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The styling of my testimonial is very narrow. Can you help please? It is in the footer of Thank you.

Hi Karen Just visited the page and I see the testimonials on a normal size. Did you manage to solve the problem in the meantime? I also see the minify feature is producing javascript errors which might affect the slider. Greetings, Carlos

Hello Carlos,

Is it possible to filter testimonial categories using a dropdown, like the example in this screenshot:

Ideally, it would use Ajax to filter the results in the same window.


Hey Carlos, I tried that solution, but it only reduces (and knocks back the opacity) of the testimonials, rather than only displaying the selected group. Is there a way to only display the selected groups? Or, even better checkboxes for the required groups? Thanks

There are 2 filter options, the enhance one (which does what you describe) and the ‘hide’ one, which would hide the entries not belonging to the chosen group. In the shortcode generator, in the filter option, you should find the ‘hide’ option also. Greetings, Carlos

Thank you very much for your help :)

export-import settings?

Is it possible to export-import only the settings? I need to impl,kement your great plugin on several sites and this wil be handy.

Hi! Unfortunately not, there isn’t any builtin settings export option. This could be an idea for a future update. However I think there are free plugins that allow you to export settings. Another options would be to go to the database directly and run this sql command to get the settings entries:
SELECT * FROM `wp_options` WHERE `option_name` LIKE '%ttshowcase%'
Hope it helps. Remember that for different sites on different domains, you’ll need different licences, according to envato terms. Cheers, Carlos

would ne nice feature to sell your plugin to my 20+ wp clients

Indeed. Thank you for your feedback.

Can this be integrated with Gravity Forms?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. The testimonials are stored as a custom post type using custom meta fields. I believe gravity forms allows you to submit data to custom post types and custom fields, so yes, it can be integrated with Gravity Forms. I don’t have an example, but it should work well. I can provide the ids of the custom fields, so you can map the fields correctly. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

hi, would be nice if EU users Could use 1-10 ratings. In the US and due to Google its all 1-5. But school sytem in EI is 1-10 rating. (of course the rich snippets must be in a 5 star rating. I think its easy. Yust ask for the 1-5 stars and double the uotcome. So averis is then not 3.5 but 7, and average 4.3 is 8.6. Would be very nice if you could implement this. Or is it already in it and do I miss the setting?

Hi, would be a great feature and good USP I think. Cant wait to use this feature for my 20+ clients.

second thought: Must have to 1-10 scale in the rich snippets. Nice to have: the 1-10 scale in the visual stars rating. (the most urgent one is that Google shows the description in organic search in a 1-10 scale. The rating can still be givven in a 1-5 scale as can the resutls (single and avarage). Hope this can push my request to the top of your backlog or roadmap? ;-)

Hi! I’ll see how hard it would be implement this. Need to change something across several places in the plugin’s code, but for sure it’s possible. Greetings, Carlos


I have this line repeating over and over in error_log : [10-Oct-2017 02:22:48 UTC] PHP Warning: Division by zero in /home/koreliz/public_html/wp-content/plugins/testimonials-showcase/layouts/slider/layout.php on line 1533

I got version 1.6.1b already

Write me a message using the ‘contact author’ button on the support tab and we’ll follow up via email. I’ll send you a newer version of the plugin, not yet released, to check if it solves the problem. Greetings, Carlos


Brockway Purchased

Hi, last update seems to have fiw the issue. Thanks

I have this same issue as Brockway: Warning: Division by zero in /home/content/n3pnexwpnas02_data01/36/3729236/html/wp-content/plugins/testimonials-showcase/layouts/slider/layout.php on line 1533 Is there a new version which resolves this issue?

Hi! I see you also sent me a message via email. I’ll reply with a new version. Will submit an update soon. Greetings, Carlos


I come back to you on the function here? A date?

Then I talk about it as a function? Thank you

Please write me using the option ‘contact author’ in the support tab, sharing the link to your page so I can check what could be happening and we can follow up via email. Greetings, Carlos

Test 1 does not work

Test 2 works, not with your plugin We did a new wordpress installation at 10:50 pm on a test server. With the same template, but with another testimonial plugin much more function is compatible with vc, everything works fine. The problem is your plugin.

As we have already said our site is open only for “FR, BE” All other countries are permanently banned.

In which country are you? To have access 1) Your country code has two letters, example “be” 2) Your IP address to add whitelist

I understand, but please write me using the ‘contact author’ in the support tab and I can provide that sensitive information via email. I can check what’s happening once we open a proper support ticket. It could be just a matter of adjusting the settings. Everything works expect the submit confirmation screen, correct? The plugin should be compatible with that theme and it’s also compatible with Visual Composer. Greetings, Carlos

Hi Carlos,

I have a problem with fields for urls in layouts (both simple and advanced query). Instead https://... or http://... the shorcode generated is https##//... or http##//... which is reported as an invalid link by structured data testing tool.

Average Rating Info works well, links are correctly interpreted.

Any clue?

Thank you.

Thank you Carlos!

Thank you Carlos for your great support. Problem solved with the new code! Best support from a developer.

Happy to help. Glad it’s solved. Thank you for the feedback!

Hi Carlos. Firstly, I really love this plugin and have used it for a while without a single problem. Something odd is happening though (since I started using the plugin) and wondered if you had any insights. I have the testimonials shortcode on just one page of my site ( ) When I load the page it flashes up briefly with a black screen with a text list of pages on my site briefly – before then loading the page. Seems to do this in Chrome, Safari, etc. (but not IE/Edge) for some reason. Not a major deal but it looks odd when loading the page. This only affects this page of my site so I’m thinking it may be to do with this plugin somehow. Any ideas on this? Thanks if you can help.

Hi! Just visited the page and I see what you mean, but I don’t think it’s related with the plugin. Seems it might be something related with divi’s cached inline styles. If you place the shortcode for the testimonials on a new page, newly created (not cloned), does the same happen? Greetings, Carlos

Thanks for your help, Carlos. I have done some further testing and it appears to be another third-party ‘widget’ on this page. Sorry to suspect your plugin – I should have know better. So hard to track stuff down sometimes.

Love your plugin, but we really need google-recaptcha! Askimet integreation with honeypot is not cutting it.

Hi! Thank you for the feedback. Do you have the captcha system integrated with the plugin enabled also? But yes, google recaptcha will come at some point hopefully. Greetings, Carlos

After the update, the text of the reviews began to vanish, and not for new ones, but for old ones and it is not clear at what exact moment. The text disappears, everything else is in place

Hi! Can you confirm which version of the plugin you currently have installed? Updating should not cause any issue, it’s most likely a conflict with another plugin that might be triggering the save hook for the testimonials, but most recent versions have code to prevent this from happening If you’re using the latest available version (1.6.7) this should not happen. You can write me choosing the option to ‘contact author’ on the support tab and we can follow up via email. Greetings, Carlos

Since updating past 1.6.1b I’m getting duplicated content on the single page reviews, i have opted for short testimonial but it showing text, subtitle and star ratings twice?

Why is this happening, makes my reviews look very messy.

Hi! Newer versions have an option in the settings to populate the single pages with the star rating and subtitle, so this might need to be disabled in the settings page, if you have a shortcode rendering already from the advanced settings. There was however a bug that was duplicating the ‘extended content’ information, sorry for not having spotted it earlier. Thank you for reporting this. Greetings, Carlos

Hey, i have some presale question. Have this plugin function to show in slider Answer on testimonial like in grid?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Currently the administrator answer can only display on grid layouts. I’ll include the option to include it also in slider layouts in a future version. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, just fyi, the plugin breaks the page and post editor when used with divi builder or the divi theme.

Hi! Thank you for your feedback. I use the plugin with Divi Builder on some sites with no problem, so there might be something else interfeering. Can you contact me through the support tab so we can check what could be happening? Greetings, Carlos

Hi Adrian, I replied to your email a couple of days ago via email, but didn’t get any feedback. Just checking if you got my email and tried the latest version as I couldn’t replicate the issue you’re having, but of course I’m interested in figuring out what was happening. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, cmoreira

Question before purchase

Plugin is compatible with the template here?

Possible to have the same button style? Use the template buttons on your plugin?

Thank you.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. There are no issues reported with that theme, it should work fine. If the form doesn’t inherit the theme styles, we can use custom css to have them look the same. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

Hi, I know my support is expired, but i was hoping you could give me some direction on this. My last review always deletes and I’m not sure why. Please look here

I am using the divi theme

I added the review back and updated to the latest version. Let’s hope that fixes it. What happens, is I will add the review and if I make any changes to my front page where the review is at, it will delete the last review that was left… just the description not the whole thing. Weird. Also, I don’t have control of the “display message” after someone leaves a review. seems to be a conflict …

Hi! Sorry about this. Latest versions should have this issue fixed. Page builders where hooking into the save post of the testimonials and saving empty meta data. I’ve implemented some workarounds to prevent this from happening. Didn’t understand well the second issue you describe, you mean the ‘thank you’ message? Write me using the option ‘contact author’ from the support tab with more details and we can follow up via email. The plugin is compatible with Divi, I use divi and the plugin on a couple websites and they run well. Cheers, Carlos


vitiiii69 Purchased

Hi there,

I am using the plugin for a tour activity website. I put the short codes on each tour activity page to get people to review each tour separately.

To make sure the schema is all set up and potentially displayed on google for each activity page, what should I select? Product, or -Travel Agency on the Local Business section?

Also, what box should I tick?

Include Structured data in single pages – or - Include Structured Data in shortcodes

I have only used shortcodes

My website:

Thanks a lot!

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. Looking at how other websites are doing it, they are using ‘Products’ structured data for tours. To improve your chances of having the rich snippets display, you should select the option to ‘Use Groups as Products’ and have a group created for each tour. Each submission form should have the corresponding group selected as default. Activate both options to have the structured data on single pages and shortcodes and the ‘Display advanced options in Shortcode Generator’. In the shortcode generator, when you generate the shortcode to display the testimonials, also include the ‘Structured Data’ information, so each tour will have the extra metadata. If you have any question or need further information, write me using the ‘contact author’ option from the support tab. Hope the info helps. Greetings, Carlos


airayn Purchased

I just updated to 1.6.7 from 1.5.7 and now when i go to click read more the page is not found



airayn Purchased

Well I got the page back. But now it doubles up on the testimonial when displaying it?

Thanks alot awesome product,

Hi! Glad you got the page back. Maybe a permalink temporary issue? About the duplicated content, this will be fixed in the next update. It’s related with the settings form the advanced tab to render a shortcode in the single page. Write me using the ‘contact author’ option from the support tab and I’ll send you the fixed version right away, so you don’t need to wait for the update. Greetings, Carlos


airayn Purchased

thanks I will do so now!!! You are awesome

Hi there,

I have a multilingual site. Spanish/english. I want to translate the plugin but I am having a lot of trouble with the String Translation with WPML. Does your plugin fully support this?


Hi Victor, thank you for using the plugin. The plugin should ‘send’ wpml the strings to be translated for the frontend form and labels. Are you having trouble translating a particular string or all of them? You can write me using the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab providing more info. Might be better to follow up using email. Greetings, Carlos