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Just Purchased. After activation and setup, adding ?testdrive=true vehind domain name takes me to home page and not admin section.

I am using WPEngine managed hosting. I have tried multiple production and new installs.


2nd Reuest for support. This plugin seems not to work. Please respond or I request a refund.

Your support request has been received and I fixed the problem, now everything works perfectly

Thanks a lot for fixing the issue. It works perfectly now as advertised. I really appreciate your support. Your plugin is one of the only solutions left and is extremely important to the success of our new product.

Thank you for the update (Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation!) :)

Thank you my dear friend :)

Several Presale questions for ya. Please do your best to answer ALL of them.

1. Is there a way to disable the reset timer for certain users?

2. If yes to 1, can you set specific amount of time for different types of users based on roles/memberships?

3. Can you allow users to install plugins and themes or import their own content/theme/plugins to test?

4. Is there an ability to allow notification that can be sent to me when someone logins in and does just about anything.

5. Does it work well with multi site network?

6. Can I create any instance of a wordpress version (like 4.3xx) and stage that for users to test, while still having 4.7xx as well. Does this make sense?

7. High level of security so that there’s no exploit they can do to hack the server the site is installed on.


This plugin focused on visitors, not users. It means your visitors can access to the admin area and modify contents without username/password. So there is not any type of user available with this plugin.

About multisite, Yes this plugin works with multisite network

About instances (6th question), No

And finally, about security, This plugin guarantees your security.

Hi – doubt this is feasible. If we are testing something and the WP preview option isn’t good enough for our widgets/themes and we have to push live to see how it responds – is there a way in your plugin we can “push” live to a demo area – before pushing live to the site users?

Actually, this is our main feature that visitors can test your theme functionality and see their modifications live. try it here:

I mean is that myself, as the admin, can test out before pushing love? Thank you for such excellent service

Yes, This is why our customers love us :)

I have two questions—maybe more later :) Is this IP dependent? I pulled up the demo on three different machines with three different IP addresses (on the same network) and whatever change I made on one was mirrored on the other two – I thought each login was an individual (clone)?

Also is there a timer for this – where the allotted time is 15mins it should log you out completely at thattime – but all it does is start over again. Can this be setup so the timer turns off the true setting to false – until its used again?

I have a couple of other questions but they can wait til I get your response to these two.


Yes, The plugin works based on client IP address. Actually It makes an instance for each user IP address.

About timer, It is customization and not included in the plugin, Please send us a support ticket.

Regards :)


ljoody Purchased

Hi is that possible to give an access frontend only? Let me know soon please (I don’t want to give access on backend.


Hi, I didn’t get your question! Frontend is always accessible to visitors without this plugin. Could you please describe more?!