Discussion on Tesla Chargers - Find Tesla charging stations nearby

Discussion on Tesla Chargers - Find Tesla charging stations nearby

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I have two questions.

1- Apple does not allow the same applications to be installed. What kind of changes do we need to make so that we can publish it without any problems?

2- I want to buy it for the charging points in my country. Adding location can be difficult for me. Do you have a video or photo maker? Can I review? Should I buy accordingly?

1) You can make any kind of UI changes you prefer. There are customers getting their apps approved without changes, and of course there are customers that gets rejection even after making UI changes. We don’t control the way Apple review any of these apps.

2) There is no guide on how to add new locations, but there is a JSON file with locations. As long as you can find latitude and longitude for locations, then you should be able to update that JSON.

For any additional questions:

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

I want to use a different location_type name besides store, charger, etc. Where can I update it at? Thanks!

You can update the JSON file. In code you can make an extension to the main location type enum, however, this change you can do at your own risk, since other places in the app are referencing the location type.

Send an email so you can get any further assistance that you may need.

Hello, I bought your product. The configuration went well. However, when I add new locations in the database, they are not displayed on the map while I am next to them. I have configured my purchase code as requested. Moreover, I don’t see any other location present in the original database, while in the simulator they appear (except those I added)

Hello, Thanks for your business.

The original database should not be used, and you must configure your own database account using the provided JSON file.

I believe you’ve done this step already. I would recommend starting with a clean database, then run the app. You must see no locations at this point, if you do, then make sure you’ve changed the Back4App configuration in the AppConfig file, so it uses your own database account.

After uploading the locations to your own database, make sure you changed the GPS coordinates for you simulator, so it’s near one of those locations.

The best way to identify what GPS coordinates to use for simulator, is too look into AppConfig file, you will see a comment there with suggested coordinates.

If you still have issues, feel free to send us an email so we can assist you with debugging this.

So the database does not have any locations on it or I have to add them in the Back4apps admin?

Unfortunately, this product doesn’t come with 10k+ locations.

I know. But in the details it said to ask about it.

Yes, that’s correct. The request was to ask before purchasing the product, so we can establish some custom offers which will include a larger database and different pricing, and if the buyer is interested, then we can go ahead and process a custom order.

Unfortunately, here on CodeCanyon, we can not offer different tiers/options for the same product.

When buying without any questions, you’re buying exactly what it’s offered for sale, in this case the product with around 100 locations.

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

Congratulations! Nice product. Best of luck for the sale.

UPDATE: For those “buyers” that are constantly looking to “cheat” this system, get refunds or find other ways to get the source code for free, you are only hurting yourselves and others.

There will be less and less app templates released here on CodeCanyon and with more security measurements in place, private frameworks, license code verification, limited features.

It’s better to reach out directly, ask for a deal/discount instead of trying to “be smart” about the way you’re buying these app templates.


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