Tcard WP - Simple Plugin for Creating Cards, Filterable Portfolio

Tcard WP - Simple Plugin for Creating Cards, Filterable Portfolio

Tcard WP - Simple Plugin for Creating Cards, Filterable Portfolio - 1

Tcard WP - Simple Plugin for Creating Cards, Filterable Portfolio - 2


Tcard WP is a plugin that lets you add beautiful cards to your website. You can pick from one of the 6 pre-made cards, each with 60 color variations or create your own custom design. The cards are build to allow easy customizations and work flawlessly in all the modern web browsers.

Tcard WP lets you build any type of card with over 23 elements. Tcard WP can be used like widget in sidebar or footer. The plugin have elements like gallery, twitter profile, slider that let you to build a nice profile section or any type of section. By add post element into skin, you can display how many posts you want into page from different categories

With Tcard it’s easy to create forums like contact / register / login and can be used anywhere in the page. Gallery can be managed by the administrator or by the user assigned to the gallery.

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Features List:

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Bootstrap 3
  • 6 Skin
  • Custom Skin
  • Drag and drop elements
  • Fully responsive
  • Mobile ready
  • Widget
  • Display posts by: Category,Order by,Order
  • Gallery
  • Group Galleries
  • Individual Gallery
  • Ajax Gallery / The user can manage their own gallery
  • Over 23 elements
  • Twitter profile
  • Twitter feed
  • Slider
  • Custom Login
  • Custom Register
  • Custom Contact
  • Login/Register/Contact can be used anywhere in your website
  • Group Settings
  • Skin Settings
  • Different settings on front or back
  • Different colors on front or back
  • Hover Animation
  • Button Animation
  • Flip Animation
  • Rotate Animation
  • Turn on/off – Flip/Rotate Animations
  • Count number
  • Skills
  • Multiple groups on the same page
  • Scroll Animations
  • Multicolor
  • Cubic Bezier transition timing
  • Multiline Ellipsis Text
  • Unlimited number of card
  • Adjustable speed, animations delay
  • Easy to Configure
  • Clean documentation with examples
  • Constant support

By implementing Arcfilter in Tcard WP, the plugins working together to help you creating a portfolio page with custom cards from Tcard or posts. Arcfilter provide four style type for menus and items or you can choose Custom style and build your own style, works in all modern browsers and touch devices.

You can choose how to display items by selecting Load More,Scroll or Pagination. Using the pushState method with ajax option selected can manipulate the browser’s history for SEO.

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Features List:

  • Display Items:
    • Hidden
    • Ajax
  • Type of display:
    • None(will show only how many items you want to be displayed)
    • Load More
    • Scroll
    • Pagination
  • WooCommerce: filter by
    • Categories
    • Price
    • Attributes
    • Tags
  • Each category can have its own style
  • More than 30 animations
  • Touch devices
  • 4 Style
  • SEO-friendly
  • Group Settings
  • Items Settings
  • Multiple groups on the same page
  • Scroll Animations
  • Unlimited number of items
  • Adjustable speed, animations delay
  • Easy to Configure
  • Clean documentation with examples
  • Constant support

Change log

Tcard v2.8.9
-Update : code for WP Requirements.

Tcard v2.8.8
-Bug Fixed: in filter > .js > orderItems function

Tcard v2.8.7
– Bug Fixed: in woocommerce page exist ? message
– Bug Fixed: wc_sidebar_attribute fixed
– Bug Fixed: gutenberg block
– Bug Fixed: woocommerce categories menu
– Bug Fixed: width nav-filter ul. in css front woocommerce.

Tcard v2.8.6
– Bug Fixed: admin - arcfilter
– Bug Fixed: settings - arcfilter
– Bug Fixed: dashboard - admin - tcard

Tcard v2.8.5
– Bug Fixed: image button in header.
– Bug Fixed: image button width in front.
– Bug Fixed: tcardOn option.
– Add New: image button in footer.

Tcard v2.8.4
– Bug Fixed: gutenberg > blocks > icon

Tcard v2.8.3
– Add New: Gutenberg Optimized: add category(Tcard, Arcfilter) and blocks(shortcode Tcard -> groups and shortcode Arcfilter->groups) into Gutenberg:

Tcard v2.8.2
– Bug Fixed: tcard > front gallery

Tcard v2.8.1
– Add New: Button in header.
– Bug Fixed: attributes > js function in woocommerce front.
– Bug Fixed: attribute checked > css class in  woocommerce front.

Tcard v2.8.0
– Add New: WooCommerce

Tcard v2.5.3
– Bug Fixed: container height on window resize in Arcfilter.

Tcard v2.5.2
– Bug Fixed:  css front category-menu in Arcfilter.
– Bug Fixed:  update post number in category in Arcfilter.
– Bug Fixed:  documentation link in Arcfilter.

Tcard v2.5.0
– Bug Fixed:  in js calculate height of card.
– Bug Fixed:  font settings.
Add new:
– arcfilter into tcard.

Tcard v2.0.4
– Bug Fixed: slider element in front on window resize
– Bug Fixed: in admin menu settings
– Bug Fixed: twitter profile and feed urls for images and link

Tcard v2.0.3
– Bug Fixed: option Tcard on
– Bug Fixed: settings background repeat
– Add: font settings

Tcard v2.0.2
– Bug Fixed: skin -  settings flip on axi X
– Bug Fixed: footer elements
– Rework: list element
– Rework: info_list element
– Bug Fixed: skin - settings turn off/on Overlay > Frostedglass

Tcard v2.0.1
– Bug Fixed: gallery front in sidebar for thumbnail
– Bug Fixed: widget front style 
– Bug Fixed: tcard-front and tcard-back css class in tcard-admin.css
– Bug Fixed: .tcard a img removed shadow in front end css

Tcard v2.0.0
– Settings: reworked  (after copy new version of tcard Deactivate and Activate the plugin. To see all new settings look at first pictures from Screenshots)
– Bug Fixed: admin_skin function
– Bug Fixed: add mainelement function in tcard-admin.js

Tcard v1.8.3
– Bug fixed: clone skin

Tcard v1.8.2
– Bug fixed: for css class in front end. Some classes did not have all the prefixes

Tcard v1.8.1
– Bug fixed: output col-* in front for skin 5

Tcard v1.8
- Rework: element: contact
- Rework: element: social_list
- Rework: element: register
- Rework: element: social_button

Tcard v1.7.7
- File fixed: change TcardTables.php
- Bug fixed: unexpected output during activation.

Tcard v1.7.6
- Bug fixed: for create a new group function in admin

Tcard v1.7.5
- Bug fixed: debug for all elements and settings

Tcard v1.7
- Bug fixed: for create_elements function in admin
Add new:
- Widget
- Update Documentation (widget page)

Tcard v1.6.1
- Bug fixed: menu settings for pre-made skins

Tcard v1.6
- Bug fixed: option for bootstrap versions
- Bug fixed: Some issues on scroll window for checkTcardView function
Add new:
- Element: post

Tcard v1.4
- Bug fixed: Some issues with add new slide in slider element
Add new:
- Option: support bootstrap v3+
- Function: clone custom skin

Tcard v1.3
- Bug fixed: gallery for mobile 
- Bug fixed: sortable function
Add new:
- Element: twitter profile
- Element: twitter feed
- Element: slider