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whether there will be additional updates feature?

how to make this application in two languages or more?

Updates will definitely be in the future. In one of these updates, I plan to add a language change.

nice work gud luck :)


hi bro, where i can change the admob ID ?

Excuse me, I forgot to add this statement to the archive. You can see here https://www.dropbox.com/s/v41i3yy01fjijgz/Change%20Admob%20ID.html?dl=0

How easy is it to edit the app content so i could create a different type of test such as political ideology, most like a person etc.?

If you have basic knowledge of the language Java, then it is not difficult.

can I change others question? is your app with 80 ready question?

Yes, you can change on the other question.

Hi there!

the text is storaged on a ;json file? is it easy and does it come with instructions to change it?n does it suport admob?

The text is stored in Xml files. All easy to change. If something is not clear, please contact: rustlestd@gmail.com