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Why is there no documentation at all? I’m trying to connect to another computer over the Internet but doesn’t work. I know the identification code as well as the IP address of the remote computer, tried both but it keep saying “The remote computer could not be found!” The (WAN) check box is checked on both side, and I have firewall turn off during testing.

Any idea please?

Ok, I emailed you, thanks.

Just want to let you know I haven’t receive any email from you.

is not working, i never receive email or info, this is scam.

It scam in your head, you give me the message after 2 hours … I not was online. Wait.

2 months ago. send me instructions, i purchased and didnt work

email instructions to

Hi i just bought it. There are no Active Server Control ASCX, Visual Basic VB, C# CS source code in zip file. Please send me immediately.


Hello. You just paid $ 14 for the exe file, not the source code. The source code is available for just $60. If you are interested you can contact me at e-mail:

Thank you.

what will be included?

can u create script php for checking RDP dead or no ..



I am very interested on that king of Software. Sorry but i need to know: how it works to get the id? does it require port redirection from router?

Im really finding alternative to Ammyy and Teamviewer. TV is very expensive, Ammyy its detected like a virus and its annoying.

Hi there, is that possible to make it work without disable the firewall? Basically via internet and its not safe to disable firewall

thank you

hello ! you could explain me please because every time I have the same message ==> the remote computer could not be found

No réponse ?

it is a scam

The Connection to the remote computer faild!

I received a new purchase, but do not run

I’m surprised you don’t build NAT transversal server. Very easy!

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I believe a short demonstration video would be helpful for using this software. After determining that NAT translation is not possible with this software I began working to make a solution that does support this similar to TeamViewer, LogMeIn, ScreenConnect and ChunkVNC. I have a functional proof of concept up and working now at and a video outlining how it works at:

The program does not work for different network computers. We can cancel the purchase or I have to do it by paypal?

I give the last 24 hours to refund the money. Then I will claim on PayPal.

could indicate step by step how to connect over the Internet?

If it does not work on the Internet, this is useless.

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any update? because it wasnt work for any one who purchased this.