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Hello, cancellation email link does not work. When I click to cancel reservation at email it shows blank page. How i can activate the email cancellation link ?


In order to get support, please contact me from the Envato profile which bought the plugin license ;)


Hello, cancellation email link does not work. When i click to cancel reservation at email it shows blank page. How can I activate the email cancellation link ?

Double post, answer below.



I’m having trouble with translations. 1) I created a new german translation according to the documentation from the .pot file with POEdit. 2) I added a few strings in german, saved the file, compiled the .mo file and 3) uploaded them both in the languages directory of the plugin as “team-booking-de_DE.po” and “”

But when I reload the page with the plugin I still see the english strings. Am I missing a step? Is it possible that the strings are cached somehow?


It is not clear to me if your translations files are working at least one time before the refresh, or if they are not working at all.

P.S. yes, your website pages can be cached. How deeply and how persistently depends on your WordPress caching settings/plugins. Please ensure the obvious: the German language must either be selected as the main language (WordPress general settings) OR as the current language (in case you have a multilanguage frontend switch as offered by multilanguage plugins).



I found the problem with the help of the plugin “Debug MO Translations”. Although in the wp_options table “WPLANG” is set to “de_DE” and WPML and Loco Translate both show only “de_DE” as the installed language. Team-booking tries to load “de_AT” (which would actually be the correct locale since it’s an Austrian Website) So now after renaming my files with the “de_AT” locale everything works. But it is a bit strange because all other plugins use “de_DE” and work perfectly…


That is weird indeed but I can assure that TeamBooking follows the necessary practices to detect the WordPress locale. In particular it makes use of the WordPress get_locale() function which (after a close inspection) determines the locale by following this priority order:

1) retrieve the $locale gobal variable if set and apply filters to it, so a third party plugin or theme may change it, TeamBooking doesn’t).

2) If not 1), then it loads the WPLANG variable from the wp-config.php file if defined inside it.

3) If not 2), then it loads the WPLANG variable from the database.

Try to check about 2), hope it helps.


Hi, Is it possible to open reservation 6h ou 4hours (a halfday) before ?. I saw 24 hours before but not less. Is it possible ? It’s for emergency appointments, it would be better if people would reserve at the closest time and leave the other slots later open for people who will need it. Thanks


I can add those options, sure. If you need them now, feel free to contact me privately providing an FTP access.


Well, That’s very nice of you. I will ask the specs to my client to be sure before asking you. Marie

Hi, we received email fron Google Developers, that it’s inform “We are writing to let you know that the Google Calendar API support for JSON-RPC and Global HTTP batch endpoints is deprecated, and will be turned down on March 25, 2019.”. Can you tell us if this change affects to your plugin?


Please ignore it. You may continue to get Google Developers advices from time to time, because you have created a Google Project.

Yes, it may affect the plugin but that is of no interest for anyone but the developer (me). Just ensure to keep the plugin up to date.



2 questions:

1. for a service, we use the Notifications to the customer feature. We created a form field to collect the customer’s email; we don’t use the built-in email field. Where do we tell TeamBooking to use this email address as the recipient of the Notification?

2. W have forms with many Built-in fields. We don’t use these on the form. How do we delete them from the form? They don’t have a trash can icon next to them


Oops. OK back to #1 above, the reason we had originally created a custom email field was to allow us to change the label. In our case, we wanted “Parent’s email” instead of just “email”.

Is there no way of changing the built-in email’s label? If not, why not? Cheers!

Yes, there is: please check the paragraph 11.2 of the documentation (hint: use LocoTranslate).

P.S. At the moment, as the “email” string is used in other places like data export tables, you might see that string changed in such places too. This issue should be addressed by the next release, providing a context for each string that is identical as another one, but used in a different place.


Thanks! Yes, I’m already using LocoTranslate… thanks to your awesome doc that I referred to a while back. Thanks for the heads-up on the “global” replacement. It saved me the surprise.

In this case, I’ll wait for the next release to address this as the “global replace” would not be suitable. as always, thanks. And thanks

We’ve been experiencing something very frustrating. Very often, (almost all the time), when we edit a form field for a service which has many fields, after saving the field and refreshing the web page, the field is “relocated” at the bottom of the form fields. We must then drag it back up to its original location. In the case of a long form, we need to do multiple “drags” as field dragging up to a position not visible on the screen doesn’t scroll the window. This means we must do several “drag and drops” in order to re-position the field.

To summarize, two issues: 1. An edited field gets re-ordered (to the bottom) 2. When dragging the field to reposition it … the screen doesn’t scroll.

Any thoughts?

Again, I’m asking… any chance on getting an update on this? You still have access to the site. Have you looked into the issue?


I’ve tested the editing of the form fields of the “The Junior Academy” service multiple times (small changes in the labels from UPPERcase to lowercase etc.) and the field ordering never changed. I’m afraid we are at a dead end with this. But I can tell you that the code behind the form fields and the database records which regulate them will change drastically by the next version 3.0.0, so maybe your issue will be fixed with just that. I’m currently working very hard to release it as soon as possible.


Thanks for testing it. In this case, I agree… let’s wait and see what happens with the new version. We look forward to it.

Hi, I am having issues with taking payments. I love this plugin and have been using it for over a year, and I’ve seen that for some reason about half of the payments we process are not collecting the money. To give you a better idea, 228 of 539 total bookings over the last year were labeled “not paid”. Could you please help me determine what the cause of this is. We’ve had to do so many manual invoices over the last year. Thank you in advance


The plugin doesn’t collect the money, the payment gateway does. The plugin just sets a reservation as “paid” if it receives a payment notification by the payment gateway. An eventual issue with such notification – which leads to the “not paid” label – doesn’t mean that the money wasn’t actually collected by the payment gateway so some clarifications must be done: first of all, which payment gateway are you using? PayPal or Stripe? Or both?

Secondly, I suspect (correct me if I’m wrong) that you are having issues with the plugin that doesn’t always aknowledge that a payment has been made, which is different from “payments are not collecting the money”. If that is so, and if you are using PayPal, please ensure that you are running the latest plugin version 2.5.5 and please read carefully the paragraph 12.5 of the documentation which refers to the “pending” case, but it can be applied to the “not paid” case too.

Let me know!


hello support Team i wondering :
1)i want to use it for 2 days only . it works ? for example 17 / 18 Jan 2019 ?
2) if i have 3 persons can get in same time reservation , i can create 3 booking table for different page for every one ? or how it works ?

Hello any advice?

Hi again! Here’s an interesting dilemma which I’d love your opinion on how to solve with TeamBooking.

We offer kids’ camps which run several weeks, say 8 weeks. We need customers to be able to see the duration of the camps in the frontend calendar We also need the ability to have the option to continue to allow registration up to 2 weeks after the camp has started. This allows parents to still sign up after the camp has started, and their child can join in the current session (up to two weeks after the initial start date) – The registration would ultimately be automatically closed two week after the start.

I read the documentation and support tickets but can’t seem to find how to correctly implement this.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Gentle “bump” :)


1) Yes, but no ETA I’m sorry :(

2) Such feature is too complex to achieve through a workaround.

3) That is not possible out of the box, as it is pointless for a booking plugin. But it can be achieved with a code customization.


OK… thanks.

Let’s hope it’ll be sooner than later. As you can see from the nature of Wanda’s business, this is very appropriate and valuable. Same with the possibility for clients to “join” on event which has begun but is not “full”.

Keep up the good work.

Maybe someone already asked it (I did not find it): is the plugin prepared for WP 5 or should we wait?


yes it is. The only thing not yet implemented are dedicated “blocks” to be used with the new WordPress editor, so if you are using the new WP editor you need to write the shortcodes manually. Blocks for the new editor will be added by the next release, anyway.


Regarding the problem of verenadislich 4 days ago I probably know the answer: tthe input fields don’t behave “normal” – you habe to hit ENTER to confirm the domain name input, otherwise the data is not saved ynd you get the results she talked about….

Hi there,

I’m looking for a calendar/booking plugin for a client website and had a quick question over the functionality of your plugin.

My client would need to have multiple calendars set up to allow their clients to book only on certain days. For example, they are booked by a company to provide services to the company employees for a certain day of the month. The company employees then need to book time slots within that one day only.

There may be many, many companies that book individual days and then a number of employees that need to book a slot within those days.

Would this be possible using your plugin?

Thanks in advance for your time!


Hi there, My host provider is going to update my php version soon and ask me to upate to wordpress 5.0 prior to their actions. Just wondering if your plugin will be compatible before proceeding? Thanks


yes it is. The only thing not yet implemented are dedicated “blocks” to be used with the new WordPress editor, so if you are using the new WP editor you need to write the shortcodes manually. Blocks for the new editor will be added by the next release, anyway.


Will people be able to book through this plugin without timeslots? For instance, I want the space to be open from 9a – 10p and people can book whatever amount of time at any time in that window without timeslots. Is that possible?


Such feature is not yet available, but you can still achieve that (a sort of) with timeslots by creating a container and set the timeslot length to a suitable “unit” (let’s say 30 min). The customer will select the needed timeslots and then proceed with the reservation.

P.S. Before considering any purchase, please read very carefully the online documentation to check if the plugin actually suits your needs.


Have been using TeamBooking for a while and it has worked great. Yesterday, I was making an update to a page with the calendar and encountered a 500 error. After which, I could not edit that page. I decided to recreate the page from scratch, but the moment I added the TeamBooking Shortcode, I received the 500 error again. I’ve disabled all other plugins and still receive the error when I use the Teambooking shortcode. When I disable TeamBooking, the page is editable. I’ve cleared all caches and asked my host to clear the server cache, none of which worked.

This is for Admin side (editing page) only. The plugin seems to work fine on the front end. I’m currently utilizing the workaround of disabling TeamBooking to edit/update the page, but would like to see if there is a better fix.



It’s not clear to me after which exact action you get the error. Anyway, please inspect the error.log file of your server to understand the nature of the error, then get back to me (privately, if needed).


Hi there – I apologize for not being clear. I receive the 500 error message when I click to edit a page that has the Teambooking shortcode in it.

The error.log inspection is still required. Please also ensure that you are running the latest version of the plugin.


Hello! After uploading zip file of Team Booking 2.5, I got this message: “Unable to install, no valid add ons found”

PHP 7.0

Any idea?

It worked! Thank you so much!

I have another question: I created the .json file (client_id.json) as stated on documentation paragraph 1.3 to import my Google calendar. On the Core settings when I try to import from json file, I get an error message: “Sorry, this is not a JSON Google Project file, or it is not complete”

Any thoughts to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance!


I ‘ve seen your replies to same question in the past and I copy all the details manually.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

You’re welcome! :)


I can’t figure out how to get 2 or more services to display on the calendar.

Here is the url:

You can see that it says What and Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning are there, but only the carpet cleaning shows on the calendar.

Please help. THX


Have you actually provided availability events for the second service? Could you please check if there are slots for such service inside the “Slots” tab of the TeamBooking backend?


I have decided to just list the services as a dropdown in the form. THX

Is there a way to add some text for specific slot only like slot commands, but I just need add some info? If this is not supported yet, can it be a next feature? Thank you!


Not supported, but it will be!


Hi , I’ve realized that you have changed the reservation listing for customers. Only the upcoming reservations are shown but this is a problem for people who buy cards to attend to events like classes. They want to see their past events to be able to count how many classes they have left on their card . Any opportunity that you put back this useful feature ?

Thanks for your answer (on monday of course ;-) ) No need before.


Actually, as far as I remember, that was the intended behaviour all along. Any chance you’ve got a customization from me about that?

P.S. of course it can be a configurable feature in a future release.



mjouet Purchased

Unfortunately not. Maybe I’ve kept an old backup of FTP of a site using this feature. Would it be helpful ? Maybe even a database copy.