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Is it possible to lock reservation for logged in users?

Hi! At the moment it’s possible to set reservation permission to:
  • Everyone
  • Logged users only

It’s also possible to set a frontend calendar read-only, so that no reservations are allowed. Thank you!


Is it possible to make this work for tennis? Like we have 3 fields and in time 11-12 there can’t be more reservations available.

Of course, if I understand your needs correctly:

  • if fields are different: you can create services (i.e. Field 1, Field 2 and so on)
  • if fields are identical: you can create a single service (i.e. Field) specifying “3” as maximun reservations allowed per slot
After that, for the service(s) you must create in Google Calendar an event choosing start/end times (i.e. 11am – 12pm). Et voilà.
Google Calendar events can be repeating too, so that availability plans can be easily managed through weeks, and months.
Hope you’ll find the answer useful!

How do I need to understand it ? I can publish it to my website, set my spots, & if a client adds his infos to a spot, it gets automaticly added to my google calendar as a date with all his infos ?

Your spots are configured in your Google Calendar. Let’s say you have created a service in the admin panel, called “New Service”, in order to create a free slot you must create an event titled “New Service” in your Google Calendar. Every event titled “New Service” on your Google Calendar will be readed as a free slot on your site.
Back to your site, if a client makes a reservation for a slot, the relative event on your Google Calendar will be updated accordingly to your setup (i.e. Title and color changes, reminder added and so on), and optionally you’ll find reservation form client info into the event description and in a notification email.

Okay, is it possible to mass create the events ? As I wouldnt want to create it for every single day? Possible to create it for every day for 1 year mon-fr ?

Yes, that can be easily accomplished using the “Repeating Event” option on your Google Calendar! Each event instance will be read as single slot.

Very cool management solution Von! #Bookmarked

I’m glad to know that, thank you!

must logged users enter also contact infos, when they booked a date? or use the plugin the user data from wordpress?

what for features are planned for the plugin?

Team Booking uses the user data from WordPress for logged users as prefilled fields, so eventually the logged user can override them on the fly.

Payments interface and advanced form builder are upcoming features.

Hi ? Is this WPML ready ? Thanks!

Team Booking uses the WP multilanguage API (via .po and .mo files), so I guess WPML can deal with that!

Gravity forms integration would be great. Their conditional logic could be used to determine what information is passed to Google Calendar?

Would be good if Calendar could be searched – and also if different views could be made by time for example. Perhaps you can provide a few more demo examples of types of uses?

Trying to figure out a few ways to use this :)

What would be really great is if I could show Calendar in the page – offer user ability to select their own time slot (so no pre-set times) and then have the booking set from there. – Also as mentioned Gravity Forms would be brilliant.

Hi! In the next couple of days, I will expand the description with some use-cases.
  • About Gravity Forms: the idea is interesting, at the moment I’m working into some personal logic implementation, but will add Gravity Form support on the ToDo list…
  • About different views and calendar search: will take them into consideration for the next major release

Oh, and about the ability for the user to select their own time slot, inside a predefined time range, this will be also an upcoming feature really soon! ;)

All sounds really interesting, Thanks for the reply. I look forward to seeing how this develops as it is close to being suited to what I need. :)

I wanted to be the first person to buy this and chip in toward the development of this plugin.

1) Handling bookings at the Google Calendar end is brilliant ( and logical ). The graphical style is really nice too. 2) Any chance of iCal integration? 3) Is there a road map / new feature voting I can see?

Exactly what I as just about to look for! Good luck with sales.

Uploaded and having a click around. Looks rock solid.

Just set up my calendar page. You may want to check it out

Hi! Thank you, Skyflowers!
2) Not in the immediate future, it depends on interest on this plugin. Anyway, after a reservation, customers can download an ICS file to easily import the reserved event/appointment on their personal calendars.
3) Next features planned: payments, advanced form customization, a solid email template system, more service classes (i.e. let the customers to set reservation start/end time inside a defined interval) and, last but not least, more options for frontend calendar graphic customization. But I’m open to suggestions!
Just saw your calendar page, it looks well integrated ;)

Hello! I would like to purchase your plugin, but first I need to know if it will work correctly for me.

I need to take permission for approval of the reserves for 10 Subscripters on my website. I need to know if the approval of the reservations can be made by “subscriber” for frontend.

Each subscriber can see the panel for approval of reserves separately?

For example: In frontend: Subscriber 1 can check the calendar 1 and approve bookings.

Subscriber 2 can view the calendar 2 and approve the bookings.

Best Regards

Team Booking, at the moment, doesn’t have an approval mode. It’s a feature I can try to develop in the way you describe for the next (major) release, just stay tuned ;)

If you develop the ability to approval by the frontend for user subscribers will be the first and only booking system for WP to have this unique feature. I’m sure it will be record sales!

Can count on me to do the translation for pt-PT and pt-BR.

Best Regards

Thank you, webserra, added to my ToDo list

This is a great idea! I eagerly await updates and new features especially payments and advanced form customization :)

Best of luck !

I actually have a question: Could I set this up so certain users have a dedicated calendar? Then can there be a calendar for each person and a main calendar with all appointment? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for your interest on Team Booking!
Right now, you can, let’s say, create a service for each team member, and tells each team member to kindly refers only to his service (even if they actually have the ability to place free slots for all services).
After that, you can render a calendar for each service (with special widgets or shortcodes attributes) and a main calendar with all services also.

In essence, the only thing you can’t do (yet) is to tangibly allow/deny those kind of permissions along your team. I will certainly work on it.


We provide several services e.g. spa, massage, etc and we would like customers to be able to book an available time with a particular person. Can this be done? Secondly, can the calendars be managed from within the plugin or does this need to be done via Google Calendar? Does the customer need to have a Google account or can the bookings be completed by the public?


  • Yes, customers are able to book with a particular person, as you can configure a service to show the team members names for each slot.
  • At the moment, availability plans must be planned via Google Calendar. This is way more comfortable than a dedicated backend, though.
  • No, customers does not need a Google account to place a reservation. If a customer has a Google account, anyway, the reservation will appear in his Google Calendar

Thanks for your questions!

Hi dear,

great idea, it is the best solution i found here. i buy it allright and I try to install the booking plugin, it doesn´t work in my wp, it is only an widget in the sidebar? can i use it in any single page? i can´t get starting :( any Idea? I see only the widget-title and nothing else.

thx a lot

Hi and thanks for purchasing!
I’ve found a bug that can eventually act as you seems to describe, I will fix it in the upcoming release.
In the meantime, could you please contact me by email (you found the address in the documentation) so you I can send you a quick fix to try?

Thanks. it s my best choise … It work perfect now. thx for your support also.

This plugin looks very good and simple, I need something for tennis club and this should works very well. Good luck with sales!

Thank you victoo! ;)

Hi There,

Would your product work for a guitar tutorial class? For example, can 3 different people book a specific time with me on a specific day with number of available places left to book? Also can I setup recurring event with my students as well?

Thanks you, Peter

Hi VonStroheim,

Thank you and just bought it as well. Two more questions, will paypal payment integration as well as captcha function be made available?



Hi Peter, thank you for purchasing,
Paypal integration is planned to be released soon. About, captcha, I’ve not considered it, but if the interest is high on that, it will be implemented.

Thanks, looking forward to it.

The best wordpress-plugin, Thank you for. It works perfect, How I want it

You are too kind :) Stay tuned for updates!


I checked out your demo and it looks great.

I will be having 100’s of users who will be creating accounts on my website.

Then I want to be able to set up a personal calendar for each user, that connects to their own Google calendar.

Am I able to create unlimited calendars that each connect with a different Google calendar?


Yes you can, but at the moment it’s quite tricky, because you should create a service for each coworker, so that a single frontend calendar instance could be used to show only a specific service (via shortcode). Things get complicated as some coworkers would like to share services while keeping individual frontend calendars, so I’m planning to add a special shortcode that acts on user-basis, rather than service-basis.
Version 1.2 is coming this week, I think version 1.3 could have that feature.

HI, I purchase your WordPress booking system calendar. When I tried to activate the plugin it’s throw following error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /wp-content/plugins/team-booking/classes/loader.php on line 26 Pleas help me activate it.


Video tutorials are now available, links are in the item homepage. Please be sure to watch all of them, expecially (but not only) Chapter 7.

Hi! Video is very useful thanks. It’s help me and part of tasks is work, but when i try to put slot in today or in 3-rd november it’s not show, but 4,5,6 novembers shows. also when i want put event as coworker in frontent top of calendar shows Error calling GET /: (404) Not Found but with administrator everything is fine. Thanx.

  • Check the “When reservations should close?” under your personal settings. If you want to put free slots for today, choose low values.
  • Error calling GET /: (404) indicates that you have put in your Coworker’s personal settings tab a wrong Google Calendar ID, or a Google Calendar ID that does not belong to Coworker’s Google Account
Feel free to contact me by email if you need further assistance ;) VonStroheim

Hi, Thank you for making this plugin. I have just installed the updated version on my development site. It seems to be loading my events fine but I have noticed a bug. Today is October 30 but when I use the arrow to go to the next month it shows December instead of November (although I have events set for all of November). After it skips to December the previous arrow button does not work to go back a month. I can still go forward but I can not go back before December. If you’d like to check for yourself please go to: thanks Suzanne

Hi Suzanne, thanks for purchasing!
Yes, we can call it the Halloween bug, difficult to spot as it’s active only on 31st… I have corrected this annoying thing right now, I’m uploading v 1.2.1, it should take less than a day to be available for download.
Feel free to ask any question!

Thanks for fixing the Halloween bug – all is functioning perfectly now.

Hello there,

something seems to have gone wrong with our calendar.

first of all November doesn’t exist?? Secondly none of our events seem to come up.

Please assist

ok great, Novembers back! Any hints as to which bit to the configuration we may have missed? I’m guessing the google API is ok as the status is authorised and the developers console shows plenty of requests …207 already actually for some reason.

ah I think its working now. updating seems to have fixed the issue!

Happy to hear that!
At your service,

Overall this very good plugin, simple and very practical, but if I may I send you any suggestions that would make this perfect plugin, at least for me;-)

1. First of all, when someone wants to book, launching the booking form if the customer is not registered, not to permit the reservation and inform you that you must register to reserve, also include Captcha. I understand that in the settings there is the possibility of not allowing the reserve to unregistered users, but no reports indicate at any time that you need to register, just BOOK NOW button so you can generate confusion does not appear.   2. Made in need a reservation form larger and more customization options that allows the customer to request more detailed information and also such a “drop-down” to select options that are mandatory.

3. Could be very interesting to have the possibility that the reservation can be confirmed only by the administrator upon receipt of application.

4. Give the possibility to make a payment for the reservation signal compatible with WooCommerce.

Do not misunderstand me, I do not mean like you have to make your plugin, they are just ideas that I think could improve a lot and give added value to this great plugin.

I look forward to see updates to buy the plugin.


Hi, thanks for interest in Team Booking!
Here my observations:
  1. Very good suggestion! Will do that. As for the Captcha, I need more feedbacks from the customers to implement it in short terms
  2. Working in more form customization possibilities right now, gradually I think it will be very handy
  3. Confirmation system is not a priority because the primary aim of this booking plugin is to fully manage bookings via Google Calendar (once configured). But, as usual, this will be a feature for sure, if Team Booking will have a certain diffusion :)
  4. Payments are on the way in the form of Paypal IPN’s at first.
Feel free to send any suggestion, VonStroheim