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hi, i purchase this plugin and use it in my store. Unfortunately, this plugin does not function for order made from POS system. Only works for shopping cart order. Is there any possible to fix this issue? Thanks.

Hello! you can write me an email (zhan@shatmanov.com). And select your site and plugin you are using.

Can i insert like 10 different telegrams? For the admin account who upload the product receive the notification

Is it possible to customize what is send in the message?

Hello! I replied to your email!

Thnx! I did to.

Could you please respond to the mails I’ve send you?

Is Plugin Compatible With woocommerce 3.0

Yes, the plugin is compatible with woocommerce 3.0 But it’s better to wait for the plugin to be updated, until the end of the week it will be ready

Hello does it work with new woocommerce 3.0 ?

Yes, the plugin is compatible with woocommerce 3.0 But it’s better to wait for the plugin to be updated, until the end of the week it will be ready The plugin should work on PHP 7.1

Thank you. As soon as it works with latest php version please post here so that I can order several licenses for my websites.

Hello! The latest version of the plugin works well in php 7.x

Please let me know when you will update the plugin to work with php 7.1

Hello! The latest version of the plugin works well in php 7.x


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When the plugin will allow to send notifications to multiple admin???

The update is being tested in Envato


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It is possible, to show billing address, shipping address and other custom checkout field on notification??


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Hi, new version talk about multi admin notification, don’t know how to add multi admin, is not on the documentation


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I see how, i receive notification that i’m added to the chat but didn’t receive woocommerce notification i back to old version to receive woocommerce notification

Hi, I like your plugin, I’ve a question

We’ve on our site a membership plan, we need to know if this plugin can add a member to the channel, for example

Jhon Smith buy a plan and pay with paypal, paypal confirm the order on woocommerce and check the order as complete, at this time when the order was change to Order Complete, the plugin can automatic add Jhon Smith on the telegram channel?

This worked on my website originally but I have recently reinstalled the server and now whenever i put the new token it it just says “Wrong Token” over and over. Why?

is it because the domain changed?

I bought it again thinking maybe it was because it was a new domain and it still says the same thing! Can you refund my second purchase too????

Hello? Why don’t you answer messages please?

I’m getting WRONG TOKEN error and I’m 100% sure the token is correct because it used to work fine. It looks like something is broken now with your plugin. Why would this happen after server migration? Could it be a different in settings on the server from Shared host to VPS?

Does this give an alert on successful receive of payment? For example I have a bitcoin payment option.As soon as they place an order i dont get paid. I have to wait until they send bitcoins then the order changes from on hold to the payment recived.

the plugin does not show the status of the order

Hi ,

Support -Not available --zhan_shatmanov has chosen not to support this item How can we solve the problems of the plugin? I have installed the plugin , but when the customers buy products , the address item doesnot fill , How can please we solve this issue?

Hello! who does not fill out the address?

Hi, I checked all options in admin area, when a customer buys a product and fills out the woocommerce form , the bot can not send the address of the customer, and only send the caption Address and other fields are ok , best regards for fast reply

I have a few custom fields in my Order form. Is there a way I can include those?

Hi Zhan,

When somebody buys something on our page on an iPhone (and maybe other devices??), the user is leaving Safari by pushing the home button. When he opens Safari 1 hour later, Safari reloads the last opened page. Very often is this our thank you page. This means another telegram notification is send.

Is there a possibility you can set this to MAX 1 send per order ID?

I also emailed this question. Hopefully you can fix this somehow. Thank you!


Hello, I use a plug-in from Code Canyon for custom checkout fields. Its VERY important for me to get the info of these custom fields.

PLEASE – tell me how I can do this. I would like to see the information of the customer check out fields pushed to my Telegram.

Thank You.


First the notification on our site was send when the Thank You page was loaded. However, now the notification is send when the customer clicks the ‘Order Now’ button. But that is BEFORE he even paid yet. That is not good.

The notification needs to be send on the Thank You page. Is there a possibility to change this?

Hopefully we get a reply very soon, this bug cost us money.

Thank you in advance.


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A lot of time admin are removed from the notification deliberatly by the plugin without human hand, since i use the plugin i re add admin on the chat id more than 30 times, please fix it