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I am integrating this as a utility add-on into a CMS . I got the interface to show up, and it displays the server info fine below the console. However, I’m having the following issue:

The console simply says “Loading Terminal window…”, and it doesn’t do anything else. Also, in Firefox, I noticed that when I try to click on the input beneath the console window, the mouse symbol changes to a red “no” symbol (“denied”?).

What might cause this issue? I have PHP 5 .3 on my server, so that can’t be the issue, and the current version of jquery is 1.7.x.

Is it possible to use an editor like vim, or something which waits for user input? Or does this script executes the commands, wait for it to complete and return the output? And hangs if the command does not complete (if for example it needs user input)?

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Have one question:

How to include a command to button? like ‘ls’ and when i click on button it would send it to console ..

thanks. :)

Can you do SSH command?

Nice :) can you create new updates? And can i code more commands?

hello, i just bought the Terminal. I install and login, but the commands don’t execute. Is there anything else to do!?