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ha ha ha, love this


Looks great, oldi goldie style – good luck with sales :)

Thanks! ;)

Really great :) Good luck with sales.

Thanks! :)

If I have a site that has a lot of JS going on before the site is truly presentable, would this run, while the other JS is “doing its thing”?

The demo site you show, it only has text on it with no images, so it’s not really showing that it actually preloaded anything or did anything while the terminal was displaying.

I need an actual preloader that covers what’s going on behind it, not an intro that does it’s thing, and only when it’s finished does the site begin to load.

Can you confirm, that this does allow loading of images / javascript. etc. to be happening while it’s being displayed?


is there an Event fired when it’s done?

nevermind, for what I wanted to do I just edited the main script to run a function

Awesome :)

Very cool ! :)

Very easy to install and works like a charm :)


Hey CodeDroids, Just made the purchase of this – it is badass!

I uploaded the folder of files to my wordpress host via ftp and dropped in the terminal to my header php file.

It didn’t load fullscreen and messed with my site css file. I think I have it in the wrong place. The site is [link removed]

Thanks for your help!

Hello, I congratulate you for your work, I liked it, but I need to ask: works with jquery 3.0?

Thank you very much!