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Awesome work, good luck with sales! :)

can these be displayed in image gallery on the front-end.

I’m working onsdag it.

I’m working on it.

I have now made a additional function you can use for that purpose. If you buy the plugin I will mail it to you.

Your item details and demo video do not clearly explain what this plugin can do. Can you please provide more information?

1.) If I upload a PDF to my media library and then place that PDF on a page does the visitor see the image?

2.) Do I have any control over how the image is displayed or how it is cropped?

3.) What happens if I have a PDF with multiple images, does it just grab the first one or can I choose the image and crop it?

4.) Does it generate a thumbnail from the entire page of the pdf?

5.) If I import a TIF image does it actually say TIFF Preview in big red letters as it does in your demo video?

Good questions. 1. Yes, if you click “Add media” you will get the preview image with the PDF-document link. 2. For example a large letter sized page will be flattened to the front page, with that page as a preview. Is it a logo it will be that as preview. As regular images the PDF,TIF, EPS and so on will be cropped into several sizes, thumbnail, medium and large. 3. One page will be generated as a preview, is it several images on that page they will showed exactly as that page. 4. Yes, the first (front page) if it’s many pages. 5. Yes but it is optional. You can turn it off.

2. You cannot edit the preview image as normal (jpg) images.

I was almost going to buy your plugin until I saw the Note:

I that also a plug in for WP pr is to for the pc or mac that is going to upload the files?

What is your question?

What for is this and where do I need to install it?http://www.imagemagick.org/script/download.php

You have to install in on the server, but hosted PHP servers usually have it installed. Else ask your webhotel.

Hi, I can’t install the plugin, I get: Image Magic is missing! Image magick is installed on the server, but not in the WP directory. Should I install it as well in the WP directory? My actual path to imagemagick is: /usr/lib/php/bin

I works now – something had to be done on the server to make it work. The plugin works fine, thank you.


Hi there,

This could be the answer to alot of my problems! I’m creating a massive PDF document library site.. and I don’t want to have to manually create thumbnails of each PDF before I upload it.

However, will this work with other plugins? There are several I’m looking at, including “easydigitaldownloads” and “Document Library”.

If yes, I’ll be buying it immediately!

Due to a PDF document does not use “image” as MIME type, no preview image will appear. This scenario requires som modification at the front end.

Hi, When i try to activate the plugin, i have a fatal error with : Image Magic version (6.2.8) is to old. Version 6.5.4 is required. The installed version on the serveur is 6.9.1-4 Do you know what can happen ? Kindly, Olivier