Discussion on MeetsPro Subscription Web & Android Chat, Calls, Conferences, Money Transfer, Business listings

Discussion on MeetsPro Subscription Web & Android Chat, Calls, Conferences, Money Transfer, Business listings

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demo does not work, cannot host/join a meeting after verifying phone numbers

does this require third party software/api or download of any other app to function?

will you install, fully rebrand and configure it for me if i buy?

You need a jitsi server, Sinch and firebase for the app too function, Sinch has been giving some issues hence we are looking at possible alternative SIP based solutions. Installation, rebranding and configuration cost additional

what about you use a webrtc for easy video/audiochat?

For the moment that is not available.

Looking at using firebase on this project , firebase is very expensive. But is good for a start , because business that is getting started does not really required much but need to more out of ,. I have a question , asuming someone who does not want to use firebase , what is another solution , do you think agora will be sheep or what do you suggest?

Sorry we dont have a solution without firebase or agora

So this can work on agora?


I like this meetpro but I am still little confuse about the whole process , please I want to ask this question about firebase . 1 . Can free firebase carry a high capacity of 100k users with over 20,000 concurrent meetings , both video and audio ?

2. Since jitsi is open source can someone customize it and add more features for users wild usage?

I have a features in mind to add by customization , kindly advice me on what to do ? Thank you

Mr Emmanuel

please i saw this on your link , ” upto 75 free users of jitsi but unlimited in your own ser ” please explain

please i saw this on your link , ” upto 75 free users of jitsi but unlimited in your own server ” please explain

If you use jitsi servers they have a limit on max users, if you build your own server you dont have that limit subject to off course your server quality and bandwidth

support is very much great

Im interested in your app but where is the setting for the subcription on admin account? Then customer always enter the number and get OTP everytime log in? It is not convinient to the customer..

You have to setup from firebase admin. On apps phone number is required only once the first time they install, on web its required when they logout.

this is open source code for web & app!! Databased use sql or firbased

in demo calling not working

Make sure both phones have the app’s running and open

yes I am try

Need to have storage feature with membership (can be few levels) system when users who want to use (or using) more space – pay some money for it.

Please write to with your requirements.

Also how long this will take if i want to add Spanish, French,German and other most use languages? And price. Need to know. Thx

6-7 days max

Oh wow, fast response i like that. Thx

Your welcome. Look forward to your purchase.

1- After i get the extended licenses, and a yearly server from you, how much extra is it for upload app to app stores?

2- Is there a home page to this web page, cause i cannot see it. Can you pls share a screenshot?

3- Do you have the option to stream simultaneously on youtube and social media like Facebook, twitter, twitch, LinkedIn ….? If not how much to have that integrated?

We have effective 10th October reduced the publishing cost as below.

1) iOS $125 and Android $75 2) 3) You can stream on YouTube or rtmp server. It’s based on Jitisi Meet. So whatever Jitsi supports it is supported.

Hello, I like you product. Just wanted to check if there is any link where I can check your subscription module. Thanks

Yes plans can be shown on the front end with a bit of customisation. The admin currently gives a bird’s eye view only. To manage plans and users one has to use the firebase console

I am thinking to buy your MeetsPro Subscription product. Just wanted to know if a client purchases a subscription, will the client get his/her own dashboard to manage his / her teams meetings ?

yes every user has the option to manage their teams / groups and meetings.

Hello There, I have sent you an email since 3 days ago and i didnt get any response, would you please check and respond back to me. The email was sent from to and the subject was Purchase Enquiries. Thank you looking forward to a response.

Hi, we have not received any email from the address you mentioned, could you drop a cc to

I have some question. how many people can join at a time in video conference? I have already a dedicated vps server, this server have 64GB ram and 8 core cpu is it enough for this or i need extra? may I connect this in my php script? and do you help me to install this in my server?

What is the bandwidth available on the server and port speed. That is the most important factor, yes we can help you integrate it in your php script and install it. For both costs are extra.

I just made my extended license payment. Waiting for your response to start the work. I would need you to add the French language to me but it will be done after. First published the mobile application and the web version. I have them too late in this project.

Hi, please ensure you share all elements requested in one email itself to avoid confusion, yes push notifications are enabled and you can send them using the firebase Panel. Yes, we will, total timeline for server commission to completion is 2 working days.

Ok thank you, for the IOS appstore publication I will pay you as soon as possible


Hello dear authors, am I now ready to buy the app? Are you available to start my work after purchase?

Yes we can

Does it have software as a service module that will enable sell subscription

No it does not

this one use Jitsi service? if we have own open source Jitsi server in local can this app connect and work with our server in offline?

We have already replied to you on our other product based on jitsi, same rules apply

For the VPS server it can be configured after. I take this feature first: FREE Jitsi Hosting VPS Your own logo / branding. Am I going to have my own logo?

OK, thanks. I wait for a refund on codecanyon for the script I bought and then I make the payment to you.

I contact you for a specific problem. Can you help me install an Android, iOS and cpanel application that I bought on code canyon? Editor is taking too long to respond. If so I can email you the script name and details.

I am interested in your team meetpro software. What is the price of the IOS application? I want my white label, that the jitsi logo is not displayed. By purchasing an extended license I get all the functionality including removing the jitsi logo?

The app is multi-lingual ?

In your demo the jitsi logo is not displayed. Would it be as the same as mine?

Yes as a default setup the trial is 3 days, but you can change that as per your liking. Currently the app is in English, however languages can be added.

Great work, i have a question, can i add advertisings in MeetsVids like youtube?

Yes, you can.


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