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I love this plugin! One question, can you tell me how to change the decrease in size of the photo once hovered? Looks like it’s skewed 60%, but is there a way to make the change a little less dramatic?

Thank you for this!

You are AWESOME!!! Thank you :)

That worked perfectly! I’m sorry, one more thing. The row at the bottom isn’t showing their titles. When you click on the image to show the bio, the information pops up, otherwise, it’s not showing. Any idea?

Go to Dashboard -> Team Awesome -> General settings -> Person Box Dimensions

Set the second field (height) to at least 330

How to translate ALL STAFF There is not .pot file.


I’ve just created .pot file. You can download it from:

Hi there, im trying to get the links to open in a new tab. I found your earlier post where you say: Open file team_awesome/front/view/default-hex.php (if you are using the hexagon variant, otherwise pick -circle or -box) at the bottom line 27 you can find the anchor link. Adding target _blank should do it.

I’m a real code noob – could please tell me where exactly to add target _blank?

Thanks in advance!



Search for:

<a href=”<?php echo $social[“link”] ?>”><i class=”fa <?php echo $social[“icon”] ?>”></i></a>

Add target="_blank" after the a tag like following:

<a target=”_blank” href=”<?php echo $social[“link”] ?>”><i class=”fa <?php echo $social[“icon”] ?>”></i></a>

Hello, do you come across the entire category of members on a page?


Sorry, could you elaborate?


I would like to rearrange the order of my team. How do I do this?

Thank you


Hi is it possible to add multiple images for each team member, so that we can use ta different picture on hover or click?

No, sorry.

Hi ANother question

I have two categories (teams) and I want the two teams be to appear separately on different pages.

How do I do this Thanks Leigh


Use cat shortcode attribute:

[team_awesome cat=1]
[team_awesome cat=2]
[team_awesome cat=1,2,3]

1,2,3 are the category id number

I am trying to install this plugin using Envato market plugin on wordpress and I am getting an error message when adding a token and the purchase ID? Any suggestions?

Can anyone help me with this?


Sorry we can’t help with that. Contact the author of the plugin ( Envato market plugin ).


tensor Purchased

Hi, your plugin is really awesome. Never saw a thing like this. But before I buying it, I have a simple question. Is it possible to use the list of team members in a footer or sidebar as a widget with only 1 column? And, ...will there be an update for WP 4.8.x compatibility?


Sorry for the delay… The plugin is compatible with WP 4.8+. I don’t think the plugin will fit nicely in sidebars or footers so I don’t recommend it unless it’s placed in your main content wrapper.

For some reason the phone and email functions do not seems to work. You know why?

Nevermind. Thought tel: and mailto: were pre set. BUT… I have disabled popups – but they’re still appearing when the avatar is pressed. I really need to disable everything but the avatar and icons

Heh. Damn. Everything’s solved. It seems i have problems flushing my cache.


dabomb Purchased

I use the Enfold theme and their page builder. Does this use a shortcode or something? I want to make sure I can still use it with the theme and my site.



Yes, it uses shortcode to display the front-end. [team_awesome]


dabomb Purchased

Is there a way to remove the All Staff selection for the team? I bought the plugin to reduce the amount of people shown on the page and only want to show the team by each category only, not show all team members.


Add in your stylesheet:

.team-awesome-menu li[data-cat="0"] {display:none !important;}


I have a request for this page using your plugin:

On mobile the plugin’s not really responding well to the touch interface. I was thinking, is there a way to display everything with the hover effect always on and social media icons visible on mobile only? The make everything more static but solve alle my mobile issues.

Looking forward to that update ;-)


It’s awaiting approval. You’ll be notified by mail once it’s approved.

Cool thx a bunch. It will make your great plugin one of the best for sure. Thumbs up

Hi there – this really looks nothing like I expected?! I’ve tried it across two themes, and both look awful. Can you confirm how I can have the person’s photo with a white background, and so the actuall text can be read? Thank you –

Remove the pre tags around the shortcode.

Yay thank you, so much better. I am not having a good day, sorry for the stupid question.

Is it possible for you to share the CSS class names/DIV class names that define how much padding there is around the box? Would just like to make this smaller.

Thank you again.

I would like to color the social-icons white for better contrast. I tried this but did not succeed:

.team-awesome-social-button-inner { border-color:#FFF !important; } .team-awesome-social-button-inner i { background:#FFF; }

There is an ugly white and squared border around the icon but the icon itself still has the basic color of the page.

.team-awesome-social-button-inner i { color:#000; } /* black text for example */

/* icon background color */
.team-awesome-social-button-inner { 
    border-color:#FFF !important;
    background:#fff !important;


OBCtech Purchased

Hello, love the plugin….the only problem I have is that the slides # for the slider still only shows one person even when it is at the default 3. I am trying to get it to show 2 at least. Any help you be great


Make sure your wrapper has enough width to display 3 blocks.

Hi, I tried following your instructions to MulderMind to change the php to be able to add links to the long member description. It looks like the link is there, but when I click on the link the page does not load. This is my test page:

Having several issues with the plugin. Mostly the icons for teh social don’t show up and the hex images are split in half, also nothing lines up centered.

Instead of 3 member profiles in a slider, can this plugin display them as multiple tiles