —Is there an update or work-around for this? Or is our only approach to hack the plugin ourselves or replace it with something that is? I’d really like to keep this plugin!

Hi! The gravatar is fetched using a native wordpress function get_avatar which checks if you’re using SSL and changes the gravatar URL to https if true. So the gravatars should load over https also. We could force the https but it doesn’t seem it should be necessary. Maybe the SSL verification is failing or the results are cached? Do you have everything up to date, including the plugin? (latest version is 1.5.3) We can follow up via email. Greetings, Carlos

Love this plugin! I can’t figure something out. Even though I selected do not show in search in Settings, Testimonials still appear. Not only that, the testimonials only show as shortcodes in search. I would like for them not to show up at all in a site search :(

Hi! The ‘exclude from search’ option will exclude the single pages for the testimonials from the main search. But it won’t exclude the page that the testimonials shortcode is placed, it doesn’t have control over that. But that page will probably only display if you search for words contained in the page title or content other than the one in the testimonials. If the shortcode is not rendering on search result pages, this is controlled by your theme, it’s not something I can control from my plugin. If you really need that page not to display on search results, there are plugins like ‘Search Exclude’ that allow you to have more control over which pages display in the search results. Hope the info helps! Greetings, Carlos

Thank you! That helps a ton. You provide amazing support! Rating the plugin now! 5stars

Thank you! :)

Hi! I bought the plugin and I would like to customize displaying the testimonials on mobile devices. I chose the QuoteSigns theme being displayed as a slider, 3 columns at one slide. On desktop it looks like I wanted. On mobile these 3 testimonials are displayed on one screen, which makes the section very very long. Additionally it distorts the image background – it is vertically stretched and doesn’t look nice. The question is – is it possible to change the slider only on mobile so that only one testimonial is being displayed at a time? Thank you in advance. Regards!

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin! Write me a message via the contact form on the support tab. I’ll provide instructions on how to make some changes to have only 1 entry per slide in mobile screens. Cheers, Carlos

Hi, please is it possible to show stars and any other field on testimonial detail page not just the name of the reviewer? Thanks

Hi! In the settings page, basic settings > single page settings, disable the option to display the short testimonial in the single page. This should remove the repeated short text. To remove the author box, add this to the custom css field:
     .type-ttshowcase .author { display:none; }
Greetings, Carlos

You are a star! Thanks a lot! I have one final question (I hope). Is it possible to hide the huge big bold name in the header as can be seen here: Thank you very much

.type-ttshowcase .article__header { display:none; }
This should do the trick :) Cheers, Carlos

kitomark Purchased

I am loving this plugin but one thing is missing in my opinion: I have a page and I am trying to show all the testimonials on one page as a grid (full content). However, some testimonials are short, some long so there are lots of white spaces. is there a way to set it so it will be more like masonry style?


Hi! Thank you for using the plugin! In the settings page, in the Grid section, there’s an option to enable the masonry layout script. This should align the entries the way you mention. Check if it works as expected. Greetings, Carlos

Hi. A pre-purchase question: is it possible to pause the slider on mouse over, like Revolution Slider? Thanks (I mean, stop the slide when user do mouse hover)

Hi! Thank you gor your interest in the plugin. Yes, it’s possible to pause on mouse hover. Greetings, Carlos

Hi have a few pre-purchase questions:

1) can this plugin moderate testimonials and i can choose which ones to display?

2) does this plugin either have

2A) an ability for users to upload their image with their testimonial or

2B) I have a social login plugin that users a users facebook profile picture as their gravitar (i assume it does that considering the facebook profile picture appears next to their account info in the wordpress “users” section. Will this plugin automatically use that gravitar with the testimonial?

Thank you for purchasing the plugin! The plugin is only able to grab the images with the email using the builtin avatar wordpress function. Most user management plugin hook into that function to return the image field they provide on profiles. You’ll have to enable the gravatar option in the settings and check if it also grabs the image from users that are not registred with gravatar. Greetings, Carlos

Ok Thanks. One last question. is it possible to make the image field optional and not required for a user submitted testimonial?

You should be able to set which fields are mandatory in the settings page, frontend form tab. You’ll find a list of fields, with checkboxes, and you can uncheck the image field. Check if it works. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, is it possible to add a color change effect on hover on the submitting button? Thanks

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. Yes, with some custom CSS this can be done. Write me via the contact form on the support tab with the link to your site and I can check which css will work better. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, i have a pre purchase question. It is possible to display in the widget the testimonial of the specific post or custom post? I need to show different testimonial for different post widget. It is possible?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. If you use the frontend submission form on the same page, with a specific option that associates the entries to that page, then you can also display the testimonial entries for that page only:

Hope it helps, if you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

Questions: How do I find the change log? How do I find the current version number? How do clear mixed content errors that occur when attempting https? How do I update – is it the same as install? Can you update over the existing installation? Thanks in advance.

Hi! About your questions: Hope the info helps! If you have any other question feel free to contact me directly via the contact form on the support tab, as I mentioned before. Greetings, Carlos

I’m getting a message that I can only submit testimonials when logged in. Why does that happen? How can I remove the restriction?

Hi! In the shortcode generator for the frontend submission form, there’s the option to ‘Only allow Logged Users’. Maybe you have it enabled? Check if your shortcode has the parameter

and delete it. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos


A question how to translate the word: “Pending Testimonials” in the administration bar

Thank you

Hi, you should be able to translate it with translation files, translating the string ‘Pending ’. The ‘testimonials’ part is automatically fetched from the title you have in the settings for the testimonials. Since the word ‘pending’ is something translated already by default from WordPress files, in the next update I might make it so it looks for the WordPress default translation, instead of looking in the plugin’s translation files. Greetings, Carlos

In the latest version I do not see the word to translate? The word here: “Pending Témoignages” still not translated

Thank you

Hi Carlos, Any way to avoid word wrap in Average Rating Info?, please see the footer at

Thanks a lot

Hi! Try adding this to the custom css field in the settings:
.tt_rating_box_total { word-wrap:normal !important; }
Check if it solves the problem. Greetings, Carlos

Thanks a lot, works!

There appears to be a plugin conflict with gravity forms. my forms are not showing after installing the testimonial plugin. any advice?

I’ve been advised: “your form uses conditional logic it has an inline style of display:none applied, if your page has any JavaScript issues they can prevent the Gravity Forms scripts from running, and when those scripts can’t run the inline display:none style can’t be removed. You will need to contact with the support staff of that plugin to resolve the javascript issues on that plugin.”

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. The plugin should work fine with Gravity Forms, so it might be a third plugin causing the javascript issue. If you share the link to your page I can check what could be happening. You can write me via the contact form on the support tab and we can follow up via email. Greetings, Carlos

Hi! Could you help me? I’m using the widget on , but the testimonial is narrowed. How can I solve this? I choose ‘1 entry’, so that’s not the problem… Greetings, Anne

And I have another problem; when I reload my website, the short testimonial is gone :( Not only on the website, but also in the wordpress administration panel!

And the short testimonial from someone who wrote in on my website is also gone, very frustrating…

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin and I’m sorry for the issues. About the narrow testimonial, try adding the following to the custom css field in the settings page (advanced tab):
.ttshowcase_wrap { width:100% !important;}
About the text getting deleted, most likely there’s another plugin hooking into the ‘save_post’ action and deleting custom meta data from custom post types. Do you notice any pattern? Does it happen when you execute a funcion, like editing the page or some other task? Write me via the contact form on the support tab and we can follow up via email. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, I’d like to know if it’s possible to use this plugin to create text based slider testimonials without using images for the text but responsive text instead?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. The testimonial entries don’t need to have an image, it is not mandatory. You can have the same layouts with the name and text only. Greetings, Carlos

Just purchased the plugin and in the description it says it takes on the look and feel of the theme CSS. And a previous comment about compatibility with Divi from Elegant Themes, the answer was no known problems. Also no stars appear despite being selected in the reviews. The problem is, no CSS is being captured by the plugin and therefore looks awful like a free plugin with no styling. If I need to employ a programmer for styling I could have used a free plugin. Can I get your plugin to take on Divi styles? If not I will have request a refund as this is not suitable for my needs. Thanks

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. Other users and myself have used the plugin with Divi theme without any issues, so maybe there’s something else going on. Maybe an incompatibility with another plugin or the css files didn’t upload correctly. If you share the link to your page I can check what could be wrong. You can send it to me via the contact form on the support tab. Greetings, Carlos