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I now know what the problem was: The plug-in loads the resources via an unsecure http connection and therefor modern browsers block the content. Do you have any idea how I can fix this bug? :)

Okay it seems we’ve forced the http by mistake.

Open file team_awesome/front/class/ta.class.php

on line 16 and 156 replace http:// with just //

Thank You ! :)

I have questions. Who do I talk to about adding sponsor logos to the event page.

Is it possible on hover to switch from one image to another?

No, sorry.

Hi, we love this plugin and everything works fine before. We recently bought SSL certificate so our site will have https. But if we enter, the teamawesome plugin social icons don’t show up. If we just put http, it works just fine. Can someone tell me why this is happening?


Try following:

Open file team_awesome/front/class/ta.class.php

on line 16 and 156 replace http:// with just //

Hi, unfortunately, it didn’t change anything

Is it possible to provide me with ftp access to the plugin folder?

You can PM to

The hover for the social media does not work! Can you see what is wrong? Here is the dev page

You have javascript errors on the page. Check your browser console

Thanks I will look into that!


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how can I make the social media icons link out to their own tab target _blank?

Open file team_awesome/front/default-[box circle or hex].php

at near the end of the file search for

<a href="<?php echo $social[" link="">"><i class="fa <?php echo $social[" icon="">"></i></a>

and add target="_BLANK" to the a tag:

<a target="_BLANK" href="<?php echo $social[" link="">"><i class="fa <?php echo $social[" icon="">"></i></a>

Hey there. Purchased the plugin today—it’s very slick looking. Two issues:

1.) How can I alter the scroll speed in the pop-up box? Right now it scrolls veeeeery slowly.

2.) The spacing between member name and occupation in the pop-up is very large right now. How can I make the space between these two elements smaller?

You can find my implementation here:


The link returns 404?

Sorry about that—we had to rollback some changes on the site. Please check again.

Also, in addition to #1 and #2 above, it looks like the scroll bar is showing up situations where it shouldn’t. For instance, if you click on Hana Valle’s long bio, which is relatively short, I wouldn’t expect a scroll bar to appear there.

Is it possible to provide me with ftp access to the plugin?


Great plugin, but surely there should be a way to get rid of “All Staff”?

The team categories I have are not all “staf”f so they would need to be completely separate. I would really rather not buy a new plugin for something as small as this issue, so if there’s a way around, that would be great.


Add in your stylesheet:

.team-awesome-menu li[data-cat="0"] { display:none !important; }

Thanks – but this only hides the tab “All Staff”. The team members still load all together. I would like them to load separately by default. Is there a way around that?

Open file team_awesome/front/js/ta.js on line 258 above:

var active = $(instance).find(".team-awesome-menu .active").attr("data-cat");


if ($(instance).find(".team-awesome-menu .active").is(':first-child')) {
    $(instance).find(".team-awesome-menu .active")

Hello , i would like to have 4 members shown per slide but it dosen’t work , what should i do ?

Do you have enough space to fit them in the content wrapper?


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Dear Author,

I am writing because my team awesome plugin is no longer displaying on my site. After inspecting the page I found the error below:

“Mixed Content: The page at ‘' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure stylesheet ‘'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.”

How can I resolve this problem? Thank you for your help.


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The URL is: the ’ added on the end returned a 404 error.

Okay. Add in your stylesheet:

body .team-awesome  { float: none; }

ta31769 Purchased

This resolved the problem. Thank you very much!

Hello! I was curious if there was a way to keep the background white when the popup is displayed? right now it begins as white them becomes see through. and you can’t read whats on there. thanks!

May I take a look at your page?

Hi there,

Just came across another issue.

On mobile, some elements of the pop-up go underneath the contents of the website. I tried playing around with z-index but didn’t help. Check on mobile


Open file team_awesome/front/css/ta.css and comment line 164

/*   overflow: hidden; */


My website,, is having issues with this plugin. I’m using it on and it looks great, but there seems to be a disconnect. Whenever the social links are clicked on, it goes to (as an example) instead of just going to Could you please help me with this?

I justed wanted to add that I have no way to correct anything in the PHP of the document.


Have you added https:// or // in front of your social links?

Hello, yes! I’m not actually sure what happened but it worked itself out. Thank you so much for your help!

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a guide to the shortcodes associated with this plugin? I will be using it for a site I manage and would like to be able to edit it so that different groups are displayed with different visual characteristics (i.e., more important group gets larger icons with more information, less important group smaller, etc). Is there a place where a list of shortcode options lives? I couldn’t find anything via the Stachethemes or here.


There’s only one shortcode [team_awesome].

You can sort different groups using the shortcode attribute “cat” but there’s no option to make the icons smaller.

How do I change “All Staff” to have instead some other text?

1) Add this css in your stylesheet:

.team-awesome-social-button-inner a i { line-height: 50px !important;  color:#fff; }

2) From General settings reduce “Person Box Dimensions” height value

Thank you. This solved it.

Also, on mobile: When I click on the member to read their long bio, it appears as a transparent gradient overlapping the short bio text, making it harder to read.

I already tried this:

Open file team_awesome/front/css/ta.css and comment line 164

/* overflow: hidden; */

But it still appears as is?

Try clearing your browser cache.

Hi. Nice plugin. But I couldn’t show in 3 columns, same as your demo page I’ve take those lines in functions.php :

// ajout pour team_awesome remove_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’ ); remove_filter( ‘the_excerpt’, ‘wpautop’ );

You can reach my page following this link:

My Theme is Divi Theme. Thanks for your answer


There’s not enough space in your #left-area wrapper to display 3 boxes.

He he … fine … thanks…

Hi. There’s a bug with plug-in display, as you can see on this page:

Option “show short description” is active, but it was shown only when you click on member. You can see it with “Gerald Elbaze” picture.

Any idea ?

sorry. find…

Hello , i would like to have 4 box on the same page , here there is only 3 . tell me how can i do .


From Dashboard -> Team Awesome -> General -> Use Slider

Set the number from 3 to 4 (this is the “per page” number).

Also you may have to increase your front-end wrapper width a little.