Teskale - The Ultimate PHP Social Media Share Platform

Teskale - The Ultimate PHP Social Media Share Platform

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Teskale-SM is a new generation script with which you can create your own social media platform!

With this script, you can turn it into a Social Media platform such as “Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin” or set up a question/answer site. Check the demo..

Teskale-SM is advanced Social Networking script. Teskale-SM will continue to be developed and updated.


  • Responsive & Beautiful and modern design
  • Attractive and powerful admin panel
  • Upload images & videos from your device
  • Light & Dark modes
  • Post sharing & reposting system
  • Repost by quoting the post
  • Youtube & Vimeo Embed system
  • Ability to add multiple admins (Admin, Moderator, User)
  • Notifications system
  • User profile system
  • Follow/Unfollow system
  • Emoji system
  • Multi language system
  • SEO friendly optimization
  • Ability to change the video display mode via the admin panel
  • Ability to set limits to what is displayed in the right sidebar via the admin panel
  • Toggle image sharing support via admin panel
  • Toggle video sharing support via admin panel
  • And much more..

Check out the file named “Documentation” in the file after purchasing on how to install the Teskale-SM script. Demo Site

Server requirements

1. PHP 7.1 or Higher. (We recommend using the latest PHP version as well as the MySQL server)
2. GD Library
3. cURL
4. MySQLi
5. MBstring
6. PHP Zip Module

What kind of technology used?

Teskale Social Media Script is developed on native php code without using any framework other than helper libraries. Teskale developers used popular technologies like Bootstrap and Jquery.


V1.5.8 (12 SEPTEMBER 2022)

[Added] - Added Twitter style (More) dropdown to left sidebar.
[Added] - Added the ability to automatically login to the user after a new successful registration. (Direct homepage.)
[Added] - Unfollow user - Added ability to unfollow.
[Added] - Added the "List" ability where you can see who you follow or are following you. (Visit your profile) Following / followers
[Added] - Added the ability to like a post and withdraw a like.
[Added] - Added "Likes" list where you can see all users who liked your post.
[Added] - "Share to Teskale" feature for developers. (Add a button to your sites for them to share in Teskale.)
[Added] - Added the ability to show the total number of characters left to create a post.
[Added] - Lazy Load capability has been added to optimize the visuals in the system and make navigation faster.
[Added] - Users who are not logged in can now navigate "Search page, user profiles, tweet threads".
[Added] - Added the ability to play without leaving the site after video link sharing for YouTube. (Embed on YouTube Video)
[Added] - Added the ability to add a user cover image. (Profile > Edit profile)
[Added] - Added new page to follow new users except right sidebar user display.(<?php echo tesk_link("i/connect_people");?>)
[Added] - Added the ability to add photos or videos when replying to a post.
[Added] - Added the ability to directly follow users on the area in the right sidebar.
[Added] - You can now view your responses on your profile page. (Profile > Posts and replies)
[Added] - You can now view only your media content posts on your profile page. (Profile > Media)
[Added] - We have included PWA in this update of Teskale. Now, with PWA, your users can navigate your sites easily.
[Added] - Ajax (Load more) button has been added to make the pages work more stable. After pressing the button, 15 content is displayed and 30 new posts are displayed.
[Added] - We've added a capability to Teskale where you can choose how your timeline will appear. "View all posts or the most recent posts from users you follow." 

[Fixed] - Fixed the issue where the button is not active when only the media file is entered in the textarea field.
[Fixed] - Fixed the problem (pre-wrap) that when you entered the tweet string, the post was not displayed the way it was created.
[Fixed] - Fixed the styling issue when clicking on the user's "Avatar or Cover Photo" on the user profile.
[Fixed] - Fixed an issue with seeing our own username when replying to a post. (Replying to "@my_username" ||> @row_username)
[Fixed] - Fixed an issue where user bios would overflow when long.
[Fixed] - Fixed the bio scrolling issue in the "Relevant people" field in the tweet thread.
[Fixed] - Kendi gönderinize yorum yaptığınızda bildirim alma sorunu düzeldi.
[Update] - If there is a "photo or video" in the post to be replied in the compose/reply that opens when replying to a post, this is indicated as a link.

And in essence, many more backend and system improvements..

V1.5.0 (1 AUGUST 2022)

- [New] Added New (Twitter) View
- [New] Admin panel theme has been completely renewed.
- [New] Added new icons.
- [New] Added new Privacy policy page.
- [New] Added new Welcome page.
- [Added] Notifications system added.
- [Added] Added a token in the right sidebar for "Relevant person" who writes the post when you enter a tweet thread. (via Desktop / Laptop browser)
- [Added] Added a new fixed "Post your reply" field to reply to the post in the tweet thread.
- [Added] Added new post creation area (Compose/Post)
- [Added] Added the ability to reply to any post without going into the content string (Compose/reply)
- [Added] Added the ability to add usernames that you do not want to be registered from the admin panel.
- [Added] Searching for a post or going to its direct link will open an error page if the post no longer exists.
- [Added] Added the ability to set who can see the user birthdate.
- [Added] Added ability to add user date of birth. (Edit profile).
- [Added] Added version control page for Teskale script.
- [Added] Added the ability to search for a user through the admin panel.
- [Update] When you want to publish a new post or post a new reply, if nothing is typed, the "Publish" button will be disabled.
- [Update] The detail for adding the user phone number has been updated. (Rear end).
- [Update] Date time setting updated (Admin panel / Settings | Turkish-English).
- [Update] Updated styles for Pop-up (Modal) boxes.
- [Update] Sitemap restructured like SEO (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN). "Auto Cron job" 
- [Updated the ability to change the screen view to change the screen view. (Left sidebar > More)
- [Update] Turkish, English and Russian language files were arranged and the languages in the site were optimized.
- [Update] All files included in the script have been reworked. This layout is related to folder details and page optimizations.
- [Fixed] Fixed an issue with publishing an empty post.
And many more backend improvements.

V1.0.0 (17 Jun, 2022)

- Version 1.0.0 : Released on 17 Jun, 2022.

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