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Hi we have a team of artists and want their art to take priority, then a smaller portrait of them in the corner. Think we could do this?


Sorry I don’t quite understand what you want to achieve. Could you elaborate?

Can you provide documentation outlining all your options for shortcode. I don’t see this anywhere and is really essential in implementing all your features. Thanks.


[team_awesome cat=1,2,3] where 1,2,3 are category ids

[team_awesome avatar=circle] values circle,box,hex

[team_awesome member=1] displaying single member where 1 is member id

any chance at this plugin working within visual composer?

We’ll add it in the next update.

found I could add it to their parser. works fine!

Hello I’m Giuseppe and I bought your “Team Awesome” Wordpress’ plugin for website, on our “about us” page. Well, I need help for: 1_how to set mail and phone icons (now both don’t work) 2_why the popup hasn’t background? (in your preview there’re… Now it’s impossible to use it!!) Thanks Giuseppe

thanks a lot, icons’ link works!! yes, now popup is enabled…

I don’t seem to find the problem with the popup?

yes, works!!


I was wondering if it was possible to make the social icons black and white because that is needed to make it fit in the website I’m trying to make


Yes, with some additional css.

Did a speed test and it looks like this plugin loads the home page again halfway down the waterfall. any idea to resolve?

May I take a look at your page?

this is with plugin activated. notice the page is loaded first then again near the bottom.!/q6fae/

this is with plugin deactivated!/xwF2s/

also, I notice click animation works fine in chrome, but in safari, it loses the white background color once the bio is displayed.

Interesting finding… I’ll fix it in the next update. Meanwhile you can fix it by adding following css:

.team-awesome {
     background: none !important;

Avatar image – weird border

Whenever I add an avatar image I get this weird border resulting from I assume a background repeat. Tried playing with the styling but was a headache. Any fix? What is the recommended size of the avatar anyway? I’ve been uploading 500×200.

Do you have this issue with the other avatar forms circle or square?

Tested, and only seeing this issue with the HEX. Hex is still the desired look though.

Sorry, I don’t have a quick fix for this at the moment. It may help if you change the border color to white… I’ll see if I can fix these pixel artifacts in future update.

Mobile Swipe / Slider

Do you support mobile swipe for the team member slides? On mobile it defaults to 1 person with the slider navigation, which is fine, but swipe would make this much friendlier.

Also, for the record, native mobile styling is not quite there when looking at the popup for the long bio. Going to have to do some custom CSS to get it to perform well on most devices.



I’ll review the mobile navigation and improve it where necessary.


I need to do a couple of changes to your great plugin…

1/ I need all the social icons to have the same (black) color background.

2/ My costumer is using Verdana only. Is it possible to ad Verdana to the plugin fonts?

Is this possible?

Thx up front

Tony Grigoriou


To make social icons black add following style:

.team-awesome-social-button-inner { border-color:#000 !important; }
.team-awesome-social-button-inner i { background:#000; }

For the fonts, go to Dashboard -> Team Awesome -> General and set the fonts to “Use Default”

TY very much. There’s a typo “i” in the css above that shouldn’t be there. Rather: .team-awesome-social-button-inner { background:#000; }

Hi, I can’t integrate the plugin into a page. Please help.


Regards, Remo

It’s written on the plugin’s description page with some examples.

Okay. And where is the solution that all my changes (# slides per page, color, picture size etc.) do not show up on my page? If you need some screenshots, please tell me your email.

If you provide me with wp-admin credentials I can take a look what’s going on. You can pm to

Hi, I cannot get the plugin to appear on the page. My category is named ‘Team’, 3 members are on the category ‘Team’ with all required information filled out, and the shortcode I’m using is [team_awesome cat=Team avatar=box]. Can you please help me get the plugin to render?


Place the category id in the cat parameter. It should be a number (example cat=1). If you have only one category you can skip this parameter.

awesome, thank you!


padonk Purchased

Hello I purchased your plugin and it’s awesome. I just have two issues, I am trying to address without success. Could use your help.

1. there seems to be a huge amount of space built in from the top of the plugin title. How can I fix that? 2. I have tried unsuccessfully to change the font size for the categories, staff name and title, as well as the plugin title. It just does not respond to any of my changes in settings. Please help here also.

The website is not live yet, so can you give me an email address where I can give you access to the backend? Thanks!


You can send me credentials to and I’ll check what’s going on.

The plugin was working great and then I made some changes to the page it was on and now it won’t work all my team members are gone just the title and categories show. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but the same problem is occurring. I am using site origin page builder. Can you help?

I added the remove_filter but it didn’t seem to help. Any ideas?

Check your theme/builder for option to remove the auto paragraphs

ok they told me to download a plugin to remove auto paragraphs. Still no good…

Can I show up how many members on the same page?

Yes but the member box width is fixed size.

Hi, is it possible to use a make text in the description link to a page of site?


Open file team_awesome/front/view/default.php replace line 89 with:

<?php echo htmlspecialchars_decode(stripslashes($member->long)); ?>

Hi there,

I’m interested in purchasing your plug-in, but I saw a review that mentions that only 3 team members show at a time. Is there a way to allow more team members to show on a single page?

Thank you!


Only 3 if there is not enough width to contain more and usually that is the case.

However, if the slider is disabled the remaining member’s will be shown below.

Is there a way to make the social media links open in a new window when clicked? (such as target=_blank) We don’t want our customers taken away from the website when they click on Linked In or Facebook, etc.

Thank you for your help!


Open file team_awesome/front/view/default-hex.php (if you are using the hexagon variant, otherwise pick -circle or -box) at the bottom line 27 you can find the anchor link. Adding target _blank should do it.

The social media icons are not displaying when I hover over the member. It shows the circles and the correct colour, but does not show the actual logo itself.


Could you provide me with link to the page to check it out?

Okay. Open file \team_awesome\front\class\ta.class.php and change line 16 to:

wp_enqueue_style("font-awesome", "//");