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Yes man.. corrected

;) Good deal. Thanks for the update.

Awesome plugin ! Thank you!


- Create full English demo and screenshots. Don’t use Spanish.

- Add some icon effect that shows when the filtering takes place. Now it looks as nothing happens during the filtering.

thanks for the feedback

Hi, can’t activate the plug-in. Get the message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/d17047/public_html/wp-content/plugins/mundoon-taxonomy-checkbox-filter/plugin.php on line 55

hi, erika which your php version ?

Best you upgrade your PHP. This will ensure not only the operation of this plugin, but also of others.

Your php is an old, 5.4 or lower version. If you upgrade your php and still continue with the problem, I am fully at your disposal to resolve this issue ok ?

Hello. Will the plugin work with Listify theme?

which feature?

Can this just be used on posts?

custom posts types

I suppose you can add images instead of those colored boxes?


When I activate the plugin wordpress show this message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘endif’ (T_ENDIF) in /var/www/424/htdocs/novaweb/wp-content/plugins/mundoon-taxonomy-checkbox-filter/admin/options.php on line 95

I though it was due to the old PHP version but now is working on 7.0.5 and the error is still there.

What can I do?

Hi . I am checking . We have never had this problem before . But I still think it can be server configuration.

Hello .. 89 in the archives line change options.php <? Para <?php and see if solves .

and line 209

this isn’t workng at all nothing shows up under taxanomy

What’s your question?

She did not report the problem and does not respond


I downloaded you plugin. But i cant figure out how to install it. I am using the uncode theme en would like to see the filter working on the folowing page.

Can you help me out?


hello .. yes .. but I can help u read the tutorial? in your example is not with checkbox ..

Hi there -would you have a demo site where I can view the backend? Thanks

thnaks for this, however username: demo password: demo does not seem to work for logging in :)

try again

perfect! will do – thanks again :)

Seems a nice work! GLWS!

Hi, I am interested in buying the plugin. We have added some custom taxonomies and custom fields to the Posts type in Wordpress. Is it possible to filter the content for Posts? Second question is, the filters need to be Taxonomies or is it possible to use custom fields? obrigado

Only taxonomies.

Yes for custom post type.

After Installing plugin when I make search from my search page then its give me 404 not found error , pls check it here is the url : and here is the search page where we set the plugin :

Hi.. I just looked .. Is it working?

When i use filters filters option in the plugins then the page in which shortcode is added show blank page and does not open

Check your template .. And see if it is programmed correctly in our wordpress.

Hi. We are thinking to purchase your product but we would like to determine whether this plugin would be compatible with our website since it is not woocommerce based. Would it work with normal website and taxonomies?

Can you please answer whether the filters are mutually related. In other words, when the change is made in first filter does it affect the second one, second one the third one and so on? And also is it possible to make this plugin filters in a horizontal shape?. In the way that all of them are standing next to each other in the horizontal row. Thank you in advance. Best regards

Yes, it is for normal web sites without woocommerce

Yes the filters are mutually related.

CSS customization can be done if you know how to program.

Why this isn’t working for Post Categories? // Tried to get Support but it says there is “no support”!? // How can I ask for a refund, if there is no support I don’t want this item anymore. I hope the “no support” message is a mistake and that I can get support for this item. Thanks.

As it says in the description of the item is for custom post types.

Ok, so is there support or not? If there is no support fine, then just send my refund. Thanks.

You need to see with the evanto. Because I had the warning that the item is not supported.

ok, thanks


Is it possible to make the title clickable (in order to see the custom post) ? Is it possible to show a custom picture instead of the color for each post ?

Thank you

Hi there! I need to make my portfolio filtering more complex on my page Do you think i can do it using your plugin? Thanks!

I can not guarantee that the plugin is compatible with your expectations