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Nice Job!!! Is there any possibility to update car prices using an excel doc?


you can dump excel file to MySQL with match field by using MySQL GUI

Thank you

add lightbox to see larger images.

ads dont show on mobile version. search icon is out of alignment on mobile version. samsung galaxy note 3. chrome.

Yes I put style sheet hidden banner when use on mobile

also for the ads/banner section in admin, you need to provide entry for adsense or javascript ad codes. currently it is only banner ads. or maybe i missed something?

Thank you for reviews I will update soon. In banner section if someone want want to put Adsense they can put update the php file In template

in your next update, also include advanced search so that user can find reviews of cars by make, model, year, mpg, price, type (suv or sedan or truck).

hi I see that this functionality seems to be present. Disregard.

Hi, this is an idea for me todo next script about 2nd hand cars classified

it is don’t have a comment system? or maybe a mailchip?

Hi, I am doing comment system + newsletter subscribe Thank you

when the next updated?

waiting for the update on comment and newsletter. thanks.

Hello, I want to write your script Turkish language. If you are interested please send e-mail


Language translate file will available soon

Thank you

have the language pt?

Don’t have you can edit in php file

but this is easy, or i need traslate thing for thing?

It easy to do.


the images folder on download appears to be empty! can you post it to me please

why is there no edit car feature in admin? are you available to write some custom enhancements?

ignor edit question found it

hi where is the update you promised?

i have installed the script correctly but i am getting a lot of errors when using it. from admin, when i edit something and click save, i get errors. i am editing some cars and i have uploaded images but when i click save, i get errors. and the frontend only shows placeholder images. i need this fixed asap. thanks.


Please can you respond re my previous comment

Hello Dimeoxide,

I have recently purchased this script, and was looking for the option “Subscribe” to the newsletter. Can you please guide me through ?

I need to add this option to let the visitors subscribe with us.

Regards, Puneet.

It seems author has abandoned item right after initial release, as its evident he hasn’t responded to buyers queries for a while. The Envato team must be notified to remove this item to prevent more buyers from falling victim.

I really Need this script! Can I buy, is it working?

Another one bites the dust,,too bad

Live Preview dead.


Those who have bought this….. please help me :)

How complete is the database? Looks like a lot of European models. How many car reviews total and how many us manufacturer s would uou say are represented? Estimated.. Hard to tell from screens

Is this product dead