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Hi there, I love the plugin. Now I was wondering if there is any way for the user or the author to rate the appointment after it took place. Just like AirBnB or similar in order to create a rating system for users that are logged into Wordpress. Any idea on how to solve this?

Thanks and best regards

Hi, thanks!

Rating is not a feature (yet), I’m sorry. It would be too advanced for the current price range. I guess at the moment it can be implemented as a custom plugin, hooking to the TeamBooking routines. For that you need to know PHP and WordPress internals.


I am installing the scheduler and when I go to upload the json file it give me an error saying “Sorry, this is not a JSON Google Project file, or it is not complete.” Any ideas why that would be? I followed the documentation steps provided. Thanks!


The JSON file is only there for convenience, you can insert the values manually, so please try that. I’m assuming that you completed all the steps in your Google Project, otherwise the reason why the JSON import is failing could be the lack of data in it.

Let me know and feel free to contact me privately via my profile page.



I have basically two major problems after the install:

1) I can not get the address to fill in the Google Calendar location row. I do have the box to input data in the form and most likely I could output it to Google Cal appointment description box but not the location box.

Also even when I do have my Google Maps API setup according to the instructions it just can’t find local streetnames or print the map in a confirmation page. Its more like asking for the timezone.

2) I removed all the email confirmations for admins, myself and a customer but never the less when I do a booking it says in the Google Cal “The event is automatically created from email.” Also the System Check calls for Apparently Denied Database permissions so just wondering if this has anything to do?


1) From the documentation:

...if the reservation form had an address field, and it was correctly filled, the event location will contain that address. This won't happen anyway, if the service has a fixed location settings, or inherited location setting.

Could you please verify your service location settings and let me know? Also, I can’t fully understand your other issue: what does “its more like asking for the timezone” exactly means? What is the issue on your confirmation page?

2) The things are totally unrelated. “The event is automatically created from e-mail” is a way to say that the event is automatically created from an application. Please also ignore that system check (as it states), if you are not having issues with events not showing.


1) My bad – street name is now filled correctly. I had “inherited from…” selected and that’s why it didn’t work – fixed.

2) This one is ok!

HI. I just started use your plugin and Im impressed. (took me some time ;) )

But I have one question and I its about week view. I saw that it been mention here 2 yers ago that you did not have it now but would have in the future.

So just wondering if any plans for it or if its done already because I could not find the option now.

Thanks, Miranda

Lucky feedback to get! Sounds Great!

I used your plug in now for my first test project and must say its really supergood. I will do proper translation in Swedish.

And I did now as well search on the comments here on Gravity forms and you say here as well in older post that its coming. Is still on the list?

My thoughts if you sync it with gravitforms it directly will ba mega complement with “everything”. For example you can use add ons with text/sms (twilio) or sync content to a spreadsheet on google drive and so on. So that would sorter a lot of the other questions people ask here in the comments..just a small thought ;)

But because of my question before about weeks view and got the the good news can I ask you if you know when you plan to realies version 3.0.0?



Well, Gravity forms (as well as Ninja forms) are on my todo list. I don’t know if their support will be available right by v3.0, anyway the major release will allow me to implement such things easier.

I don’t have an ETA yet, but I’m constantly working on the release these days.


Hello, been using the product for 6 months, it’s great thanks. Recently it has developed a fault where the calendar view has messed up and the user can’t make a booking. How can I reset the view without deleting all the settings?

Hi, thanks!

Html content is not something that you can “reset”, nor something that can “develop” itself: any issue must have a reason behind, so please first of all provide a link to your frontend (privately, if you prefer), describing exactly what the issue is.


I have three different Basic Services A, B and C. They all have size versions 1, 2 and 3 (like A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 etc) which all differ in a size and time consumption.

When a customer chooses a Basic Service all the other chosen services will be in the same size range (A1+B1 or A2+B2+C2 etc). And therefor a customer can choose A, B, C, A+B, A+C, B+C or A+B+C.

Then I have a Service D which is just an add-on for all the services but adds some more time into the total service time.

I’m using a multi product container so therefor if I make a new TeamBooking service for all the combinations there will be like 42 different kinds in the list and I think it will not fit any even the tallest of all the websites. If there was a folder system for services I could divide services in groups based on size for instance but I don’t know if there’s such.

Any good advice?

P.s. I may also like a uniform order template option or at least a proper copy-paste maybe?


You are asking for a too specific feature, I’m afraid. The correct way to handle such situation would be some kind of form option (select or radio) that may add more time to the slot when selected, which is a feature I hope to implement by version 3.0


Now you choose a time slot and then input your data – but what if that was vice versa? So that a customer would be asked some questions before choosing a time slot?

I bet that would be something for many! Any profession or service that you can somehow precisely define how long an additional service will take you time (like a hairdresser) would benefit this kind of booking system.

Select or radio button would definitely be the second best option for that but how does it work then? I mean if a customer already chose a time slot in a container but then he adds some features/services and end up not fitting into the time slot he chose previously. Is he being sent back to square one or what?

The idea of a folder system is just a “maybe it could be done easily”. Did I understood correctly that currently there’s no way to do what I need?


1) I consider such feature to be quite advanced, always keep in mind the current price range of the plugin. Of course it would be useful for many – as well as other features, that is why it’s on my todo list ;) The workflow I imagine though, is to use the already available option to hide the end time of the timeslots. The duration (and eventually the end time) of the timeslot will be presented only during the reservation process based on options selected in the reservation form, so basically the customer initially chose the starting time of the service rather than a timeslot. Your proposal of inverting the slot/reservation form order is interesting and I might consider it as an option (v.3.0 will be far more flexible in that regard) but it would be a complete twist of the current plugin workflow.

2) I don’t think it could be done so easily at the current stage.


Hi (and a Happy New Year :), my Team Booking works very nice on Wordpress but I have an issue with the link to Google calendar. Sometimes – I believe it’s when someone cancels her attendance to the event – the whole event disappears from my Google calendar (where my service providers actually check it). (Generally the link between the two works well, also cancellations, even though sometimes the cancelled attendee still appears in the event but with the ‘x’.) Any help?


There is nothing in the plugin that can make an event to completely disappear, so I guess your issue must be investigated elsewhere.

I have a suggestion: deactivate the “add customers as guests” option. Not only it complicates the GDPR compliance, but it may expose (actually depending on the Google Calendar settings of the provider) the event to be edited by the customers in case they have a Google Calendar.

Let me know!

P.S. the “x” thing is a Google behaviour.


Thanks for a prompt reply! Good point – the thing is I found the option of informing service providers about the attendee list via Google Calendar very comfortable. Or maybe there’s a similar feature in the plugin I haven’t seen? (I sometimes send them the .xlsx file generated just before the event) Tomek

Hi there,

Love this plugin, really neat, functional and extremely well put together defs one of the absolute best I’ve come across!

Just a question regarding “User-specific limits” on coupons, you mentioned that this is not a feature. Will it ever be considered?

It would be an exceedingly useful option, particularly with services that involve ongoing appointments. Problem with a global limit in this context is that it defeats the objective of automating the process of offering a once off promo to individual clients as they can utilize it over and over again if set to unlimited and if set to limited will create an administrative nightmare as does the alternative of lists of single use coupons having to be created and then manually supplied to customers (I fail to see the utility in this option – it does eliminate the need to create multiple new coupons from scratch but still doesn’t lead to a well automated front-end solution). I understand that this can be set within a specific date period but again this doesn’t lessen the cumbersome and unnecessary administrative load in this context as opposed to having “user-specific limits” as an option.

By the way I do understand that this plugin is really low priced (and already provides great value) and that providing a user-specified limit on coupons as an option may incur a fair amount of additional development – I would have no problem paying extra for an add-on that provided this option as for my purposes it would be essential as I’m sure it may be for others.

Hi, thanks!

I see the need of such criterion added to promotions. I’m currently working on v.3.0 which is re-written from the ground, the aim is to provide a solid framework that allows me to implement more and more features with relatively low effort. As we speak, I’m finalizing the promotion system which is way more flexible than the current one (just as example, implementing a criterion like user-specific limit will take maybe 1 or 2 days of coding and testing, rather than being a nightmare as it would be now – infact I think I will start coding it after writing this comment…).

Unfortunately, even if I’m fully committed to it, such major release won’t be out before a couple of weeks/months. If you would like to test the new release when it reaches the alpha stage, feel free to drop me a private message.


Sounds awesome! Defs interested in testing the alpha, will message you.

Event Creation Question: How to book entire class semester (for example, 18 weekly classes) and require payment-in-full at registration.

Hello and thank you for making such a great plugin with superb documentation. You do great work! I purchased the plugin yesterday and started the setup.

We own a dance school, so my ‘events’ are classes. Our children’s classes are weekly frequency, for an 18-week semester, and they are prepaid in-full at the time of registration (i.e. there is no option to pay weekly). Students must take the entire 18-week class semester and prepay in full.

I am confused how to create the class to accomplish these two requirements. I apologize if this is a simple / stupid question but I can’t figure it out. Please help, and thank you so much for your great work. You’re a genius!


I’m afraid that is not a feature of the plugin, yet. Multiple-days events are not supported, they will be at some point but having them span across non-consecutive days it would be a more advanced feature even…


Hi, is it possible to transfer all information from the booking (all text fiedls) and the the name of the customer into the google event?



1) That is a well known flaw which should be solved by version 3.0.0 (incredibly, such task is not so easy to accomplish).

2) What should be exactly the logic behind? How such 4 events are chosen?


2) the reason is to “act like shortage” so you not have 10 free appointments a day only 4 or something. so the logic could be – “show only the first 4 free events a day”or “show one event evrey 1 or 2 Hours.

I tend to see such feature applied to a very limited number of use cases and at the same time quite complex to implement in a proper, configurable way. It’s more like extension-territory…



Is´t possible for the user to choose two slots in two diffrent days in one order?

Best regards, Joel


Yes it is, thanks to the multiple-slot selection feature.

Before considering any purchase, please take the time to read the online documentation to check if the plugin suits your needs.


Hi! I am thinking about buying your team booking tool, but I wonder: In the demo for the front end I can see 2 different colors for available spots on one day, blue is for an event, orange for an appointment.

Is it also possible to assign different colors for different appointment types? E.g. slots for off-line appointments in my office show up in the monthly calender sheet as color1, slots for online Skype appointments in color2? Thanks in advance Angela


You can configure the services colors as you please (test it in the online backend demo), they are per-service, not per-class. If you have two services, let’s say both of Appointments class, you can set a color for the first and a different color for the second. Only one color per-service is allowed though.


sorry, accidently hit submit

I’m looking for a booking tool for a Fishing charter business. The logic required: – There is only one boat/captain. – The boat can be booked for only one of several types of fishing trip per day. – The boat can only be booked for one trip (no matter the type) per day. – There is also a season where certain trip types are available. – During peak season all the trips are available. – Each trip type has an availability start and end date for it’s season.

The desired user experience: – the user is presented with a calendar of available dates. – When the user clicks on an available date they can choose from radio button list of trips available for that date. – The selection would send the user into a reservation form. – Upon successful reservation the date would become unavailable for future booking of all trips.

The reservation experience would allow the user to select the number of guests and other available options.


Have you had a chance to take a look at the online documentation and tried the online demo to check if the plugin may suit your needs?


Hello, I completed the entire process without any problem until it came to importing the json file into the Google Project Data. Reading previous support messages, I attempted to enter manually from the json file, using info in the appropriate fields that were between the quotation marks (I didn’t include any quotation marks).

Then when I went to “authorize” in Personal page, I received this message:

400. That’s an error. Error: redirect_uri_mismatch The redirect URI in the request,, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. To update the authorized redirect URIs, visit: (part of url shown as xxxxx’s for privacy

Please help, no idea what to do now.




This error will be presented if (and only if) the redirect URI of your Google Project and the one inside the TeamBooking Core settings tab are not matching. According to the error message, in your Google Project the authorized redirect URI must be:

with no spaces at the end/beginning, please mind the protocol too (https is not equal to http).

P.S. please note that any change in Google Project can take up to some hours to propagate. If you are sure that the URIs between TeamBooking Core settings and Google Project match perfectly, then wait some time before retrying with the authorization request. If the issue persists, feel free to contact me privately via my profile page.



This is a documentation request for WPML:

11.5 WPML support

This wpml setting needs to be checked.

WPML > Languages >  Store a language cookie to support language filtering for AJAX 
wpml explanation: Select this option if your theme or plugins use AJAX operations on the front-end, that WPML needs to filter. WPML will set a cookie using JavaScript which will allow it to return the correct content for AJAX operations.

I found out the hard way that translations get lost (if user is not logged in) during transition. for example after initial calendar display – selecting a date will switch back to main language. It seems to affect but string translation and languages files.


Hi VonStroheim,

I am having trouble processing payment from my customers. I am using stripe. Once I put in credit card details, and hit pay, it gets stuck on the loading wheel? I created a test for Jan 14. Please check here:


Please check how you have configured your Stripe Gateway settings in TeamBooking, as the browser console is returning the following error (maybe you have switched the keys?):

You are using a secret key with Stripe.js, instead of the publishable one.

Also, it looks like you are not using Stripe with test keys: please note that since your website do not run over SSL (https), accepting live credit card details via Stripe over http is not secure.


Hi, I am having trouble getting the plugin to work with my website. I have the shortcake on one of the pages and I’m only getting half of the calendar and not getting any of the Google Calendar information to sync. I think it’s all set up properly and probably am just doing something wrong when I’m adding the events but was wondering if you’d be able to help identify why the frontend is only showing the first 2/3 of the calendar and then see if there is a reason that I don’t have information synced from the calendar. Thank you.


Why do you mean by “getting half of the calendar”? Are you referring to a display issue? I can’t see anything wrong with your frontpage calendar, it looks fine to me apart from the fact that it is empty.

You are invited to read very carefully the paragraph 12.3 of the documentation which indicates almost all the reasons of why events may not showing up. Let me know if the issue persists.


Hi! I have the same issue as many before: the redirect URI does not match. 2 days ago was the first time I tried to install with the help of your (super comprehensive and easy to understand) documentation. I do not know how many times I have repopulated the fields for authorized java Skript options and authrized redirect URIs, each time making sure I do not switch them or anything else. Then I thought I let it rest for 2 days and try again today. Same story, same error message. What I find particularly weird: when I go to google API console and click on edit the respective OAuth 2.0-Client-ID, the fields for authorized java Skript options and authrized redirect URIs are always emptly. I populate them, save, get confirmation it got saved. Next time I open it, the two fields are empty again. I would highly appreciate any ideas how to solve this other than “double check the items match” ;-) Thanks you!!

Did you receive my email? I went to your homepage to look up the email address and sent it there.

May I ask again if you received my email? Thanks

Hi, sorry for the delay, replied!


Good morning, I’ve just purchased the team booking plugin but I can’t install it. The message error is:

The package could not be decompressed. No plugins found

The installation of the plugin has failed.

Could you send me the correct file?

Thanks a lot!


You are trying to upload the wrong file. You should not upload the main zip file as you download it from Envato. You should rather unzip it: you will find inside it the documentation etc. and a plugin file called That is the one you should upload. Let me know!


Thanks a lot for your help!

Another question, I’m testing the Calendar but the notification/confirmation e-mail message to the admin and to the customer doesn’t work. I’ve booked an appointment from my personal email but I don’t receive nothing.

How can I solve it?

On the other hand, how can I enable the “Thank you page” like in the demo after book an appointment?

Thanks in advance!


1) E-mail issues are not a plugin responsibility, but a mailserver responsibility. Please read very carefully the paragraph 12.4 of the documentation which contains useful hints to fix the most common e-mail troubles. The main one: install and configure an SMTP WordPress plugin like PostmanSMTP.

2) Do you mean how to set a redirect URL? Please check the paragraph 3.2.7 of the documentation to know how activate a redirect URL for a specific service.